Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer, Jeanette Maynes

Base Camp Mt Everest

Jeanette is a professional and motivated business woman | owner and graphic | website designer that has over 20 years extensive knowledge, qualifications and experience in the fields of business, computers, advertising, marketing, graphic and website design, tourism and hospitality plus event management.

Being an adventure and exercise enthusiast, Jeanette became qualified as a Personal Trainer to further understand her fitness and in her spare time helps others enjoy the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle and educates on the importance of a strong mind!

“As you think, so shall you become.” –  Bruce Lee

Having worked part-time on the side in a GYM as admin and the Marketing Manager. She has organised, ran and mentored people through the ‘4 Week Lose a Pant Size’ and ‘8 Week Shredder’ Challenges.

Personal Trainer, Jeanette Maynes

Great Wall Marathon 42km

Jeanette is extremely passionate about her fitness, striving for excellence in all aspects of her life, motivating and inspiring others on their journey. She definitely ‘Walks the Talk!”

She is well known as quite the modern day woman who loves socialising and dancing, mixed with lively and intelligent conversation. Jeanette thrives on hard work, study, exercise and adventure!

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey

Jeanette’s mission is to inspire, empower and motivate people to change their lifestyle by becoming active; creating positive mental, physical and emotional improvements!
She will aim to alter the individual’s mind, eating habits, attitude to exercise and outlook on life!

She values and respects: professionalism, teamwork, integrity, consistency, creativity, punctuality, each other, my recruits & the environment.


2019 – The Blackall 100 – 50km Trail Run
2019 –
Fraser Island overnight hike 50km
2019 –
Fraser Coast Runners & Walkers Club Half Marathon 21km
2019 –
Bay Break Half Marathon 21km
2017 – 
Tasmania Summit of Cradle Mountain 1,545m 
2017 – 
Kokoda Challenge 96km Overnight
2017 – 
Fraser Island 50km in 2 days
2017 –
Fraser Island Great Walk 80km in 2 days 
2017 – 
Mt Kosciuszko 2,228 m, Australia’s Highest Mountain
2016 –
Tasmania / Cradle Mountain ‘The Overland Track’ 62.5km, 3 day hike
2016 –
Sunshine Coast Marathon 42km
2016 – 
Fraser Island overnight hike 50km
2015 –
Sunshine Coast Marathon 42km
2015 – Mt Kosciuszko 2,228 m, Australia’s Highest Mountain
2015 – Mt Warning 1,156 m, neat the Queensland’s Border
2014 – Fraser Island Great Walk 90km in 2.5days
2014 – Pomona King of the Mountain
2014 – Fraser Island overnight hike 60km
2013 – Gold Coast Marathon 42km
2013 – Tough Mudder Caloundra 17km
2013 – Trail Run Rainbow Beach 25 km
2012 – Fraser Island overnight hike 50km
2012 – Tough Mudder Sydney 20km
2012 – Bare Foot Fire Walking
2011 – Kokoda Trail Run Brisbane 30km
2011 – Great Wall Marathon China 42km + 5,164 steps
20102012 & 2014 – Noosa Half Marathon 21km
20102011, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Cane to Coral 15km, 2019 Cane to Coral 10km
2010 – Base Camp Mt Everest 5,364m – 19 day hike
+ numerous smaller events and mountains: Mt Coolum, Mt Walsh, Mt Cooroora, Mt Woowoonga, Wild Horse Mountain, Mt Cooran, Mt Ninderry, Mt Eerwah

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  1. Hi Jeanette,

    I’ve actually seen you on the esplanade a couple of times and was looking up classes to take in the bay area and came upon your website. Wow! You are really living life to the full! I’m actually wanting to know more info about your PTing (times, prices etc). Hope you can help. Cheers.

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