The Power of Now’ Eckhart Tolle. Are you ready to be awakened?

My latest read; ‘The Power of Now‘ by Eckhart Tolle.

The Power of Now' Eckhart TolleWhat an extraordinary book by an inspiring, exceptionally wise and intelligent author!

This is a truly amazing book and has been recommended to me at the perfect stage of my journey, thanks Jamie. This book clarifies what I have been experiencing in my mind for the last three and a half years, an awakened consciousness. Repetitive thought, negativity, one’s conditioning and sense of self derived from the past no longer controls my life, emotions or actions, I do.

I have just started reading A new Earth and have also bought Stillness Speaks and Practicing the Power of Now. All these books are essential reading for spirituality and living your best life! There is always so much more to learn, grasp and put into practice… especially to live in the Now!

The Power of Now' Eckhart TolleThe Power of Now has been widely recognized as one of the most influential spiritual books of our time. A #1 New York Times bestseller, it has been translated into over 30 languages. The book has helped countless people around the globe awaken to the spiritual dimension in their lives, find inner peace, increased joy and more harmonious relationships.

To make the journey into The Power of Now we will need to leave our analytical mind and its false created self, the ego, behind….


When you are present in this moment, you break the continuity of your story, of past and future.
Then true intelligence arises, and also love.
The only way love can come into your life is not through form, but through that inner spaciousness that is Presence.
Love has no form.

Please click here to read Oprah’s interview with Eckhart Tolle.

[Images & Information via Eckhart Teachings]


Queensland Telstra Women’s Business Awards 2008

Queensland Telstra Women’s Business Awards 2008On Tuesday the 18th of November I attended a luncheon at the Sofitel in Brisbane for the Queensland Telstra Women’s Business Awards as I was a finalist for the PricewaterhouseCoopers Young Business Women’s Award for my business Design House Fraser Coast.


It was amazing to be in a room with 500 of the most powerful business women in Queensland. Labor State MP Margaret Keech, Minister for Women was present standing in for Premier Anna Bligh. It was also lovely to catch up with Anne Fulwood who was MCing the event again.


Professor Paula Barrett, Director of Pathways Health and Research Centre, was named the 2008 Telstra Queensland Business Woman of the Year. I had the pleasure of conversing with Paula the night before, she is a very motivated and inspirational woman;

Paula’s Queensland-based international consultancy-based clinic was founded in 2003, and provides resilience and life-skills programs to families and school communities. With a focus on coping with anxiety, depression, and stressful situations, Pathways Health and Research Centre’s internationally recognised programs provide a range of life-enhancing services for everyone from children to adults.

Queensland Telstra Women’s Business Awards 2008





Claude Monet (1840 – 1926)

Claude Monet Yesterday I went to the Art Gallery NSW to see the Monet and the Impressionistsexhibition.
It would have been Monet’s 168th birthday yesterday if he was still alive.

“The method of Impressionist painting, where a picture is assembled in a riot of flecks of colour, reflects the kind of experience to which the eye of a big city dweller has become accustomed.”

The paintings were beautiful with an array of mostly pastel shades; I particularly liked the Water lilies and The Seine at Chatou.
There were so many flecks of colours that some of them reminded me of the magic eye images from the 1990’s. I felt if I stared long enough something 3d might pop out at me!


Claude Monet              Claude Monet  

Claude Monet Water lilies 1905          Claude Monet The Seine at Chatou 1881
Museum of Fine Arts Boston               Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Elvis is still alive!

Elvis Dean VegasLast night I went to see my favourite Elvis Impersonator at the Hervey Bay RSL, Dean Vegas!

Dean always does such a realistic impersonation, wears spectacular outfits and you are guaranteed to be up dancing all night! Since I was 18 I’m sure I have seen Dean perform over 40 times! Many would consider this borderline stalking ha ha ha!

Dean is always a hit with the ladies… friend Kay commented, “When Dean stepped out in his flaming tangerine jumpsuit my interest in the performance reached a whole new level!”

Thanks heaps Dean, for once again a Fun & Fantastic Performance!!!!


Sidney Nolan

“We live on a thin crust over a bubbling mass of molten lava and the fuel of hell. What’s marvellous is that, in spite of everything, we’re alive. Do you understand? To make up for the suffering of the living, there’s the joy of life.”
Sidney Nolan 1967

This morning I went to the Queensland Art Gallery to view the Sidney Nolan exhibition. The exhibition is the first major Nolan retrospective since the artist’s death in London in 1992.

Sidney Nolan was born in 1917 and grey up in St Kilda, Melbourne. By the time he left Australia in 1953 at the age of 36 to permanently life in England he was already celebrated as this country’s most exciting contemporary painter.

He was very well known for his Ned Kelly series with ‘the black shape of Ned Kelly cutting violently into the landscapes of great delicacy’.

In July 1947 Nolan left Melbourne for Queensland. He was intrigued by a lady Eliza Fraser who was shipwrecked on Fraser Island in 1936 after whom it was renamed. Nolan spent time on the island which resulted in an exhibition of Fraser Island paintings at the Moreton Galleries in Brisbane in February 1948.

In 1957 after migrating to Britain Nolan began a Mrs Fraser series (almost 20 years after he first explored it) suggesting that the episode had a strong impact on his work and was instrumental in his development as an artist.

Convict and Mrs Fraser,1957 Print & Canvas.
During this period Nolan experimented with the effects of layering. He worked in a dark key, using wiped back paint to allow white grounds to gleam through. Towards the later stages of his career the artist made large scale spray painted abstractions.

[Information via QAG.]

Queensland Telstra Business Awards 2008

Wow what a big night was had at the ballroom of the Sofitel in Brisbane for the Queensland 2008 Telstra Business Awards. Design House Fraser Coast was one of the 28 finalists out of over 4,500 applications statewide. Our host was Anne Fulwood and we were a Finalist in the Palm Micro-Business Award for businesses with five employees or fewer. We were first onstage for the evening to receive our Finalist Award. 

Queensland Telstra Business Awards 2008

Then the overall winner was announced and unfortunately we were unsuccessful this time but were extremely honoured just to be a Finalist and among all the other elite businesses and Finalists in the room.

A big ‘Congratulations’ to Mumentum who won the category and the two other finalists and River City Cruises.

I’m glad our category was announced first as I could then relax and enjoy the evening knowing I didn’t have to do a speech in front of 500 people! The food was delicious, the drinks flowed and the conversation lively and interesting. Afterwards I spoke with Anne Fulwood about her Media Consultancy Company and Lote Tuqiri who was staying at the Sofitel to play football today (Wallabies Vs the All Blacks)!


PICASSOToday I caught up with my lovely Aunty Cheryl to view the Picasso exhibition in Brisbane and for lunch. This is the first time the exhibition has been held outside of Europe. We arrived at 10am when the gallery opened and were surprised at how quickly the exhibition filled up and was extremely busy the whole time we were there.
‘I am interested in expressing the metamorphoses of forms into new bodies, from the furtherest origins of the world up until my time.’ – Picasso
PICASSOAunty Cheryl instantly spotted a painting named ‘La petite Jeannette’ c.1848 by Jean-Baptiste Camille Carot that was present to Picasso in 1910 by German Art historian Wilhelm Unde in gratitude for Picasso’s portrait of him.
The framework on all the paintings was extremely elaborate but unfortunately and obviously we not able to take photographs.

I really liked Picasso’s ‘Paysage de Juan-les-Pins’ (Landscape at Juan-les-Pins)1920. Oil on Canvas. ‘…this scene seems infused with an impression of happiness.’
I find the bright colours and abstract effect visually pleasing and even inline with today’s current design trends.

The exhibition features over 100 works from Picasso’s PICASSOextraordinary collection plus more than 80 important works by the artist himself. A range of documentary photographs also feature.

‘Picasso & his collection’ includes paintings, drawings and prints by artists such as Chardin, Matisse, Renoir, Cézanne, Rousseau, Miró, Modigliani and Braque, as well as an extraordinary selection of Oceanic and African works. …… Picasso’s collection was donated by his family to the French state after his death in 1973, and is now held by the musée national Picasso in Paris. An exhibition of Picasso’s collection has only ever previously been mounted in Paris, Munich and Barcelona.

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

Andy Warhol Official Opening

Andy Warhol Jeanette MaynesLast night I was fortunate to be able to attend the Official Opening of the Andy Warhol
 Exhibition in Brisbane. I ran into Chris Foley our State MP for Maryborough who is also in my Master of Professional Studies class. There was free food and drinks, plus books and merchandise to purchase and I must say what seemed to be at least 1,000 people dressed in their finest. I had a fantastic time studying all the pieces, films and activities even producing a Pop art portrait of myself!

“People are always calling me a mirror and if a mirror looks into a mirror, what is there to see.” – Andy Warhol

I was totally in my element, my mind won’t stop racing with ideas after viewing this exhibition! Thank you to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) you have taken my artistic thinking to a new level… clients will love you!

Andy Warhol

andy-warholToday I attended a special previewing of the Andy Warhol Exhibition at the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery. The exhibition is not actually open to the public till Saturday the 8th of December 2007. The curator led our group of 9 through the exhibition explaining the time frames and thoughts / events behind his artworks.

….Exclusive to Brisbane, Australia’s first major Andy Warhol retrospective brings together more than 300 works spanning all areas of his practice from the 1950s until his death in 1987 – paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, films, videos and installations.
One of the most influential and important artists of the late twentieth century and the figurehead of Pop art, Andy Warhol created some of the most recognisable images of modern culture. The exhibition includes his important Death in America works; iconic images of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Onassis, Mao Zedong and Elvis Presley; and his Campbells soup cans….

At the beginning of this year I had written about Andy Warhol in my Master of Professional Studies university portfolio assignment and to actually have the opportunity to view one of my favourite artists work and style (Pop art) is absolutely amazing.andy-warhol-1

This man had an extremely complex mind verging on either profound insanity or sheer genius in my opinion. Some of his artworks are so ususal, especially the Oxidation Painting (1975) he personally urinated on to see the reaction the acrylic paint would have on linen (I could not figure out the logic behind that one)!!!

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