Paddle Out for the Whales

Awesome 3km Stand Up Paddle in the rain this morning for the Paddle Out for the Whales.

“National Whale Day is held annually in the whale watch capital (Hervey Bay) raising awareness of the many man-made threats whales face today.
Events are held across Australia on National Whale Day which takes place each June.”
More info here: Facebook, Website

Images via: Fraser Coast Chronicle Paddle Out for the Whales – Gallery HERE!

Noosa Half Marathon #2

Yesterday I competed in my second ever official Noosa Half Marathon.
I went with my good friend Cheryl who was competing in her first ever 10km run that I had trained her for.

Cheryl went Sensational! She smashed over 13mins off her training time which she had only ever run 7.5km of and ran the whole course nonstop with a PB of 1:10:24 mins!! Well done Cheryl, I’m very proud of you, especially from someone who once said, “I’m NOT running a step!” It’s Fantastic to see someone take not only their fitness but their MIND to another extraordinary level!

I also smashed out a 21km PB of 1:59:24 mins!!! I took 4:11mins of my old PB and did what I set out to do which was crack the 2hrs. Results here.
Cheryl being a massage therapist was awesome and gave me a quick rub down before the race to warm up my muscles and being on a 10 day Detox I was hoping to be in prime form!
I started out strong and felt it! But I was disappointed when my right knee went ( patellofemoral pain syndrome ) at the 13km mark and the Nurophen I had down my bra in case this happened was not there!! OMG! I had to run the last 8km in extreme pain which slowed me right down by 30+ seconds per km.

But at least I still achieved my goal of cracking 2hrs, which is Excellent, even if I could have taken a couple more minutes off (there’s always next year) and being on Day 6 of my Detox, I can’t celebrate for 4 more days LOL.

We stayed at the Sheraton Noosa and enjoyed luxury and excellent service from the staff, porters and chauffeurs and enjoyed a sauna and spa, great for our bodies! We also just stepped straight out of room to the start of the race, talk about convenience!

Another OUTSTANDING weekend of goal achieving, thanks Cheryl, Awesome Work! x

I started walking 10km, twice weekly with Jeanette Maynes. I was getting quite breathless at times, just doing this at a brisk pace. It took me about 1:55 mins to complete.

I loved walking, as I could take in glimpses of our Hervey Bay beach, and started to feel more motivated. I had no intentions at this stage, of running however, as I thought I didn’t have it in me to run anymore. I was into Zumba, Tai Bo, Dancing, but no running.

I had not done any running, in at least 20 years!

Over a period of about 1month , I gradually decreased my walking time.. I noticed that the labored breathing I had begun with, was disappearing, and that my lung capacity was improving. After about a month and a half, Jeanette had gone on a weeks trip, and I wondered what it would feel like to run. I was curious to see if I still could run. So, I very hesitantly tried to run 200m. Yes. I could do it, even though the lungs didn’t like it much. I tried a couple of 200’s together. Now, I really felt my lungs working!

When Jeanette and I resumed walking together, I let slip that I had tried “the running thing”. Well, that was it. Jeanette, started to increase our walks to running time. She quickly increased the 200m to 500m, even though I though “this was really pushing it”. Then up again to 2 x 500m. The next week it was 1 x 500m and 1 x 1km. The next 1  x 2km. Over a period of about 2 months, we increased this to a 7.5kms running which left 2.5km to walk. I was so amazed, as I felt the “block” in my lungs lift, and felt myself getting stronger.

Jeanette, was always encouraging, and gave me some positive “self talk”, which I keep using every time I run. This keeps me focused when my body tries to tell me “I can’t do it”. When I really was ready to stop on a few occasions, Jeanette made me push through it. I’m so glad she did this, as otherwise I don’t think I would have made it to the next level especially when I ran 10km nonstop in 1:10:24 hr at Noosa on the weekend.

In the beginning, I didn’t think I was fit enough or strong enough to run. I also believed you had to have a certain physique to be a runner, Thanks to Jeanettes’ coaching, I now know I’m made of tough stuff and have thrown away those preconceived negative thoughts about running. Besides feeling fitter, trimming down and breathing better, running has also enabled me to think of other areas of my life, and ask “what more am I capable of?” A big THANKYOU to Jeanette!

Cheryl Virgo – 8th May 2012

Unleash The Power Within

Last weekend I participated in one of the most amazing experiences of my life, ‘Unleash The Power Within’, a 4 day seminar with Tony Robbins in Sydney.

The main reason of attending was to firewalk which we did on the first day on coals between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’d seen a picture on Tony’s website of Oprah doing the fire walk and I though, if Oprah can do it, I can!

I didn’t feel any heat what so ever, must of had my mind focused!

From then on what happened was so profound.

I completely reprogrammed my mind and have removed negative experiences from my life / childhood and created a new timeline.

I realised I was living my life with excellent standards but to reach the next level in life you must have ‘OUTSTANDING’ Standards which is only a 2mm gap you need to close. This will be beneficial in all aspects of my life especially my business.

On the last day we heard about nutrition which I also learnt some very profound new information and found this extremely interesting as I am studying to be a personal trainer.
I am now on day 7 of a DETOX Tony put us on and am loving it!!! No alcohol, caffeine and an alkaline diet + a few other new healthy & positive habits to incorporate.

This seminar was such a precious gift I gave to myself, the information was priceless and the results truly invaluable!!
Thank you Tony, you certainly did create value and more than expected!!!

Please, please, please start teaching your program in schools you could revolutionise the world even more by programming correct mind, body and nutritional habits from an early age!!!

Some other information I learnt from my notes:
– Emotion is created by Motion.
– Put yourself in a PEAK STATE!
– Who you spend life with is who you become.
– People lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.
– Find a peer group that has higher expectations that your own.
– Find a team that is going to challenge you.
– Every single person has 2 primary fears: 1. You are not good enough  2.  You won’t be loved
– The only thing that stops you getting what you want is the story you tell yourself.
– Problems & Happiness have no relationship.
– Wire yourself for certaintly and you will find the skills
– We live what we hold in out subconscious
– Secret to wealth and happiness; to be a team player
– Treat people well who treat your poorly
– Life is about LOVE
– Proximity is Power!
– “If I can’t, then I MUST!”
– The secret of life, STANDARDS!
– Want to change your life then raise your standards.
– Raise your standards means turns your shoulds into musts.
– Compete with yourself.
– See things completed in your mind first.
– How much you earn or who you are in a relationship with comes down to your beliefs or values.
– Our rules & values can make it impossible to feel good.
– More joy = less or better rules
– When you are grateful there is no anger or fear.
– The secret to HAPPINESS is PROGRESS!
– I am not what I eat, I am what I digest & assimilate.
– 5mins of anger suppresses your immune system for 6-7hours
– Stress is the basis of what makes the body break down.

If you want to know the tools and strategies for an OUTSTANDING LIFE, book your spot for a seminar, it will change your life forever!!!! 

– Learn the secret to peak performance that Anthony Robbins has used to transform the world’s elite athletes, entertainers, and business leaders.
– Discover how to break the unconscious fears that are holding you back.
– Storm across a bed of hot coals between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. (You don’t have to, but you’ll want to!) Once you start doing the impossible (or at least what you thought was impossible), you can conquer the other fires of your life with ease.

…You’ll test and amaze yourself. But, most of all… you’ll grow.

Get Running, age is no excuse!

He’s the world’s oldest marathon runner & at the grand old age of 100, Fauja Singh is certainly showing no signs of slowing down.

Born: 1 April 1911 in Beas Pind, Jalandar , Punjab , India
Former occupation: Farmer
Running career: Rediscovered at age of 81
Diet: Ginger curry, Vegetarian
Marathons: London (5), Toronto (1), New York (1)
Marathon debut: London, 2000 aged 89
London marathon pb: 6h 2m

‎’I am not a learned person in any shape or form. To me, the secret is being happy, doing charity work, staying healthy & being positive,’ … ‘The secret to a long & healthy life is to be stress-free. ‘If there’s something you can’t change then why worry about it? Be grateful for everything you have, stay away from people who are negative, stay smiling & keep running.’ – Fauja Singh

Fauja Singh

[More info here Fauja Singh]

Card Making, so much FUN!

Yesterday I had a little craft session with my mum, making some groovy cards!

It was so much fun!

Cutting, pasting, double sided sticky taping, decorations, ribbons, colours, glitter, stars, shapes, so much to do and choose from ….. Now this is something I will get right into!

How nice to make personalised greeting and birthday cards for friends and family …. certainly would  make me feel appreciated receiving a handmade card, made with LOVE!

Simply Google card making, then go to images for some great ideas!


Darwin Business Road Trip!!!

What a way to start 2012 with a 14 day road trip to Darwin visiting current and making new clients & friends! Hervey Bay, Mackay, Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa, Tennant Creek, Adelaide River then Darwin!

The picture to the right was taken when we hit the 130km section of the Barkley Highway in the Northern Territory – Jeanette “Queen of the Desert!”

My friend Jackie that I used to work with at the Casuarina Club in Darwin was visiting her parents on the Sunshine Coast for Christmas and we thought what a perfect opportunity for me to join her for a road trip back to Adelaide River where she is a teacher.

And so the fun had begun!!! I really had the time of my life and may need to make this an annual event! If you really want to see our beautiful country hit the highway!

Thank you Jackie for the awesome company, adventure and goal setting!!! xoxoxo

Awesome to see Lee and her family in Cairns with some amazing photography being taken by herself (One Little Picture) and Jackie on our adventures. They are both very talented with their SLR camera’s!!!

It was fantastic to see my friend Helen in Adelaide River also and her gorgeous children plus use the secret gym.

It was also sensational to catch up with all my old friends and work colleagues from The Casuarina Club (Lucy, Jackie, Julie-Anne & myself the original Rockette’s from 10 years ago! + Kimmy, Tommy & Fred!) xoxo

Also a big thank you to everyone for their hospitality on the trip, without the support crew this trip would not have been such a smooth and outrageous adventure!

Through use of the Internet, I / Design House am able to service clients statewide and nationally, staying in touch as if they were right next door. Utilizing today’s modern technology and freight services available a dynamic design and print can be delivered promptly straight to your door!

Contact me today for the best design and service Australia wide!

Cowgirl Weekend Giddee Up Horse rides

Last weekend I had an awesome time away with my friend Cheryl and her twin daughters. We went on a half day horse trail ride that included morning tea and lunch (kangaroo) followed by a swim in the pool. I rode Matilda. We stayed overnight on the farm in the lodge and the girls slept outside in swags. We cooked a BBQ dinner and breakfast plus also enjoyed marshmallows at our bon fire with a couple of beers. More info on Giddee Up Horse rides here.

On the way home we dropped in the Fraser Coast Sporting Clays Shooting Club to fire off a few rounds at their open day. It was great fun and I hit 4 targets out of about 9 shots so that wasn’t too bad for my first ever go. Club website here.

What is happiness or success to you? Pleasure or Pain?

“Successful people admire other successful people; unsuccessful people resent them. If you view wealthy people as bad in any way, you can never be rich, because how can you be something you don’t like?” – T. Harv Eker

“Happy people admire other happy people; unhappy people resent them. If you view happy people as bad in any way (no matter what it is to the individual that makes them happy or successful; family, community work, achievements, money, career, their looks, their friends….), you can never be happy, because how can you be something you don’t like?”

Who’s to say what is real and not real, or important or not important, successful or not successful to them but the individual themselves with what they know in the present moment?

Is it OK to be happy, successful and have money as long as long as you do not RELY on this for inner happiness?
The Dalai Lama is one of the happiest people and his organisation one of the wealthiest in the world, having won numerous awards and is surrounded by luxury, people pay top dollar to listen to him speak about inner peace … yet his life is based on Three Main Commitments for his inner happiness and not the above.

There are so may ways to feel rich inside.

What is happiness or success to you? Pleasure or Pain? And who is the judge ….. you??? Do you make conscious decisions? or follow the opinions of others?

[Anthony Robbins]

‘Tour de Bay’ 45km Charity Bike Ride

A huge thank you to Steve Bates, the manager from Breathe Health Clubs Hervey Bay for sponsoring $50 for me to ride 45km in The Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre and Rotary Sunrise ‘Tour de Bay’ Charity Bike Ride to be held this Sunday October 16th in support of the Hervey Bay Youth Mentoring Program!!

In return I have sponsored $50 for Steve from Design House to also participate in this FUN charity event!

We had some amazing weather today for the event, especially after last nights storms, with almost 200 people participating raising a phenomenal $20,000. Steve had alittle stack at the half way mark but was not injured too seriously. I think I’ll do the 64km loop next year!

A huge thank you to the event organisers and volunteers!
The registration was smooth, the course was extremely well signed and the brekkie was delicious!


For 3 days I have listened to some of the most amazing and inspiring millionaires from our country and the world including Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and DONALD TRUMP!
Event details here.
Talk about being on the biggest high ever!

As a motivated professional business woman it is extremely important to me that I learn from the absolute best for dynamic self improvement and that I am an EXPERT in my field improving what I can offer my clients in solving their business advertising problems to increase their confidence, profit and client base.

I like to set huge goals and go for them to inspire others to shoot for their dreams also and my latest goal was to have a photo taken with my business IDOL the legendary DONALD TRUMP currently valued at SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS!

Trump was introduced to the stage by Australian Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

I just LOVE Trump and especially his TV series The Apprentice. He is such a wise, educated, funny  and intelligent business man with a hardcore, can do attitude and to me a great mentor.
He is inspiring, motivated, professional, successful, speaks his mind on all matters, extremely family orientated and I felt a real kindness in his presence.

Trump said, “I believe, get even with people, if they screw you, screw them back ten times as hard!”

Three years prior I decided I must achieve my goal to have my photo taken with Trump! I even photo shopped a photo of Trump and I two years ago to begin the Law of Attraction process.

After Trump finished his speech at the event, I went back for a question / answer session with him.  When I had pushed my way through 150 VIPs and security, bravely attracted Trump’s attention to ask for a photo and was given the go ahead he was wearing the same pink tie he had on in my photo shopped image!

He looked me in the eye and asked me directly if I had enjoyed his speech to which I replied with honesty I thoroughly did!!! We also made a few other small comments. I then made my way to the back of the room, where I was on such an adrenalin rush that I had achieved another long term goal that my knees began to shake!
Of course I have no doubt we will meet and converse again on many occasions.

Meeting my business idol and finally achieving my goal to have a photo taken with him has made me believe even more in the Law of Attraction, being positive and that anything is possible in life!!! What an absolutely amazing, thought provoking and sensational experience! One of many more to come!

A big thank you to Michael Burnett from Empowernet for successfully organising such an Amazing event!!

Before the seminar I also ran 9km in the Sydney Running Festival across the Sydney Harbour Bridge plus checked out the beautiful Sydney Chinese Gardens afterwards!

Some of Trumps’ quotes from his speech:

–       “Be totally focused, you can’t take your eye off the ball”
–       “Rich people don’t like rich people, historically, well I don’t”
–       “I like Losers to be my friends”
–       “The harder I work the luckier I get”
–       “You can make yourself Lucky”
–       “You need passion, go against the tide”
–       “Go with your gut, go against the tide, I like that”
–       “Get even with people, if you don’t they will continue to go after you”
–       “If someone screws you, screw them back in spades!”
–       “Always get a pre-nup!”
–       “Think Big, it’s much easier”
–       “Focus on the positive”
–       “The word momentum is very important”
–       “Believe in yourself, see yourself as a one man band, see yourself as victorious, you have to think like a WINNER!”
–       “Can you take the pressure!”

More news on Trumps visit here.

Bridge to Brisbane 2011

I had a fantastic run on Sunday at the Bridge to Brisbane, smashing my time from two years ago even with a sore strapped right knee (PFPS).

This really is a fun event and so well run and organised, I’ll definitely be back next year!!

My charity was Fraser Coast Meals on Wheels and $60 was raised, a big thank you to those who donated (Myself, Rosie & Karen) You can still donate here till the 11th of October 2011.

Melbourne Body Art Competition 2011

Yesterday myself, Jeanette Maynes | Model (first time ever) from (Design House – graphic and website designer) and Lolita Valerga | Artist from (Shades of Inspiration – henna and face painting artist) came together as Model (canvas) and Artist to create an Organic interpretation of the theme “Wired for Sound” based on elements and forces of nature for the Melbourne Body Art Competition 2011.

Lolita and I have been friends for 15 years since we did a ‘Certificate in Arts’ together.

We were in the BRUSH & SPONGE category and started painting at 11am, with brushes down at 5pm, then made our way to the judge’s room for judging at 5.30pm and hit the catwalk at 7pm.

Unfortunately we did not come a place as the competition was fierce but we had an absolute ball taking on such a fun adventure that took a couple of months preparation. We were certainly a crowd favourite and as they say “Art is in the eye of the beholder”!

We were also quite the crowd pleaser at Crown Casino having a couple of wind down drinks after the event!

Please read our concept and development for the ‘Wired for Sound!’ theme here!

Melbourne Body Art Competition at Carlton Brew House, Abbotsford Saturday 20th August 2011, The Melbourne Age Newspaper Image Gallery here.

Fraser Coast Chronicle News here.

Cane 2 Coral 2011

On Sunday I ran in the second ever Cane to Coral fun run with my friends Scott and Tania who did the run with me last year.
I’m very proud to say we all did a PB this year! Race results can be found here.

I came is at ‎1:21:32 mins!! 5:33mins faster than last year. My run was really good and felt great. A couple of friends told me they struggled a little.

As per last year the heat was hideous but not quite as bad!
I really have no idea why the race is run at 8.30am so late in the day, a statement made by many.
Every other race I’ve done has started no later than 7.30am.

Also over an hour’s wait in the midday sun for a bus back to Bundaberg is not on. We were all quite sun burnt by the time they arrived, especially having fair skin. There was three buses for a race with nearly 3,000 people, common sense would suggest having a few more??

Sadly a competitor passed away during the run at about the 8km mark, a very sad ending to a happy race day. My condolences go out to Rod Young’s Family, Colleagues and Friends. [NewsMail]

The race was very popular with over 2,900 entrants and was extremely well run and organised. Thank you to all the sponsors, organisers and volunteers!
Can’t wait for next year’s!

2010 Cane to Coral story here

Gold Coast Marathon 2011 – 10km PB

Last Saturday I entered the Gold Coast Marathon to do a 10km run.
2 years ago I did my first ever 10km run here without stopping in 01:07:33mins, story here.

Over the past two years I have improved a fair bit but never cracked 55mins for my 10km run.

On Saturday I was very happy to smash my time running a new PB of 53:32mins!!!

My finishing overall percentage has risen from 22% to 82% of the finishers in my age group! I never thought I would see an achievement like this!

My friend Naomi, decided last minute to come with me and also completed her first ever 10km with no training what so ever and came in, in 01:09:59mins, run / walking the event!
What an awesome and inspiring effort!
Naomi mentioned if I hadn’t of asked her to do a casual 6km walk/  run with me a month earlier she would not have considered this, but making that distance in 53mins with me gave her the strength to enter.
See, anyone can do these challenges, just take the first step and register!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Holmes editor of ‘Runner’s World Magazine’ my favourite running mag at the Race Expo …. (whose work and knowledge I greatly admire) !

Plus a huge THANK YOU to the 1,000+ volunteers who worked in the areas of event operations, registrations, sports services, marketing, road marshalling, aid stations and recovery assistance!

The Kokoda 30 km Challenge

Yesterday I completed another challenge, this one was the Kokoda 30km trail run through the Brisbane Forest. My body was still a little weary from last week’s Great Wall marathon and lack of sleep but I managed to pull of the task.

After some speeches, the last post and a minutes silence, we (myself, Scott and Tania) headed off at 7am into the bush and hills. OMG nonstop steep hills!!!
Next year if I participate I must remember to take my trekking poles, especially for when climbing back up out of the Hell Hole! Every single muscle was being used at some stage or the other and this could be felt the following day, our bodies felt like they have had an awesome all over work out, quite stiff and sore in all muscles and joints!!!

The morning was alittle cool but about half an hour in we soon warmed off and stripped our long sleeve compression tops off. It turned into a gorgeous day to be trekking and running through the bush and forest.

We had on our green “Smells Like Team Spirit” shirts with the print proudly sponsored by Design House! Every time we passed people they said, “There goes the green team again!”

My cousins Amanda, Mark and their friend Tom also had a three persons team called the “Challengers!”

I ended up having to dig deep after the Hell Hole and came in half an hour in front of my team. I was feeling so drained from the week before I had to keep moving while I had the energy, I couldn’t keep stop starting to catch my breath on every hill, I just had to keep moving! Pain was starting in my knee from my PFPS so I had to get finished asap!

My run keeper said I came in at 4:57:07 mins.
Doing 32.4km with an elevation climb of 1,257m!!!
Why the extra 2.4km?
Coming to a crucial turn that was unmarked all us at the front of the pack turned right and followed the leaders perhaps up to 100 people. Until someone came along and said we were going the wrong way, so all had to turn around and head the other way! On the way back some signage magically appeared!!
All the leaders were now up to 2 to 4km off track!
Why there was no marshal on the track to direct people and correct signage was commented on by several competitors.

When I finally ran in under the finish line the woman who was supposed to scan my bib to take my time said she didn’t think she would till the rest of my team came in?
I queried how am I supposed to know my official time?
A man I had chatted to at one stage during the race came and spoke to me while I waited for the others, he said he left his mate half way as he was lagging and they agree to do this before the race due to different fitness levels and said he got scanned in. I also passed several other people on their own on the track.
I decided to go back to the time station and informed them I wished to have my bib scanned.
After I said you have done this for others, the lady said, “yeah well we probably weren’t supposed to??”
(one would assume a time marshal would have been briefed on what to do and know their role thoroughly for a competition race?)
Anyway I FINALLY had my bib scanned at 12:09:32pm, 15 minutes after I had completed the race!
My team came in another 17 minutes after this at 05:26:55mins which was a fantastic result!
The woman said the time on our certificates would be the time of the slowest runner to come in. I said that’s fine, makes sense?
Our team time would have been over 20+mins shorter for our team if we hadn’t of run an extra 2.4km due to the direction error plus a time marshal delaying my individual result by 15mins on top of this. The website also gives you your INDIVIDUAL RESULTS official time … it would be nice to have that correct to try to better in the future.

There was quite a long delay for people registering, some competitors were still lined up when we started the race. As this was the Inaugural race I’m sure some systems could and will be improved upon for next year.

Our team ended up coming 9th out of 51 – three person teams so that was an Awesome result considering doing an extra 2.4km on top of the original 30km plus we are amateur fun runners!!
All in all we had a fantastic day and desipte those couple of things the event was really well run and fun, so thank you to the volunteers and organisers … the weather was magical ….there was a free sausage sizzle afterwards … we met heaps of nice and motivated people on the course …. and have many great memories of a tough but doable challenge…. I dare say we will be back next year and highly recommend this event to anyone seeking a fun adventure with your mates!!
What an Awesome experience to have the opportunity to take part in the Inaugural Event, this should grow to be huge!


The Great Wall Marathon 2011 Review

After a few months of long distance running along the Esplanade walk / bike path in Hervey Bay, 15+ km hill runs on the Christensen St Hills and several 70 lap stints of the Damon Park stairs (5180 steps per session) my friend Emma and I finally achieved our goal – to run and complete the Great Wall Marathon of China 2011 …. All 42km + 5,164 steps!!!!!

Somehow I stumbled across the great Wall Marathon event online and right away I had a deep feeling I just had to achieve this, therefore I immediately proceeded to make this exciting, adventurous & challenging goal a reality!

This marathon is described my many running magazines, promotional advertisements, sports websites and runners / competitors as one of the “TOUGHEST” ever …. I thought, What perfect conditions for our first ever competitive marathon!!!

Two days before the marathon we went for an orientation day, had a look around and climbed the 3.5km section of wall steps that we would be completing twice during the actual marathon. The following day I was alittle embarrased and asked several other participants, “Are your legs sore?” and everyone said YES!
OMG we had to go into this marathon with aching leg muscles and severe sleep depravation, not the best way to take on a task such as this!!!

We had a 2.30am wake up call to climb on a bus for a 2hour trip to Yin Yang Square for the start of the race. The temperature was so cold!!! They had performers and loud music so we all joined in an amusing aerobics / dance routine and soon warmed up ready for the start of the race. Dencorub, sun cream, hat, hydration pack, knee strapped, camera, snacks TICK … and after a countdown we were off at 7.30am on the dot!

It turned into such a beautiful clear blue day being very hot at lunch especially for the second phase of the stairs! It was sensational to be out of the thick Beijing smog and able to breathe clear mountain air!

What a hard slog it was!
We both had knees troubles and been to see physio’s during our training. I have PFPS (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome) which with some strapping my knee didn’t hurt and tracked correct for the whole race. Emma’s sore knee played up but she pushed through the pain.

At the 36km mark we had 8km to go the first 3km being roughly 2,600 stairs again in the opposite direction then a 5km run home down a hill which we had climbed to begin the race. When I arrived back to the wall stairs, Emma decided to push ahead and after she went I literally hit a wall! OMG they were so exhausting with more up then down this time.
The extreme heat, not knowing if I had consumed enough calories or water also played on my mind as I was feeling a little nauseous and delirious.
But there was no way I was stopping!!!!
Just keeping going … one step after another, I told myself in my head (the same thing I said many times when climbing to Base Camp Mt Everest in Oct last year).
As I continued on the wall it appeared most others were it this same condition!!
After conquering the last few steps I found a second wind and ran the last five km home!

What a fantastic feeling to finally achieve that current goal after months of preparation plus not getting sick in China or an injury during training or on the day!

My personal time was 6:39:09 mins and Emma came in at 6:15:23 mins.

My Rank Information: Women 35-39 years

Rank category              20 of 34
Rank sex                      109 of 202
Rank overall                 391 of 582

The Australian company we booked through Travelling Fit (the Marathon Package Experts) were extremely professional  and helpful with representative Paul Clements coming on the tour and handling all queries with ease then completing the marathon with us being his first also! They also supplied our Amazing shirts for the day … you could easily recognise the 200  Aussies in the race to cheer them on!!!

At the after party I also had the pleasure to meet and had a chat with Henrik Brandt from Denmark. He has completed all 12 Great Wall Marathons from when they first started and has the medals to prove it!!! He told me he would like to do at least 25!

Now, one must remember I’m not an elite athlete; I’m just a girl with a passion for adventure and life, so anyone can do these challenges if you put your mind to it!!!
It not about fast times, it’s about setting a goal, getting out of your comfort zone, working hard and completing the task no matter what!!!!
You will meet like minded people, build self confidence, feel fit and healthy, proud of yourself and learn to love yourself …because if you don’t no one else will!!!
Good Luck, Go Hard and Reap the Rewards!!!

A big thank you to the organisers and volunteers for doing such a SENSATIONAL job!!!!

Plus a big and huge thank you to my friend Emma for commiting to this also and being an awesome training patner, without her support this may not have been possible!!!

This Sunday on the 29th of May I have to back up with a 30km trail run in Brisbane!

Hmmmm what next! Great Wall Marathon videos here!