Mangrove eco-tours @ ‘Tandora Walkabout Tours’

Today I had an awesome Mangrove eco-tour of ‘Tandora’ owned by the legendary and very knowledgeable Lindsay Titmarsh.
This was the second tour to date and I did the first half of the tour this time.
We had a lovely group of people and there was so much to learn. Some of the trees were between 200 to 900 years old and their different root systems were amazing!
There was at least 10 different species of mangroves (9 near us and one other further down), pink native berries, mangrove fruits, flowers & seeds and 25 species of crabs. The oxygen bubbles in the mud were interesting, some of the mangroves species excrete salt from their system via the back of their leaves and we were able to taste this; mistletoe and old mans beard also decorated the leaves.
It was the best stroll in the mud I’ve had in a long time …

“Tandora is an 11,000 acre grazing property situated near the mouth of the Mary River on the ecologically diverse Fraser Coast of Queensland, Australia. For over 100 years, this vast estate has been owned and operated by the Titmarsh family. Lindsay Titmarsh, the current manager, is a well known local identity, naturalist, photographer and author.”

Please contact Lindsay to find out more about his exciting Mangrove eco-tours – ‘Tandora Walkabout Tours’ on the Fraser Coast –

Fraser Coast Chronicle – Press Release HERE!

One thought on “Mangrove eco-tours @ ‘Tandora Walkabout Tours’

  1. Hey Jeanette, I just came across this when I googled mangrove walks as I saw the 800 year old mangrove tree
    Somewhere on Facebook but then lost it but saw it was was near Maryborough. Did you happen to see this tree on the tour and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to do it with my walking ability but thought I’d contact them to enquire. So thanks for the heads up it looks beautiful Sandy Carroll 😄👌

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