Scarness Supercell

Last night we had a massive storm at Scarness!

I’ve just been over Scarness caravan park it’s absolutely smashed, all campers are being evacuated to Pialba. It’s just terrible that a man was killed by a fallen tree at 7:30pm last night.
Story here.

I also take my hat off to the bystander that got out mid storm and performed CPR on the poor man hit by the tree at Scarness Caravan park, imagine if they and the ambulance had of succeeded despite the conditions!


When I saw the ambulance go past it had to go onto the other side of the road to avoid all the fallen tree branches. I went  down in the rain and helped to clear the road so no one had an accident, community members also stopped to help (two guys had been clearing the whole esplanade), and other residents came down, a worker from the Beach House, it was wonderful community spirit, my centre manager where I live & I also went down and cleared the storm water drain as it was starting to flood which would have helped alot of the shops ….

Well done to all our emergency workers: Ambulance, Police, Fire brigade, SES and Ergon Energy for the power not being out for two long.

I helped out this morning for a few hours. Jay from Pedals Espresso – Hervey Bay City so kindly dropped us off free coffee! These Council guys are really cool, hard workers and certainly know their stuff!

I’m very impressed with the parks guys, Council workers and clean up team, it’s not even lunch and the whole of Scarness park is pretty much back to normal!!! Less quite a few tree branches.



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