Noosa Half Marathon #2

Yesterday I competed in my second ever official Noosa Half Marathon.
I went with my good friend Cheryl who was competing in her first ever 10km run that I had trained her for.

Cheryl went Sensational! She smashed over 13mins off her training time which she had only ever run 7.5km of and ran the whole course nonstop with a PB of 1:10:24 mins!! Well done Cheryl, I’m very proud of you, especially from someone who once said, “I’m NOT running a step!” It’s Fantastic to see someone take not only their fitness but their MIND to another extraordinary level!

I also smashed out a 21km PB of 1:59:24 mins!!! I took 4:11mins of my old PB and did what I set out to do which was crack the 2hrs. Results here.
Cheryl being a massage therapist was awesome and gave me a quick rub down before the race to warm up my muscles and being on a 10 day Detox I was hoping to be in prime form!
I started out strong and felt it! But I was disappointed when my right knee went ( patellofemoral pain syndrome ) at the 13km mark and the Nurophen I had down my bra in case this happened was not there!! OMG! I had to run the last 8km in extreme pain which slowed me right down by 30+ seconds per km.

But at least I still achieved my goal of cracking 2hrs, which is Excellent, even if I could have taken a couple more minutes off (there’s always next year) and being on Day 6 of my Detox, I can’t celebrate for 4 more days LOL.

We stayed at the Sheraton Noosa and enjoyed luxury and excellent service from the staff, porters and chauffeurs and enjoyed a sauna and spa, great for our bodies! We also just stepped straight out of room to the start of the race, talk about convenience!

Another OUTSTANDING weekend of goal achieving, thanks Cheryl, Awesome Work! x

I started walking 10km, twice weekly with Jeanette Maynes. I was getting quite breathless at times, just doing this at a brisk pace. It took me about 1:55 mins to complete.

I loved walking, as I could take in glimpses of our Hervey Bay beach, and started to feel more motivated. I had no intentions at this stage, of running however, as I thought I didn’t have it in me to run anymore. I was into Zumba, Tai Bo, Dancing, but no running.

I had not done any running, in at least 20 years!

Over a period of about 1month , I gradually decreased my walking time.. I noticed that the labored breathing I had begun with, was disappearing, and that my lung capacity was improving. After about a month and a half, Jeanette had gone on a weeks trip, and I wondered what it would feel like to run. I was curious to see if I still could run. So, I very hesitantly tried to run 200m. Yes. I could do it, even though the lungs didn’t like it much. I tried a couple of 200’s together. Now, I really felt my lungs working!

When Jeanette and I resumed walking together, I let slip that I had tried “the running thing”. Well, that was it. Jeanette, started to increase our walks to running time. She quickly increased the 200m to 500m, even though I though “this was really pushing it”. Then up again to 2 x 500m. The next week it was 1 x 500m and 1 x 1km. The next 1  x 2km. Over a period of about 2 months, we increased this to a 7.5kms running which left 2.5km to walk. I was so amazed, as I felt the “block” in my lungs lift, and felt myself getting stronger.

Jeanette, was always encouraging, and gave me some positive “self talk”, which I keep using every time I run. This keeps me focused when my body tries to tell me “I can’t do it”. When I really was ready to stop on a few occasions, Jeanette made me push through it. I’m so glad she did this, as otherwise I don’t think I would have made it to the next level especially when I ran 10km nonstop in 1:10:24 hr at Noosa on the weekend.

In the beginning, I didn’t think I was fit enough or strong enough to run. I also believed you had to have a certain physique to be a runner, Thanks to Jeanettes’ coaching, I now know I’m made of tough stuff and have thrown away those preconceived negative thoughts about running. Besides feeling fitter, trimming down and breathing better, running has also enabled me to think of other areas of my life, and ask “what more am I capable of?” A big THANKYOU to Jeanette!

Cheryl Virgo – 8th May 2012

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