Cane 2 Coral 2011

On Sunday I ran in the second ever Cane to Coral fun run with my friends Scott and Tania who did the run with me last year.
I’m very proud to say we all did a PB this year! Race results can be found here.

I came is at ‎1:21:32 mins!! 5:33mins faster than last year. My run was really good and felt great. A couple of friends told me they struggled a little.

As per last year the heat was hideous but not quite as bad!
I really have no idea why the race is run at 8.30am so late in the day, a statement made by many.
Every other race I’ve done has started no later than 7.30am.

Also over an hour’s wait in the midday sun for a bus back to Bundaberg is not on. We were all quite sun burnt by the time they arrived, especially having fair skin. There was three buses for a race with nearly 3,000 people, common sense would suggest having a few more??

Sadly a competitor passed away during the run at about the 8km mark, a very sad ending to a happy race day. My condolences go out to Rod Young’s Family, Colleagues and Friends. [NewsMail]

The race was very popular with over 2,900 entrants and was extremely well run and organised. Thank you to all the sponsors, organisers and volunteers!
Can’t wait for next year’s!

2010 Cane to Coral story here

2 thoughts on “Cane 2 Coral 2011

  1. Hello Jeanette,

    I entered the 8k Cane2Coral walk for the very first time! It was a great event, and the feeling amongst the group was good.
    Yep I got burnt.
    Yep I got a few blisters…but it was so worth it.

    RIP Rod Young – at least he was doing what he loved.

    Be great to see if the event is early next year.


    Congratulations on your time 🙂

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