I just did my first ever MARATHON 42.2km!!!!!

Great Wall MarathonWhile others enjoyed a relaxing Saturday morning I and my friend Emma endured 5.5 hrs of Pain and loved every minute of it!

I currently have PFPS – Patello Femoral Pain Syndrome.
My left knee is not tracking right. So it was Awesome to tape my knee and run through the pain and make that distance!

The task was hard work and we ran over 33km of the distance then Emma’s knee hurt pretty bad for some reason (her turn for the physio) so we did some walking as not to risk injury.

We felt we could have run another 3 – 5km’s of that if Em’s knee didn’t play up and taken 1/2 an hour off the time but I’m really just happy we made it!

I decided to throw up at the 32km mark as I had too much red Powerade sloshing around in my stomach LOL!!!

I burnt over 2,500 calories and I’ve just had a lovely 2.5hr nap plus the legs feel okay (so far, see how they are tomorrow)!

The picture below is from Runkeeper , our iPhone GPS plotted out our course.

The picture (top right) is our next Marathon in a month.
42.2km on the ‘Great Wall of China’ + 5,164 steps ….. YEOW I can’t wait!!!!!
That one should test us!

5 thoughts on “I just did my first ever MARATHON 42.2km!!!!!

  1. Hi Jeanette. I came across your site whilst doing a geneal search for fitness tips (running, cycling and kettlebells(have been learning these now for 2 months), so I had a look at your site. Great site. You certainly don’t do things by half.

    Late last year I was laid up with a torn patella tendon. If you don’t mind some advice, I made great improvement with one exercise, the Box squat. Check it our with your gym instructor, if you haven’t already been tought it.

    “The box squat has been hailed by many champion power lifters, from George Frenn to Louie Simmons and Yuri Fomin, and for a good reason. For Max Squat power the quads are not enough; the glutes and the hamstrings must also be maximally recruited. The only way to make it happen is pre-stretching the hip muscles by sitting back rather than straight down. If this is done right, your shins will remain nearly vertical and your butt will protrude far back, almost as if you are doing a good morning.
    The Reward will be remarkable squatting, jumping, kicking and sprinting power, all around leg development, and low knee stress.
    When the shin is kept nearly vertical the patella tendon is not smashing the kneecap into the joint. Besides, the knee is further protected from the rear by hamstring tension. It is a fact that the hammies stay tight all the way into the hole when box squatting by the book. That is rarely the case with conventional squats, at least for inexperienced squatters. No wonder power lifters who had torn their patella tendons were not known to merely rehab themselves with box squats but to make a quantum leap in their total – without any further knee problems!”
    Excerpt from “The Naked Warrior” by Pavel Tsatsouline

    I have not so much as had a twinge out of it since. It also helped to get my feet and gait checked out.

    I hope the above info is of use to you and your friend. All the best for your next round challenges. I’m off to practice for my part in The Tinana Dawn Service. Have a good Easter and Anzac day.

  2. Thanks heaps Scott, That is fantastic feedback we will definately look into Box Squats!
    I might even get that book.
    You also have a fantastic Easter and Anzac Day, enjoy the service! 🙂

  3. Glad to be of help.

    The book I mentioned is on strength through bodyweight exercises. It doesn’t have a gereat lot of detail on Box Squatting, though it is still a very good read. However I do have one of his other books, on kettlebells which has a very detailed set of instructions. Let me know if you would like either the name of the book or the instructions.

    I will enjoy the service immensly, thank you.

  4. Hi Scott,
    I’m going to google Box Squats and see what I can find out.
    I’m not into kettlebells, they bruise my wrists lol my poor technique and feel like they are ging to fracture my bones … I’m sticking to weights at the gym and Pump class.
    But thank you for the kind offer … 🙂

  5. Just back from Dawn Service and just and only just missed out on getting my uniform and gear wet.

    No Worries, I understand that Kettlebells are not everyone’s cup of tea. You should find a fair bit on box squats on the net.

    If I can be of assistance in the future, let me Know.

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