‘Count those Calories!’

Here is some very interesting information in regards to how many calories are in junk food. Check out the table at the bottom of this page

From 1 February this year, all major fast food chains must display the kilojoule (calorie) counts of their food with the same prominence as the price. For instance, the Grand Angus has 2630 kilojoules (630 calories). This “in-your-face” information is designed to make consumers take stock of what they, and their children, are eating.

It’s not only the Macca’s, Pizza Huts, Pizza Havens, Eagle Boys and KFCs that have to comply. Any food outlet that has 20 or more outlets in NSW, or 50 or more nationwide, will have to display the average adult daily energy intake of 8700kJ plus the kilojoule content of their foods. They have a year to comply.

So if I ate a Grand Angus 630 calories + a large fries 452 calories + a chocolate thick shake 440 calories = 1522 calories (that is over a whole days calorie intake for me in one meal)

To burn that off I would have to run nonstop for two and three quarter hours!

There is an awesome calculator on the My Doctor website for working out how many calories you burn during different exercises.

[Image & Information via Foodwatch & My Doctor]

One thought on “‘Count those Calories!’

  1. Wow….And how many people wouldn’t have any idea of what they are putting in their mouth, whats more, their children’s ??? 95% of us I’d say.
    Hooray for this type of marketing. Although the kj’s aren’t tangible to the general public…..time exercising to burn it off would be.

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