Totally Addicted to SPIN!

Well I have found another new love to add to my fitness regime and that’s SPIN (RPM Classes) 3 to 5 times a week!

Take on the terrain with your inspiring team coach who leads the pack through hills, flats, mountain peaks, speed work and interval training. Discover your athlete within – sweat and burn to reach your endorphin high.

1.    Warm Up – Warm up the legs and increase the blood supply to the working muscles.

2.    Pace – The intensity increases as you work through intervals of speed to prepare for the demands of the class ahead.

3.    Hills – Designed to increase leg strength and endurance, you perform a series of climbs with increasing intensity.

4.    Mixed Terrain – After some initial active reovery, we ride a series of fast flats and short climbs.

5.    Intervals – You burn lots of calories in this track! It’s a race simulation with a series of attacks which will peak your heart rate. The main objective is to work and revcover through interval training.

6.    Speed Work – After some initial active recovery, you develop fast leg speed through high-speed intervals.

7.    Mountain Climb – As in Track 3, the focus is on strength and endurance in a series of climbs that build in intensity. This is the last working track.

8.    Ride Home – Finish the journey and recover by lowering the heart rate and flushing the working muscles.

9.    Stretch – A final stretch to complete the workout and assist recovery.

Most people go once and vow never to return where as I get excited at the prospect of a full hours maximum workout every time guaranteed that hits the PAIN meter!!

You could burn between 600 – 1200 calories per class, talk about shed those extra kilo’s in no time flat!

Oh and it’s wise not to eat before your first class!!!

I do my classes at Breath Health Club in Hervey Bay where I also do Body Pump (weights), Body Combat & Zumba Classes (all classes go for an hour).

[Information via Les Mills website]

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