Bike ride to Burrum Heads

Today’s exercise was an early morning bike ride from Hervey Bay to Burrum heads which I mapped out with my iPhone RunKeeper free application that I just LOOOOOOVE for all my exercise GPS records and stats!

The 40km ride took 2:20mins with detours through Dundowran and Toogoom followed by a 2km walk to cool down. A triathlon friend of mine that we passed on our ride said to me, “How did you handle the head wind on the way home?”  I replied “Oh not a problem!” …. as we were picked up in my ute (one doesn’t want to overdo the exercise or encounter a head wind, heaven forbid!) We stopped at the Salty Squid in Toogoom for a delicious bacon, eggs and coffee brekkie on the way home!
Definitely a fun exercise excursion to be done on a regular basis…


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