Mt Tibrogargan / Sunshine Coast Business Awards

This morning we decided to give Mt Tibrogargan a go for some exercise as I heard this is quite a hard mountain to climb. Well it certainly was and I didn’t even get past the first rock scramble! It was practically vertical and quite scary with not much to hang on to.

There were some people about 15mertres above me on a ledge and they said if you were having trouble there don’t come any higher as they were concerned as to how they were going to get back down to where I was.

It is quite common for bush walkers to be rescued from this mountain and flown out by helicopter, so common sense prevailed and we decided to come back down and walk around the mountain instead!

That night it was off for some fun at the Sunshine Coast Business Awards held at the University with over 600 attendees. The food was delicious and the event was very well run. There were a few problems with the PA system towards the end but our MC Richard Champion made sure the night flowed and was quite amusing.

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