Base Camp Mt Everest Oct 2010

Base Camp Mt Everest Oct 2010

(That’s not actually Lhotse Face it’s the Khumbu Icefall)

Lukla Airport Oct 2010

Drinking chang (local beer) plus thanking and dancing with our local trekking crew.


4 thoughts on “Base Camp Mt Everest Oct 2010

  1. Jeanette, That was inspirational! Thanks for all the info and pics that you put together- it was the most comprehensive and entertaining report of the base-camp trek I’ve ever read. You are are great role model for women; I wish you many hot showers and firm stools:)

  2. Jeanette! How truly inspirational you are. Mt Everest looked amazing, but, could I imagine myself climbing it? No! Could I imagine lack of showers? No! I can fully understand you all wanting to party at the end of it.I noticed there were no silver sequin dresses however!!! Now that you have achieved this, you can do anything!

    Lots of Love,

  3. What an Adventure!!! I think I may do that next Sunday, LOL… We enjoyed the videos and looks like you were enjoying every bit of it. It must of been a Life experience.

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