Reaching the Summit of Ghost Hill!

Yesterday I decided to go on a11+km hike with my friends and tackled our local Ghost Hill in Hervey Bay! The 2.5hr walk through the country side and cane fields was absolutely gorgeous; our council should really consider running a bike path out there and also up Ghost Hill plus down the whole of Main St, it is just such an enjoyable and scenic walk. I couldn’t find any online evidence but I’m sure the hill is at least 20m high! Ha Ha (perfect if you are just starting out with looking for some adventure!)!

The Tale of Ghost Hill
In the early days when the timber getters were felling timber at Pialba, Ghost Hill was just called The Hill.

One night Mr List, who lived on The Hill near the top, was late home from Maryborough and his wife was concerned. She went out onto the road in her long white night gown holding a lantern to look for him.

At the same time Boyle Martin and Anders Christiansen were making their way back to camp at Bunya Creek after a night at the Hunters Hotel. Mrs List, on seeing the two men, ran for the cover of the trees and the two men thought they saw a ghost.

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