Patrizio Buanne – The Italian Stallion!

Patrizio Buanne Friday night I went to see Patrizio Buanne live in Concert at the Convention Centre in Brisbane. What a thoroughly enjoyable performance. Patrizio’s voice is so strong and sounds like it has come from the heavens!
Add to that his moves, charisma, sex appeal plus 14 piece orchestra and you are in for one very sexy, professional, amusing and entertaining performance.

I just had to buy his latest album but unfortunately unlike when I went to his concert in 2007, Patrizio didn’t do a signing after his concert.

Patrizio Buanne spent his childhood between his hometown in Naples, Italy and Vienna, Austria, due to his parent’s restaurant business.

Patrizio Buanne This multi-cultural upbringing sparked in Patrizio an early passion for languages, and by the age of 17 he already spoke fluent Italian, German, English, French and Spanish. It seemed obvious for both Patrizio and his parents for him to become an interpreter, and after graduation from school he went on to study Slavic languages at University and today he can add fluent Polish to his language tool kit. But whilst his aptitude for languages is admirable, a much greater gift, apparent even from the age of 4, was emerging – his gift to be able to sing and entertain people….

But what quality separates Patrizio from other great artists? Is it the natural grace of his voice, the “rugged” good looks, or the confident, casual, respectful attention that he gives to his audience? Or is it just the basic trust he evokes in people?

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A little disappointed I didn’t get a close up encounter with Patrizio this time, I was pleasantly surprised on my return flight home from Brisbane to see the all time Australian Legend Jimmy Barnes was on my flight.

Not being one to miss an opportunity I had my photo snapped with My Cold Chisel Hero at the Brisbane Airport!!!

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