Anzac Day 25km Mt Glorious Hike

Anzac Day 25km Mt Glorious HikeWhat a way to remember all our brave soldiers with a bit of pain ourselves on this Anzac Day, nothing compared to what they endured so that we may enjoy our FREEDOM!

We were up at 4.15am and headed to Mt Glorious in Brisbane. I completed the 25km with Emma in 4:45mins at a fairly steady pace. It was lovely of Ray from Backtrack Adventures to organise the hike (with our friend Chris Rowe) plus come with us. Ray was up at midnight and did the 25km loop in the dark then met us at 6am to do the loop again! (What a Powerhouse!)

The views were awesome with us trekking in the bush, passing streams and going through rainforest. There were quite a few leeches so take your salt or cigarette lighter on this hike …. none hopped on me fortunately!!!

I also wore my Anzac badge and took up some Australian flags to honour our soldiers as we would miss the Anzac service this year….. what a fantastic hike, I’ll be doing this one again.

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