Queen of the Mountains!

This weekend I did a flying overnight trip to the Novotel Twin Waters which is such a beautiful resort.

Upon check in was a quick costume change and off to climb Mt Coolum which is 208metres in height.
It took me and my mate 14.30mins to run and climb up to the top.

Upon returning we jogged around the whole Novotel resort, then enjoyed a swim / spa and settled in at the bar for the rest of the night!!

Sunday it was up early to check out Bli Bli Castle then off to climb Cooroora mountain at Pomona.

It took us 30:10mins to reach the top and we got caught in an absolute down poor; the mountain had water running down it like a waterfall.
This made the climbing conditions a little difficult especially with a hangover on top!

Certainly felt Awesome to reach the top, though backing up with Bootcamp this morning my legs are starting to ‘Feel the Burn’!

 This popular mountain walk that rises to 439m is a steep and difficult. Every July the Pomona King of the Mountain challenge takes place and the record is about 20 minutes to the top and back. Allow two hours and that will still be some effort on this steep climb with some loose stones.

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