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On Friday night at business drinks I was handed a business card stating BOTOX • FACELIFTS • IPL and I thought how very interesting, here is a subject I don’t know much about. After chatting at length with Viv, wife of local Doctor Peter Ironside she mentioned if I would like to learn more I could visit the surgery the following day and watch her have the procedure. I jumped at the chance!

This is what I learnt from Viv and Dr Ironside:
–       Pain factor: Different for everyone, some people choose to use ice or a cold pack. Viv mentioned you may feel pressure and sometimes the needle can be a little ‘stingy’ but I guess that is standard with having an injection. Watching Viv she was quite relaxed, showed no visible signs of discomfort and didn’t require a cold pack (very brave lady).
       It can take one week to see the full effect.
       If you hit a blood vessel with the needle you may get a bruise, which could end up as a black eye.
–       You must relax and only do light duties after the treatment (no massage or exercise) to avoid getting the skin hot.  This prevents the circulation from spreading the Botox to your upper eyelids which could cause ‘lid lag’.
       The treatment might only last eight weeks the first time and 10 -15 weeks the following times.
       If you choose not to continue your face returns to normal.
       Viv had 8 injections in the frown and 3 on each side for the eye regions.
       The Botox is watered down with sterile saline to allow for accuracy of the dose in each little injection.
       The cost of her treatment would have been $360 (+gst)

Click on these links for more information on how Botox Works + possible Side Effects.

For more information pease contact Dr Peter Ironside, ‘Ultimate Skin Clinics Australia’

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