Buddha Bootcamp!

This is the name our teacher gave to the Calm Abiding Meditation Course | Retreat I have just completed on Sunday taught by Choeying a very wise Buddhist nun who has studied Buddhism for 20+ years. By the end of the course it sure felt like Bootcamp, I was physically and mentally exhausted!

What I was I looking for in deciding to learn meditation?

I guess less anger and stress plus more knowledge and skills to become a better person.

What did I learn? Where does one start!!!!

  1. Well the same principles as any Bootcamp apply – No Pain No Gain!
  2. We all consist of 2 things; our mind and body.
  3. The course is about ‘Letting go”
  4. We are all deluded!!!
  5. Let your thoughts come in, be with it, let it go!
  6. Nothing will bring you happiness if you don’t fix your mind.
  7. Our mind determines whether our life is good or bad.
  8. Alertness & mindfulness are the 2 things we want as a meditator.
  9. Our enemy is our teacher; they have a message for us. They are our mirror what do we need to learn?
  10.  The better your posture the better your meditation.
  11. Don’t avoid pain, understand why it is there, then let it go.
  12. Pain is temporary.
  13. See pain as your teacher.
  14. The pain in our body during meditation is years of blocked emotion that needs to be released.
  15. Everything is impermanent.
  16. A lifelong tool and skill to handle any situation.
  17. You really have to come along to experience it, it is so deep.

Choeying has taught extensively in many parts of the world and has now started her own Sanctuary on the Fraser Coast. We are very blessed to have the opportunity to learn from her. This was officially the first Calm Abiding Meditation Course taught at The Oddiyana Dharma Sanctuary and a huge honour to be a part of such an enlightening experience.

Are you seeking a challenge | life altering experience, plus the tools | skills to control your mind and the opportunity to meet likeminded people? Then please contact Choeying for information on the next course 07 4124 5530 or choeying.dolma@gmail.com

Quote of the course from Peter’s homework diary; “Why am I listening to this woman who believes she is going to come back in another life and be able to fly!”

2 thoughts on “Buddha Bootcamp!

  1. dear Jeanette im a friend of Choeying Dolma and im very happy to see you are enjoying her meditation instruction, i just noticed one little error in your blurb. Choeying was ordained last year at Dzongsar Shedra in India by His Eminence Luding Khenchen as a novice Nun,
    yours in the dharma
    Venerable Jamyang Tharchin

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