Beep Test (Shuttle Run)

Beep Test Bootcamp

This morning for the completion of month 5 of Bootcamp I had to perform a Beep Test! At the start of the month my result was 6.4, my fitness level this month has improved to the extent today’s result was 8.1! What an awesome result! I could now pass the fitness entry-level required to enter our Army. 

Shuttle Run

Aim: The shuttle run is a 20 metre multi-stage fitness assessment designed to measure the aerobic component of physical fitness.

Once the CD is started ….. the disc will beep at regular intervals. In time with the regular beeps you must be at the opposite 20 metre line by the time the first beep sounds. Upon reaching the line you place one foot on or over the line. If you reach the line prior to the beep sounding you are to wait until the next beep sounds before commencing the next shuttle.

You are to run for as long as possible, until you can no longer keep up with the speed of the beep cadences. If you are unable to maintain the speed required on two consecutive beeps you will be withdrawn from the assessment.

[Images & info via Australian Recruit Training Centre]

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