Bridge to Brisbane


Yesterday I ran 10km in the Bridge to Brisbane along with a record 45,265 other people!

The first ever Bridge to Brisbane was 12 years ago.
I was up at 4am to make my way to the event.
At 6.25am the gun went then after half an hour later I finally reached the start line and had to immediately tackle the Gateway Bridge. There was a strong breeze and it was pretty hot in some sections. I finished in 1:07ish, slower than usual but the two bridges took a bit more effort than other runs I’ve been on.

The last contestant crossed the finish line about 11.20am; five hours after the first 10km runners left the Gateway Bridge.

The race was extremely well organised and I was excited to be a part of the big event. Only criticism there was nowhere near enough portaloo’s for 45,000 runners, they could have had at least 3 to 4 times what was provided!

Official Result: I came 11,806th place in the time of I:07:51 ….. (Note to self for next year; don’t have a big night out at the Casino on the Friday before!)

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