Another 10km without stopping!!

Sunday it was up early for the Viridian Noosa Half Marathon 10km run.

My friend Emma & I had a perfect day with over 2,000 competitors taking part on a totally flat course along the scenic Noosa Sound & Gympie Terrace. The organisation, registration & race kit systems, volunteers and overall event was extremely professional and well run.

The only negative for me was the race started at 8.05am so it was after 9am by the time I finished making it pretty hot for me to be running in the sun at this hour of the day.

Other than that we had a fantastic run and fun time in Noosa. I had the best meal ever the night before at Krung Thep a Thai restaurant overlooking the Noosa River where I enjoyed delicious Satay Chicken washed down with Crown Lager!

I took 6.06 mins off my best time completing the course in 01:01:27mins though at the 9km mark I was really debating why I was running this far!

We thoroughly enjoyed and deserved our beer and spa after the race. (One must have balance it their life!)

Not sure when I’ll do my next 10km run as it certainly takes it out of you, especially backing up with Bootcamp at zero five three zero hours the following morning!

4 thoughts on “Another 10km without stopping!!

  1. i dont know about totally flat!! those bridges seemed abit hilly to me, especially reaching the last few after 9k of running!!! well done on another 10k jeanette!!! next challenge under one hour u can do it!!!!

  2. Yes I agree, I counted 3 bridges making 6 uphill crossings to the 5km mark and back, just got that ‘totally flat course’ wording off their website. Yes I’ll definetely aim for under an hour and you can hit under 50mins! Well done to you too, huge effort!!!!!!!

  3. I am very keen to get involves in the physically challenging. Please let me know of anything else that may be coming up.

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