Gold Coast Marathon 2009


Yesterday morning I was up early at 5am to do something I have never done before…Run in a Marathon!!!! On Friday I made a last minute decision and entered in the 10km run at the Gold Coast Marathon 2009.

I had done absolutely no training towards running this distance but somehow I made it without stopping!!

I put this down to three months straight of Bootcamp. I even enjoyed a few beers the night before the race! The furtherest I had run before this was only 5.4km in Bootcamp while carrying wooden logs on my shoulders.

I also had the motivation from my old school friend Kym who said she would run next to me and make sure I made it without stopping. I hadn’t seen Kym for 18years, only recently reconnecting on facebook; what a nice way to catch back up over a 10km jog!!!!

23,398 people in total competed, making this the most population marathon in Australia.

5,265 people ran in the 10km section…. I came 4,166 out of all the 10km runners taking me 1:07:33. Ok so my time may not have been the best but the goal was to finish without stopping, so this year’s target was achieved!!!!

Just think, three months of Bootcamp and you too could be whipped into Marathon Material!!

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