Gala Charity Ball; OMG $166,000 raised!!!

The 4th Annual Forget Me Not Children’s Orphanage Charity Ball was on again last night at Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island.

I attended the Ball with Fraser Coast Regional Mayor, Mick Kruger and my friend Naomi Wood.
The ball started this year from the Marina cruising on board the Spirit of Hervey Bay enjoying alcoholic beverages on route to Fraser Island. We then proceeded to the function room at Kingfisher Bay where we enjoyed a three course alternative drop meal plus free beer and wine.

We listened to Lars Olsen founder of the orphanage and viewed plans for the projected further development, buildings and stages involved.

This was followed by 6 live auctions raising $19K +. Quite a lot of testosterone could be felt in the room as alcohol infused men bid big dollars & egged each other on.

20 people from the floor also took to the front stage to pledge a donation of $500 each with over a third of the people at the ball being from Bundaberg.

As the night progressed and the drinks & dollars flowed it looked like over 80% of Stage 1 of the proposed 6 stage plan would be achieved just from the donations at this one ball! The response was overwhelming.

I won an Award for ‘Best Fancy Dressed Female 2009’ and I wasn’t even in fancy dress, that’s how I was dressed normally!!!! (How Funny!)

Next we had an Amazing performance from the very talented Jon Stevens. I had hoped to have a photograph taken with Jon after his performance as it was mentioned he would be coming out to mingle. Disappointingly we never saw Jon again with some commenting on his appearance as being brief even though it was well over an hour far longer than he had been booked for!! (Nice job Jon!) Time flys by when your having FUN!!!! (Luckily we had snapped a couple of shots while Jon was on stage).

Once again a very professional and successful night for the Forget Me Not Children’s Orphanage team and a sensational job by organiser Debbie Haigh from Haigh’s Jewellers.

$35K Rush QLD /NT
$30K McDonalds Bundaberg, Gympie, Hervey Bay
$19,600K+ live auctions on the night
$15K Private Donation
$15K Cardno (in services to build)
$14K + Silent auctions
$13, 800K + Ticket Profit
$10K in $500 lot donations from 20 ball attendees (the 500 Club)
$5K Hotondo Homes
$2,900K +  Haigh Jewellers emerald & diamond pendant
$1K The Pier Pavillion
TOTAL RAISED $166,000.00

Ticket cost went up from $120  to $195 this year, it has not been mentioned yet whether some of this cost will also be donated.

Click here to read Lars Olsen’s Quick News.

Some more exciting news from organiser Debbie Haigh…!

a)    The final figure which was a straight donation from every ticket purchased was $107 per ticket!!!

b)    Jon was given a private transfer & a drive around the Great Sandy Straits & over to Kingfisher by ‘That’s Awesome’ which he totally loved (totally sponsored)

c)    Jon was given a private transfer off the island by MI Helicopters & they gave him an aerial tour on the way to the airport.(totally sponsored)

d)    FMN had a Chef travel onsite to cook a fantastic meal for the Ball Committee & Jon & his crew on the Friday night – It was a great night (totally sponsored)

e)    Jon, Dion & Adam (the guitarists), Tommy (the sound engineer) & Simon (his manager) were very impressed with Hervey Bay & Fraser Island. They were also very impressed with the generosity of the people on the night.

f)     Jon does a lot of charity work, but not in venues this small. He did it only because of Lars & Forget Me Not – They were very taken with the organisation.

g)    Jon had personally waived his performance fee for this event – but we still had costs from the rest of his crew, which were covered by our platinum sponsor  *‘Harris Dental Boutique’ Bundaberg & three gold sponsors *McDonalds –Bundaberg, Gympie, Hervey Bay *Bay Dental Care – Hervey Bay *ABN AMRO Morgans – Bundaberg

h)    Jons Performance – was 85 minutes

i)     Jump in ticket price included; Private transfer over & back … alcohol all night … headline entertainment plus a much larger donation per ticket from last year

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