Yeah! I Survived Bootcamp!

BootcampWhat an enormous achievement actually making it through a month of BOOTCAMP with the last session today being in the pouring rain!

How to best sum up the BOOTCAMP experience hhmmm; pain, pain & more pain!!!!!!!!!

My muscles have been sore everyday for a month; the weekend wasn’t even enough time for them to heal. I’ve never run, pushed, pulled, carried or exercised so much ever and especially been pushed to my limit or exhaustion point each time.

I also had to give up BEER OMG (could be seen by some as a good thing)!!! Otherwise I don’t think I would of had the energy required plus I have also been slowly altering my diet to more healthier options.
The money saved on beer covers my bootcamp and membership fee’s, so I’m not out of pocket in this get fit process.

Other than that I found the experience quite amusing and rewarding.

How funny to be crawling on the beach in sheer exhaustion, red faced, breathing heavily, dripping sweat, trying to get to my feet while the Commando is next to me shouting, “On your feet now MAYNES!” in front of shocked bystanders.

The other recruits were so supportive, it was motivating to be encouraged and helped by strangers especially when you came slowest for nearly every activity, I felt this saved me from getting a complex or worse still, considering quitting!
Or maybe they helped me so we didn’t fail activities and get punished; hhmmmm was their assistance really for their own personal gain!
Makes sense to me; either way they were a sensational group and I wouldn’t have made it without their support and experience!

The activities and systems in place are extremely well organized, timed preciously, have variety, are conducted in the perfect location and are tailored to create maximum results for all members at the same time. Well done to Ben (The Commando) and the Beachfit team for such a successful and professional personal fitness experience and business operation.

I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a REAL CHALLENGE!

Yeah! I survived; the Commando couldn’t break me… (Though I know he could if he wanted too!!!) 

Results                      Start of month                     End of Month       
2.4km run                   14.33mins                             13.45mins
Push ups                        25                                       31
Sit  ups                          30                                       39
Weight                                                                     – 2.5kg

Hhhmmmm shall I enlist again next month?

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2 thoughts on “Yeah! I Survived Bootcamp!

  1. Well done Janette!!! I am so proud of you and your effort… giving up beer would have been hard but it was worth it in the long run!! Once again, well done!!!

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