ANZAC Day in Hervey Bay

ANZAC DayAnzac Day makes me so proud to be an Aussie.

Thousands came down to Freedom Park in Pialba to watch the main march that I participated in this year wearing my late grandfather’s medals.

His name was Stan McCarthy and he was in the army transport corp. during WWII 1942-1946 and served in Moratai, Cape York, Darwin & Borneo.

Corporal Norman Saunders (pictured with me here) was also in WWII and served 1940-1945. I was chatting to 87 year old Norman after the ANZAC Day march. He served in Darwin, Moratai, Borneo & New Guinea.

The medals on his right belong to his brother Earald Nilsen who lost his life in the Vietnam war.

ANZAC DayHe was in M Special Forces and 2nd 4th AGH (Australian General Hospital).
He was in the army in Darwin in the artillery section but when the Japanese started bombing he was retrained in a town outside of Melbourne and then sent to New Guinea where he was a nurse. He said he always wanted to be a doctor and pretty much performed the role of one during the war just didn’t have the title on paper.

It was an honor to chat with Norman and a very proud day in Hervey Bay.


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  1. Jeanette, I wasn’t aware of your family’s history in the war effort. I am happy that you were able to join in the march, displaying those medals that were earned by self sacrifice, to honour their sacrifice for the freedoms that we all enjoy today. We shall never forget and we will always persevere, to continue to honour their sacrifice on behalf of all of us. I am humbled by their courage.

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