No Pain – No Gain or am I completely Insane!

Today I officially started BOOTCAMP in the mornings at 5.30am.

Beachfit Bootcamp – No Excuses!
It’s time for a real change. To commit to doing whatever it takes to get fit. If it’s the rewards for hard work and real results you desire from training then join Bootcamp, the military inspired health and fitness program designed to whip you into shape in just 4 weeks.

Oh my Lordy, I am so unfit.
I sprinted, jogged, crawled & wriggled through sand, did sit ups, push ups, burpies plus heaps more till I was completely exhausted and felt like vomiting!
I wasn’t able to physically keep up with a few exercises so my buddy / partner got in trouble and punished for my exhaustion / slackness with a long run! I didn’t follow an instruction properly and wait for the command so everyone had to do push ups! I stopped to look at the beautiful sunrise when the instructor commented on it, yep in trouble again!!!
I better get it together, focus and dig deep within or I will not be well liked! (Though really, everyone is very supportive!)
It’s so frustrating to try your absolute hardest and just not physically have the energy or am I just not trying hard enough, it sure felt like it.
Once you do have the energy you are pushed harder and faster so there is absolutely no slacking off, no matter how long you have been doing Bootcamp or how fit you are.

When I got home I had a shower and went back to sleep for an hour!
I’ll do another report at the end of the 4 week course with hopefully some positive results! 

I’m in so much pain, tomorrows session will be horrendous!

Note to self:
No Pain – No gain, No Pain – No gain, No Pain – No gain………..
(You sure you’re not completely insane!)

[Information & Images via Beachfit]

4 thoughts on “No Pain – No Gain or am I completely Insane!

  1. You are a legend and a great role model !!! Seriously you go so hard and just wait and see…the results will speak a thousand words..
    I love your outlook on life and enthusiasm…throw some my way sister !!! LOL
    Emma x

  2. Thanks Emma, just completed week 2 today, so that’s a positive result in itself!.
    I have shaved 26 seconds of my 2.4km run this morning after two weeks of BOOTCAMP, so that’s another little positive result!
    I’d prefer to shave 2.6 inches off my butt though! LOL

    One must be the best they can be and to do that I personally have to look for the fun side of pain & hard work!!! and most importantly be able to laugh at myself (on a regular basis!!!!)!

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