Positive Change

Last Night I went to the Urangan Community Centre to listen to Lama Choedak Rinpoche a Tibetan Meditation Master talk on “How to bring about Positive Change”.

What an absolutely enlightening evening, with plenty of laughs at how disillusioned we are from a very engaging, intelligent, wise, positive & amusing speaker.

I was even laughing pretty hard at myself about some of things I have let consume me!

I also had the pleasure of meeting Choeying Dolma a Buddhist nun living in Hervey Bay. Well I didn’t even know there were Buddhist nuns; I assumed only monks let alone one right here in town! (How disillusioned of me!)

The Lama really switched back on a light bulb for me reinforcing personal self growth traits and goals I had been working on for enlightenment. Some of the key notes I enjoyed and will reflect upon were…

•1.    We must accept changes that are happening, everything is IMPERMANENT!

•2.    We refuse to think different & change our own opinions creating our own difficulties & suffering!

•3.    People blame god or someone immediate in their lives, never themselves for their own views!

•4.     All suffering stems from selfishness!

•5.    People’s senses are deceived by their own afflictions!

•6.    People believe the perceptive truth as the ultimate truth!

•7.    People make themselves suffer without realising they are the cause!

•8.    People justify their wrong by blaming others!

•9.    Positive change is to examine what the 5 senses are bringing in with your 6th sense.

•10. People magnify small issues that you can’t see the good things your loved ones do!

•11. We want to believe that our suffering is caused by someone else & we want others to believe that we are the victim.

•12.  Some people see poison as medicine and others medicine as poison!

•13.  Buddhists practice meditation to air deceptive truth.

•14.  We must have our senses to be sensible. Sensibility comes when you are focused.

•15.  Afflictions obscure your mind & make you see non existing things & make you believe they are real.

•16.  Whatever you attach to are causes of suffering even your success.

•17.  No success is ultimate cause of happiness.

•18.  Positive change has to have a beneficial outcome.

•19. Treasure time & energy while you have them.

•20. Don’t worry about what didn’t go well, it’s too late & you’re wasting time now.

•21. Our past is only a memory, why remember bad things not the fantastic things!

•22. Talk less about your delusions & more about the greatness others do for you!

•23. People have a lack of the present, accept where you are now!

•24.  Look with eyes of kindness, compassion & wisdom.

•25.  Are you getting what you want or getting what you need?

•26. If you let something go your hands are free to receive good!

•27. Your relationship with yourself is most important.

•28.  Buddha said, “Be your own master, not seek one from outside”.

•29.  Most importantly, everything is IMPERMANENT!

For more information on the Padma Buddhist Centre at Point Vernon in Hervey Bay, Please contact Peter: 07 4124 2980 pleney@smartchat.net.au  or Choeying Dolma: choeying.dolma@gmail.com

Find out more about the Lama here.

5 thoughts on “Positive Change

  1. Hi Netty, oh so so true wish i could be there with you sounds like such an eye opener, and as i was reading all 29 i think i am at fault with most of them so maybe that is what i have been doin wrong.

  2. Hi Sylvie, yes it was fantastic, really gets you thinking, these really are simple(even common sense)principles that are easy to apply to our lives to create us happiness!!!

  3. Dear Jeanette
    Thank you for the wonderful email and what you have said on your blog. I’m so happy you enjoyed the talk and you were obviously listening very intently by your summary – well done! It is so amazing that this wisdom is over 2600 years old and is as valid today as it was then – maybe even more so. I feel blessed to be a nun. I think I have the best job(if you can call it that) in the Universe. feel especially blessed to have such an amazing teacher as Lama Choedak Rinpoche. After I come back from interstate in May I will begin teachings on Buddhist philosphy and Calm Abiding meditation at The Meditation Room in Urangan. I will let you know when I start. Once again thank you. May all the Buddhas shine their blessings on you for a long and happy life
    love ani la

  4. Dear Ani La,
    Thank you for your kind words it feels wonderful to think all the Buddhas are shinning their blessings on me!
    I decided a couple of months ago this year is the year for me to learn to meditate so any help from you would be amazing. I think I will also find the Buddhist Philosophy very interesting.
    Talk about law of attraction or maybe my hands were free so you could come to me!

    “If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work another day in your life”.

    Love Jeanette

  5. Hi Jeanette

    Sounds like a great evening – If only more of us were able to put these simple yet profound steps into place what an amazing difference are we able to make not only to our own lives but everyone we encounter.

    Meditation is great it has already had a profound effect on my ability to cope with challening suitations.

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