I’m back in the country from Vanuatu!

Oh My Gosh (OMG) I’m exhausted from so much partying!!!!
Now this is the cruise to go on, 7 days with 3 stops to Vanuatu.
If you want to have fun with a mixture of people all ages; Take the Shorter Cruises!

I met a nice lady, Debbie in the boarding queue who was also travelling solo and was married to one of the  bar managers and has been on 16 cruises!!! We got along famously, so we hung out most of the trip and I learned all the tips and secret’s of cruising and some of the funniest stories ever!

I had a cabin to myself this time which was fabulous and even better for relaxation once the engine crew gave me some ear plugs.
The sail away party was huge with all decks full and there were people actually in the nightclub this trip!!
We had two formal nights, a Hawaiian deck party, cowboy and rock and roll theme nights.
The staff were sensational again and most remembered me from last trip including my name and cruise number.

My favourite cocktail on the trip was – Beverley Hills Iced Tea (42 Below Vodka, South Gin, 1800 Tequila, Bundaberg Rum, Cointreau, Sweet & Sour, Sparkling Wine. $13.50).
Two of these were more than enough to keep you on the dance floor all night; the ships officers thought I was the funniest thing they had partied with in a long time and didn’t know where I got my energy from (Beverley Hills Iced Tea Boys)!!!
One of the bar officers took a liking to me and told his staff that I was to drink his stock for free and to put my drinks on his account. (This lasted two nights till he realised how much I can thrown down the hatch!). My cocktails were prepared by a barman named Superman (this is his real name) and his service and bar skills were also super-natural, he even made me a white rose from a surviette!

I also met our Captain Peter Philpott and visited the bridge where the boat is driven from, which was extremely interesting and informative. Plus caught up with Cruise Director David Pepper again who is one funny man!

Noumea, New Caledonia; This town was not that exciting I just walked around for a couple of hours. The city was abit dirty and expensive. The locals spoke French so I couldn’t really spark up a conversation.

Lifou, New Caledonia: This Island was absolutely gorgeous.
I checked out the two churches, a secret cave with a waterhole deep inside, and the snorkelling reef plus had a swim in the crystal waters.
A big thank you to Warren a security officer from the ship for showing me around and taking some fantastic photo’s on his SLR Camera (below).

Vila, Vanuatu: Now this was the spot for shopping including souvenirs and duty free.
You are allowed to bring 2.250L back in the country duty free, so I purchased some Malibu 1L, 40% Black Label Jim Beam 700ml and Johnny Walker Scotch 500ml.

Back to reality today….. though I can’t wait to research and book my next cruise!!!!

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