Latest News arrives via airmail from South Africa

World Vision

I always love receiving letters from my World Vision sponsor child.

I chose her as her birthday is on the 16th of August which is the anniversary of the passing of Elvis Presley. Being a huge Elvis fan I saw this as a sign from above that the King had chosen this child for me to sponsor!!! I’m pretty sure she would not even know who Elvis was and may consider my rationalisation a little off with the fairies!

She is in grade four, lives in South Africa, enjoys athletics and wants to be a doctor when she finishes school and her sister wants to be a nurse.

I find her letters very well written and enjoy the photo’s that are occasionally included and the updates on what is being done in her community due to the sponsorship money received . This year there was construction of 2 toilet blocks at the primary school, receiving of 5000L rainwater tanks at four schools, two additional class rooms added, new school bags to carry books, orphans received school uniforms, HIV & AIDS awareness conducted….

Over the last couple of years I have posted her numerous books (some educational children’s books on the human body seeing as she wants to be a doctor), colouring pencils and crayons, toy doctor sets, assorted toys, colouring books, sarongs, hats, bags, pencil cases etc….she is very good and tells me she shares with her sister (lucky I send two of everything!)

My parcels can take about 3months to get there by ship. I sent this one pictured above for her birthday in August and it has just got there recently. I guess she will receive her Christmas one in March or later!

Letters from her are written in Zulu and then translated.

A quote from one of her first letters; “Oh my friend I don’t know what I can say about your present, it’s unbelievable to me…..what a beautiful hat and socks…..from today, me and my sister will never be heated from sun because we have hat…I’m going to be a doctor of tomorrow using my doctor set….I love you my friend, my sister is very happy because we are going to share….please pass my regards to all of your family”

I find sponsoring this child very rewarding!!!!

….for more details on World Vision child sponsorship please click here….

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