PICASSOToday I caught up with my lovely Aunty Cheryl to view the Picasso exhibition in Brisbane and for lunch. This is the first time the exhibition has been held outside of Europe. We arrived at 10am when the gallery opened and were surprised at how quickly the exhibition filled up and was extremely busy the whole time we were there.
‘I am interested in expressing the metamorphoses of forms into new bodies, from the furtherest origins of the world up until my time.’ – Picasso
PICASSOAunty Cheryl instantly spotted a painting named ‘La petite Jeannette’ c.1848 by Jean-Baptiste Camille Carot that was present to Picasso in 1910 by German Art historian Wilhelm Unde in gratitude for Picasso’s portrait of him.
The framework on all the paintings was extremely elaborate but unfortunately and obviously we not able to take photographs.

I really liked Picasso’s ‘Paysage de Juan-les-Pins’ (Landscape at Juan-les-Pins)1920. Oil on Canvas. ‘…this scene seems infused with an impression of happiness.’
I find the bright colours and abstract effect visually pleasing and even inline with today’s current design trends.

The exhibition features over 100 works from Picasso’s PICASSOextraordinary collection plus more than 80 important works by the artist himself. A range of documentary photographs also feature.

‘Picasso & his collection’ includes paintings, drawings and prints by artists such as Chardin, Matisse, Renoir, Cézanne, Rousseau, Miró, Modigliani and Braque, as well as an extraordinary selection of Oceanic and African works. …… Picasso’s collection was donated by his family to the French state after his death in 1973, and is now held by the musée national Picasso in Paris. An exhibition of Picasso’s collection has only ever previously been mounted in Paris, Munich and Barcelona.

Queensland Gallery of Modern Art

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