History is Dug Up at Star of the Sea

Today I attended the Star of the Sea, Catholic School in Hervey Bay’s, Silver Jubilee (1984-2008). A time capsule that was buried 25 years ago was dug up and the historic contents put on display. As I was a pioneer student of the school in Grade 4, I was pictured in the first ever school photo that was among the buried treasures.

Star of the Sea

This picture of me was taken in April 1984 and published in the local newspaper when the school was officially opened by his grace the Archbishop Francis Roberts Rush from Brisbane. My grandmother and father are pictured in the background of the photograph. 






The new child care centre an extension of the school was officially opened today and the local politicians were out in force with Andrew McNamara MP, Paul Neville MP and Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger all present.

I enjoyed a delicious steak sandwich with my parents and purchased promotional stubbie coolers as a momentum of the occasion. My parents also brought a Recipe book that the Grade five students had put together that was really well done.

My father was employed as a groundsman at one stage for the school and was involved in several Saturday working bees when I was attending the school.

We stopped to get a photo next to one of the original targets Dad painted on the wall for the students, and by the chalk marks on it today,
it looks like it is still a hit at lunch times!

I also caught up with Andrew McNamara MP on the oval where there was a lot of activity and plenty of people.

The school is probably five times bigger than it was when I attended and it’s great to see all the new shade structures for the children.

5 thoughts on “History is Dug Up at Star of the Sea

  1. Love the pics of you, your parents and gran! I’ve never seen her so dressed up:-) I did some research earlier this year for QCEC and briefly looked at Star of the Sea’s website for some data collection and I was impressed by what is has to offer. Expensive though if I remember correctly.
    Love the blog!

  2. Hey Annie,

    Yeah Gran was and is the sharpest dresser out!
    Probably not expensive when I went 25 years ago, though it probaly was expensive in realation to the times and economy.
    I’m intrigued, will ask the parents…

    Love Net

  3. Hey Nettie, I was pretty disappointed when I saw this because if I had known about any of this I would have made the effort to be there and would have loved for my kids and husband to be there and see too. Maybe we should organise some kind of Star of the Sea Reunion????? But it was good to see you. It made me kind of sad in some ways, I wish that I had half the courage and knowledge that you have. You’ve achieved alot, I’m proud of you!!!
    Love Sylvie

  4. Thanks Sylvie, that’s really kind, I’m proud of YOU with such a large family, takes alot of hard work!
    Everyone has the opportunity to have courage and knowledge, just takes hard work and belief in yourself and you can’t care what others say or think of you!!!
    Alot of students and parents were peeved off as no one new it was on. My parents told me as they saw a small paper article a few weeks before it was on. I think everyone would have come if they knew, it felt special to be there again and would have been better seeing my classmates!

  5. omg i go to star of the sea its the best school mr curran is leaving the school and i’m pride that i had him this year who was in the photo who is the teachers

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