Some of my artwork

3 thoughts on “Some of my artwork

  1. Awesome Nettie – it’s good to see your portfolio together like that. I’d forgotten about a few of them & they’re absolutely rippers.

    I guess I should take a snap of my painting (present from you) and add too this eh!

    Well done to my best artistic friend!
    Nothing competes with natural talent eh!!

  2. Thanks Toni, you’re so kind to me!
    I have put a blurred image of your painting at the bottom (maybe you could email me the original). And you really need some more space between the panels when they are hung up.(Ha my artistic point of view)
    LOL Netta

  3. Wow Fox! You are very talented. well done.
    You have met a few hot celebs in your time too….
    Good on you!

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