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Base Camp Mt Everest

Jeanette is a professional and motivated business woman | owner and graphic | website designer that has over 20 years extensive knowledge, qualifications and experience in the fields of business, computers, advertising, marketing, graphic and website design, tourism and hospitality plus event management.

Being an adventure and exercise enthusiast, Jeanette decided to become qualified as a Personal Trainer and Life Coach to help others enjoy the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle and educate on the importance of a strong mind!

“As you think, so shall you become.” –  Bruce Lee

Having worked part-time on the side in a GYM as the Marketing Manager. She has organised, run and mentored

Great Wall Marathon 42km

people through the ‘4 Week Lose a Pant Size’ and ‘8 Week Shredder’ Challenges.

Jeanette is extremely passionate about her fitness, striving for excellence in all aspects of her life, motivating and inspiring others on their journey. She definitely ‘Walks the Talk!”

She is well known as quite the modern day woman who loves socialising and dancing, mixed with lively and intelligent conversation. Jeanette thrives on hard work, study, exercise and cruising on her Harley!

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey

Jeanette’s mission is to inspire, empower and motivate people to change their lifestyle by becoming active; creating positive mental, physical and emotional improvements!
She will aim to alter the individual’s mind, eating habits, attitude to exercise and outlook on life!

She values and respects: professionalism, teamwork, integrity, consistency, creativity, punctuality, each other, my recruits & the environment.


2017 – Kokoda Challenge 96km Overnight
2017 – 
Fraser Island 50km in 2 days
2017 –
Fraser Island Great Walk 80km in 2 days 
2017 – 
Mt Kosciuszko 2,228 m, Australia’s Highest Mountain
2016 –
Tasmania / Cradle Mountain ‘The Overland Track’ 62.5km, 3 day hike
2016 –
Sunshine Coast Marathon 42km
2016 – 
Fraser Island overnight hike 50km
2015 –
Sunshine Coast Marathon 42km
2015 – Mt Kosciuszko 2,228 m, Australia’s Highest Mountain
2015 – Mt Warning 1,156 m, neat the Queensland’s Border
2014 – Fraser Island Great Walk 90km in 2.5days
2014 – Pomona King of the Mountain
2014 – Fraser Island overnight hike 60km
2013 – Gold Coast Marathon 42km
2013 – Tough Mudder Caloundra 17km
2013 – Trail Run Rainbow Beach 25 km
2012 – Fraser Island overnight hike 50km
2012 – Tough Mudder Sydney 20km
2012 – Bare Foot Fire Walking
2011 – Kokoda Trail Run Brisbane 30km
2011 – Great Wall Marathon China 42km + 5,164 steps
20102012 & 2014 – Noosa Half Marathon 21km
20102011, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Cane to Coral 15km
2010 – Base Camp Mt Everest 5,364m – 19 day hike
+ numerous smaller events and mountains: Mt Coolum, Mt Walsh, Mt Cooroora, Mt Woowoonga, Wild Horse Mountain, Mt Cooran, Mt Ninderry, Mt Eerwah


Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer“Wow Jeanette! What an experience!In the beginning, I didn’t think I was fit enough or strong enough to run. I also believed you had to have a certain physique to be a runner. Thanks to your coaching, I now know I’m made of tough stuff & have thrown away those preconceived negative thoughts about running. Besides feeling fitter, trimming down & breathing better, running has also enabled me to think of other areas of my life, & ask “what more am I capable of?” You are a great coach, and I know your motivating energy, had lots to do with it. Thanks, from the bottom of my feet! X”

– Cheryl Virgo
Noosa 10km Run | May 2012

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Personal Trainer

I recently had a wonderful time on Jeanettes’ 20km Fraser Island walk. Last year, I’d participated in a 10km run at Noosa, but had never tried a 20km walk. Besides the fact that I was able to enjoy the beauty of nature, it was great to try a new challenge. Jeanette has a unique ability to motivate all those she meets, and I , as a previously non-adventurous sort, have found this to be extremely helpful. It was a well organized event, and I felt I was in safe hands. Thanks for the encouragement Jeanette. I couldn’t have done it without you!Who knows what I’ll be attempting next!

– Cheryl Virgo | March 2013


Personal TrainerI have had the privilege of Jeanette Mayne’s encouragement and support both personally and physically over the last 12 years. Only over the past 12 months have I taken advantage of Jeanette’s mentoring in the transformation of a healthier me and lifestyle. During this journey I had the pleasure in partaking in one of Jeanette Mayne’s 20 km hiking adventures on Fraser Island as well as weekly mentoring in gym activities and lifestyle walks. I have always found Jeanette to be professional, well equipped with resources and knowledge along with her amazing personality and motivation quotes and gestures when the going gets tough. I can proudly say because of this remarkable women I have achieved physical goals I never thought possible. I would highly recommend Jeanette in any position she chooses as her dedication and passion within the fitness industry is second to none. Thank you Jeanette for your perseverance. Because of you I now have a new lease of life and hobby I never dreamed I would participate in. Your passion, endurance, motivation and knowledge will only take you to amazing places in which you truly deserve.

– Adrian Scheuer | March 2013

Personal TrainerI had the pleasure of meeting Jeanette during my training at the Twenty Four Hour Gym. With my limited knowledge and know how I knew I needed help, not only with training, but motivation and nutrition.

Jeanette has not only been there for me while I’m training but also Im in the comfort of my own home and need a bit of extra encouragement and answering my silly questions. No matter the hour, she always has the time to help others and is always done without me feeling like a complete idiot

Last November I had the pleasure of taking part in a Fraser Island 20km Walk that Jeanette organised and orchestrated . I spent days doubting that I would be able to get half way let alone finish it.

However during the whole hike. the constant encouragement and support that Jeanette provided me not only allowed me to finish, but finish with a decent time – to say I was happy is a understatement, I never thought I would be able to accomplish this in a million years.

I wouldn’t have made it through my tough times without her.
Jeanette’s love and dedication helps encourage me into keeping up with my fitness and health and I would recommend her for any position that she sets her sights on. Giving up is not something that she knows.

– Bec Nightingale | November 2012

Jeanette Maynes “The Motivator” you are an inspiration to all, first was your 4 Week Program that gave me the nutritional strength to train more and your 10KM & 20 KM Challenges bought the fire out in me to ‘step up to the plate’ and take my life into my own hands and to another dimension.I just had another amazing experience this morning and I must thank you Jeanette for coming with me and perhaps setting the pace abit too LOL, I had the head in gear and felt great most of the way but the physical body I had to push that last 2km. But I did it I achieved the 21km Half Marathon distance and recorded PB’s all the way. I am so grateful and humbled to have completed my goal, thanx again Jeanette, think I just dropped 4kg with that perfect cleanse from sweating so so much, OMG what and amazing feeling, this is living. Feeling on top of the world!

Your ‘Motivation’ is totally infectious, I still hear those words you said today “Strong Mind, Strong Body” Failure was not an option for me today, thank you from the bottom of my heart xx

Weight Loss – 4kg in 4 weeks and 8cm! + trashed toe nails!”

– Participant Feedback | 2014

Personal Trainer8KG in 8 WEEKS!
“Before starting Jeanette Maynes ’4 Week Program’ I had tried all kinds of diet fads. I found the best was cutting carbs out of my diet, this only lasted for a short period and then I would regain all I had lost. The 4 week program helped me to understand why I gain weight and how to manage every day life. Understanding the effects of what I put in to my body and what I need to do to loose or maintain weight has helped me live a normal easy healthy life! I didn’t have to give up the naughty foods I just had to understand how to make it not leave a lasting effect. The ’4 Week Program’ really works 8kgs down in 2 months and no weight gain in the 3 months after while maintaining! Best thing I ever did was send that message to you and actually do it!! Thanks Jeanette xxxx”

– Taylor Harte 2013

Personal Trainer
“I started the 4 Week Program to help lose a couple of kilo’s but more importantly to take control of my body again and start making healthy lifestyle changes a way of life! The 4 Week Program taught me to make wise healthy eating choices and the importance of exercise. Jeanette was always there to answer questions and her support and encouragement is amazing. It was a very simple lifestyle program to follow and one that I found works and definitely worth doing!”

– Sam Andersen 2014

“Thank you Jeanette for designing a weight loss program that is so flexible & easy to follow to achieve a long term healthy lifestyle. I have tried other 4 week programs but with yours the meals are quicker to prepare & more suited to my budget. All your information is very useful & I love that it gives you ideas for so many ways to incorporate exercise into your life and if I have any questions you are there for support. Thanks again”

– 4 Week Program Participant Feedback

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  1. Hi Jeanette,

    I’ve actually seen you on the esplanade a couple of times and was looking up classes to take in the bay area and came upon your website. Wow! You are really living life to the full! I’m actually wanting to know more info about your PTing (times, prices etc). Hope you can help. Cheers.

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