49.5km Fraser Island Hike

A massive thanks to the Mooloolaba Outrigger Masters Ladies Champs for coming with me on a fun and adventurous 49.5km hike; Kingfisher Bay Resort to Eurong Resort return overnight; that clocks me off at 885.5km on Fraser Island on Foot to date! Awesome to be able to help the ladies do some hardcore and adventurous off season training, plenty of laughs and fun along the way!
We can’t wait to go again …!

‘The Overland Track’ 65km in 3 days – Tasmania Notes

The Overland Track Cradle Mountain – Tasmanian parks info here to plan your trip!

08 Dec 8:40am

18.5km hike
7:45 hours including breaks
Temp: 5.4 °C to 9.8 °C
Backpack –
Jeanette: 18kg
Sarah: 15kg  (pretty much the same gear, could not figure out why the weight difference)
Start: Ronny Creek (Dove Lake) to Lake Windermere, skipped Waterfall Valley hut.
Marion’s Lookout (Highest point; Alpine plateau between Marions Lookout and Kitchen Hut, 1,250 m), no view, heavy rain, high wind, blown off the track a few times.
Too wet, windy & dangerous to climb to Cradle Mountain summit (1,545 m), no visibility.
Sun came out about lunch.
Boots and trail were wet for entire trip!
Set up tent in light rain.
iPhone got drenched (died), no RunKeeper, GoPro played up and heart rate monitor wouldn’t work! (No Technology! OMG)

Please click on images to view full size.

FRI 09
Dec – 7am

16.8km hike
5:45 hours including breaks
Temp: -0.9 °C to 5.4 °C
Start: Lake Windermere to Pelion
Woke up at 5am to snow everywhere, camped in $15 tent from Kmart with a blue tarp slung over the top!
Feet and fingers were frozen, numb and sore!
Snowed for first two hours, high wind, some rain.
Stayed in a hut, dried clothes and socks, had a delish coffee.

SAT 10
Dec – 6:30am

18.2km hike
7:15 hours including breaks
Temp: -0.2 °C to 6.3 °C
Start: Pelion to Windy Ridge, skipped Kia Ora hut
Stayed in a hut.
Boots still wet, black muddy sludge, deep water puddles, roots and rocks everywhere. There are hardly any boardwalks at pictured in the brochures.
Passed Mt Ossa (1,617 m), Tassie’s highest mountain, to wet & windy to climb to summit.

SUN 11
Dec 2016 – start 5:30am finish 8:20 am
72hrs exact to the hour to complete the 65km Overland Track – Total hiking / walking time 23 hrs 30mins

9km hike
2:45 hours including breaks
Temp: 3.2 °C to 11.2 °C
Start: Windy Ridge to Narcissus
Some sun! Caught ferry to arrive in Cynthia Bay for massive feed!


A Massive thanks to my gorgeous cousin Sarah for helping me achieve this goal! We were both quite surprised at our speed, endurance, willpower & fitness levels! ( … though our muscles were alittle stiff and sore)

My facebook here!
Want to be fit, happy & healthy?
Learn how with my 4 Week Program today – here!


Some more images from a photography tour on went on with / for Palace Adventures last weekend on Fraser Island!

Mt Warning – near the Queensland border 1,156 m

Mt Warning 1,156 m (3,793 ft) above sea level, near the Queensland border.
9km, return walk took me 2:25mins, 1420 calories burn’t.
What a magical spiritual experience, beautiful rainforest the whole way, I’ll definitely be climbing this mountain again!

Mount Kosciuszko – Australia’s Highest Mountain 2,228 m

Today I climbed Mount Kosciuszko!

2,228 metres (7,310 ft) above sea level, Australia’s Highest Mountain
Distance: 22km (loop) – Charlotte Pass to Blue Lake, Main Range & Summit Walk home. 2535 calories burnt.
It was freezing at the top, you can hear the wind in the clip, magical scenery, saw one black centipede, one black crow and a finch.
I was also visited the Australian War Memorial and Parliament House in Canberra before the Mountain hike.
I even phoned the Environmental Ministers office to discuss the new QPWS ‘Do Not Run’ rule on Fraser Island, State Member Steven Miles wasn’t in today so I spoke directly to the Federal Environmental Ministers office of Greg Hunt and advised of the situation …. more info here!
Check out our awesome stretcher tents, so comfy, my portable investment home!
The night before the climb we camped at Island Bend and had 80km winds in the snowy mountains nearly lifting our tents off the ground for about seven hours!
I’m sure I got about 2 hrs sleep before my morning assault on the mountain! Failure is NOT an Option!

90km Fraser Island Great Walk in 2.5days!



What an awesome five day Adventure on Fraser Island!!!
We walked the 90km Fraser Island Great Walk in just 2.5 days!
(Myself, Carol, Susie & Tash – the Awesome Foursome!)

Starting at Dilli Village 6:30am on Friday morning, we trail walked through the amazing surrounds to Happy Valley by Sunday lunch 12noon! Staying at Lake Wabby via Central Station the first night on the track and Valley of the Giants the second night.

1795218_10152800835797277_9031225481823971146_oA big thank you to RANGO our support crew for looking after us and bringing the supplies into remote areas each day to ‘Rango’s Angels!’  (bedding, tents, food, clothes & BEER!)
We couldn’t have done this sensational achievement without you and your awesome jokes! (I don’t get it?)

A big thanks also to Carol for her excellent organisation skills with the trip / accommodation plus her vehicle got smashed and another vehicle pulling out the week prior, so with some quick genius work from her we still pulled the trip off! Really appreciated by all involved with the epic recovery and two new support 4WD’s!

Best Adventure to date I think, just absolutely breath takingly beautiful and challenging the whole way with nonstop hills, soft sand, and magical nature to immerse yourself in – eucalyptus woodland, rainforests, sand blows /dunes and pristine lakes!

1st day was 42km a trail marathon, day two 26.5km – 29km, day three 16.5km straight to the bar at Happy Valley for a burger and beers!

We saw a few animals – three dingos, a few goanna’s, lots of butterflies, I nearly ran over a small black snake, and an owl followed us for about 5km plus a dingo even tried to eat my dencorub!

Carol & I also took a power pack so we could charge up the iphones to use runkeeper over the few days.

I burnt 9,445 calories during the week!

Fraser Island –  is a heritage-listed island located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia, approximately 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of Brisbane. Its length is about 120 kilometres (75 mi) and its width is approximately 24 kilometres (15 mi). It was inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1992. The island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 1840 km². It is also Queensland’s largest island, Australia’s sixth largest island and the largest island on the East Coast of Australia.

The Maheno – is the most famous of Fraser Island’s wrecks and has become a landmark attraction. Built in 1905, the SS Maheno was one of the first turbine-driven steamers. She plied a regular route between Sydney and Auckland until she was commissioned as a hospital ship in Europe during World War One. She also served in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

In 1935, she and her sister ship the Oonah were sold to Japan for scrap.
The rudders of the boats were removed and they were being towed to Japan. When they reached Queensland Waters, a cyclonic storm snapped the tow chain and the Maheno drifted helplessly onto Fraser Island’s ocean beach.

Eli Creek – the largest creek on the eastern beach of Fraser Island, pours up to four million litres of clear, fresh water into the ocean every hour.

Lake McKenzie – has an area of 150 hectares and is just over 5 metres (16 ft) in depth. The beach sand of Lake McKenzie is nearly pure silica. It is a perched lake sitting on top of compact sand and vegetable matter 100 metres (330 ft) above sea level.

Lake Boomanjin – Another perched lake on the island is  which at 200 hectares in size, is the largest perched lake in the world. In total there are 40 perched lakes on the island, half of all known lakes of this kind on the planet. Lake Boomanjin is fed by two creeks that pass through a wallum swamp where it collects tannins which tint the water red.

Lake Wabby – is the deepest lake on the island, at 12 metres (39 ft) in depth and also the least acidic which means it has the most aquatic life of all the lakes….. More info here.

Wanggoolba Creek is a fresh water creek on Fraser Island with its source in the Pile Valley and mouth on the Western shores of the island. Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station is a popular tourist destination due to the crystal clear waters flowing over white sand through a rainforest valley.

The Flora of Fraser Island is unique and diverse. More than 865 species of plants thrive on the island. It is the only place on Earth where tall rainforest grows in sand. The island contains the largest extent of wallum heath remnants in Queensland. In Pile Valley, 1,000 year old rough-barked satinays are found. Despite being logged the kauri pines dominate in some areas. Scribbly gums, red gums, piccabeen palms, Blue Quandong, brush box and pandanus all grow on Fraser Island.
[Info via – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraser_Island]

WOW AGAIN!! I’ve already planned the next few hikes over there in my head, just can’t get enough of the place!!

[Images via Jeanette, Susie & Carol – Digital cameras, iPhones & GoPros!]
Fraser Island Great Walk map here Fraser Island Great Walk topographic map (PDF, 2.3M)*.
Click on thumbnail to enlarge images.

Hay House Writers Seminar in Sydney



Over the past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending the Hay House Writers Seminar in Sydney as I had been fortunate due to the help and support of many voting for me and had WON a free ticket to the event.
Talk about Awesome, I learnt so much and had many questions and thoughts answered in relation to my self-published soon to be BEST SELLING ‘4 Week Program!’ plus my marketing jeanette maynes hao house writers seminarplan, my platforms, my websites and the way I am implementing my goals and book / program within the community.
The energy and vibration in the room was electric and I met so many wonderful friendly like minded people. I hung out with a lovely lady and made a new friend also a ticket winner being Melissa Gibson a psychic, we got along fabulously – the Butterfly Whisperer.
Now to finalise my Synopsis to present to Hay House!
Someone (or maybe more than one person) who attended the seminar will WIN a publishing package with them; I could be the next best selling author accelerating my passion to “Get Australia Motivated!”. I hope so as I can feel it within my whole being!!

I had the pleasure of meeting and having a photo with the authors in order (the 1st four even before the seminar started!) as per my Law of Attraction photo print out (pretty powerful – reminds me of my Law of Attraction Donald Trump picture here) and the rest throughout the two days. I was also on the print out as a featured author as I will be speaking at the seminar in the future (L.O.A. at work). I even had a photo taken on stage with my book to assist my Law of Attraction processes! All the authors had such inspiring stories and were great at public speaking.
The images in the gallery include:

–       REID TRACY President and CEO of Hay House Publishing the largest publisher of self empowerment books, cds, dvds and empowering live events in the world.
–       LEON NACSON Managing Director of Hay House Australia, and the author of nine books. His current International Best Seller ‘A Stream of Dreams’ has been translated into four languages.



–       PAM GROUT author of ‘E Squared’ #1 New York Times best-selling author – (who signed my book I bought from home and told her about my bean experiment lol I learnt to look at things from a different perspective – story here.)
–       BRONNIE WARE –author of “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”
–        MEGAN DALLA-CAMINA author of “Getting Real About Having It All”
–       MARTINA SHEEHAN & SUSAN PEARSE authors of “Wired for Life”
–       JESS AINSCOUGH author of “Make Peace With Your Plate”
–       JULIEANNE CAIRNS author of ‘The Seven Money Myths’ being released by Hay House in September 2015

Some of the Awesome quotes from the weekend:
–       “A blog is an important place to start. Show up every day and write a blog post with no agenda other than to be of service.” – Jess Ainscough
–       “Write every day, even if no-one is going to read it. Practice your voice.” – Jess Ainscough
–       “Whenever we’re rejected, it’s always because the universe is holding something better for us.” – Jess Ainscough
–       “There’s an entire world of natural healing out there. We can love food that loves us back.” – Jess Ainscough author of Make Peace With Your Plate
–       “Teach what you need to learn.” – Reid Tracy
–       “If it’s worth writing, it’s worth writing. Write because there is a market, because you have a muse. Write for yourself and write regardless. Just show up.” – Megan Dalla-Camina
–       “The more narrow your niche is, the less followers you need to be successful.” – Reid Tracy
–       “The point of a platform is for you to connect with people who care about what you have to say. This takes time, there are no shortcuts.” – Reid Tracy
–       “Focus in on one core audience that you’re trying to build. Know who you’re trying to reach. Ask people why they’re being referred to you to try to figure out who this is. Build an avatar for your audience based on gender, age, interests.” – Reid Tracy
–       “Books are intimate things. They’re one of the only things apart from your husband/wife/partner that you take to bed with you.” – Reid Tracy   (or if you are me it’s your Laptop to listen to Reid and Louise Hay lol)
–       “Ask yourself, what makes my book so different? So interesting? Don’t write to be a best seller. Write for and from your heart, not your wallet. Write something you want to be remembered by.” – Leon Nacson
–       “The hard part about writing a book is getting people to read it.” – Reid Tracy

After the seminar I ran 11.5km around Sydney for some exercise and even managed to get my weekly stair runs in at the ‘Oprah’ House,  proudly promoting the Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group.



I received quite a few looks and comments, it appears fluro yellow socks and runners are not very common in Sydney!
“Need A Hand?”
We need to have at least 1,000 people doing my ‘4 Week Program’ to create a flow on effect to change 20,000 people to achieve the goal of dropping the obesity / overweight statistic from 70% to 50% on the Fraser Coast! (this could be executed in as short a time frame as 12 months!) Just imagine how happy, energetic, motivated and productive everyone would be! Too Exciting! (Then I / We can start on the rest of the 63% of Australia!)

4 Week Program facebook page here!
The Motivator here!
Design House here!

[some info & images via the legendary Hay House Auditions & Hay House Australia & Something Social! Thank you for one of the best seminars ever, so well organised and a fantastic venue being SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney!]

Castle Hill Townsville & Magnetic Island

Johnathan Thurston (http://www.johnathanthurston.com.au/ ) told me today at Brisbane Airport (he was on the same flight out of Townsville)  that he does Castle Hill in 11 mins!!! I did it yesterday but didn’t take much notice of my time (though I just checked and it looks like I took about 25mins to get to the top on runkeeper!!!). I was out exploring Townsville on foot starting at Castle Hill, returning to the Casino via The strand. Give it a go next time you are in Townsville, Awesome Workout & Magnificent View!!! –http://www.explore-townsville.com/castle-hill.html

I also spent two days on Magnetic Island prior doing two big trail runs to check out the beautiful scenery and the Forts walk which leads to historic WWII fortifications and infrastructure.
More info here, a must do if you are visiting the island!

One text at the wheel can kill!

I just signed this pledge online.

I always try to have my phone on silent and in my handbag when I am driving. I don’t like the distraction and nothing is that important that it can’t be answered when I have stopped my vehicle. In the past some of my friends have sent text messages while driving with me in the car which has always made me ropeable that they have no respect for my life or others. From now on this will stop and I would be delighted to get out of the car and walk if this is an issue for anyone.

Click here if you want to also sign the pledge and respect your and the life of others: http://www.news.com.au/national-news/victoria/please-put-the-phone-away-how-one-text-at-the-wheel-can-kill/story-fnii5sms-1226668022491

Mt Everest – ‘Think Big’ Trek!

A few months ago I wrote my first ever eBook!
Mt Everest – ‘Think Big’ Trek! Review, images & trek notes here !

Want to be fit, happy & healthy?
Learn how with my 4 Week Program today – http://bit.ly/2bOP7Op

“Jeanette, That was inspirational! Thanks for all the info and pics that you put together- it was the most comprehensive and entertaining report of the base-camp trek I’ve ever read. You are a great role model for women; I wish you many hot showers and firm stools!” – Belinda

Video’s here.


‘TOUGH MUDDER’ Sydney 2012


It’s Official!!! Training for the Sept ‘TOUGH MUDDER’ in Sydney has started!!!! 5 and half weeks of intense focused strategic hardcore training ahead! We can’t WAIT, Bring IT!!!!!!

Myself Jeanette Maynes and my good friend Michelle Tayler (who is also crazy) will be taking part in the ‘TOUGH MUDDER’ event in Sydney on the 23rd of September this year.

“As you think, so shall you become.” – Bruce Lee

“I think I am drinking beer in an orange ‘Tough Mudder’ headband…!” – Jeanette Maynes

“Don’t Limit your Challenges – Challenge your Limits…!” – Michelle Tayler

This will be one of our biggest challenges to date and we are looking for support and sponsorship to help us complete our task! For more information and to pledge your alliance to our cause and receive maximum exposure for your business please click HERE!! More info here also!

PROBABLY THE TOUGHEST EVENT ON THE PLANET – Tough Mudder events are hardcore 20 km-long obstacle courses designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses and half a million inspiring participants, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.

You cannot complete a Tough Mudder course alone.
To get through mud, fire, ice-water, and 10,000 volts of electricity you’ll need teammates to pick you up when your spirits dip. To get over 3 m walls and through underground mud tunnels, you’ll need teammates to give you a boost and a push. Tough Mudders are team players who make sure no one gets left behind. To that end, all Mudders are expected to uphold our ideals and exhibit teamwork and camaraderie both on the course and off it. All participants are asked to join us in reciting the Tough Mudder pledge before starting each event.
As a Tough Mudder I pledge that:
– I understand that Tough Mudder is not a race but a challenge.
– I put teamwork and camaraderie before my course time.
– I do not whine – kids whine.
– I help my fellow Mudders complete the course.
– I overcome all fears.

Any support will be gratefully appreciated!!!

A huge thank you to the 24HR GYM who has donated $200 towards our entry tickets!! We will be completing alot of our intense training at the gym over the next few weeks …. only the best gym, support and fitness equipment in town will do for us girls!!

Plus a huge thanks to Steve from Graphic Screenprinting who will has offered to print our event t-shirts!

Twenty Four Hour Gym | Core Water Sportz | Design House | Jeanette Maynes Personal Trainer | Hervey Bay Dental | Graphic Screen Printing

[Information via Tough Mudder!]

Darwin Business Road Trip!!!

What a way to start 2012 with a 14 day road trip to Darwin visiting current and making new clients & friends! Hervey Bay, Mackay, Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa, Tennant Creek, Adelaide River then Darwin!

The picture to the right was taken when we hit the 130km section of the Barkley Highway in the Northern Territory – Jeanette “Queen of the Desert!”

My friend Jackie that I used to work with at the Casuarina Club in Darwin was visiting her parents on the Sunshine Coast for Christmas and we thought what a perfect opportunity for me to join her for a road trip back to Adelaide River where she is a teacher.

And so the fun had begun!!! I really had the time of my life and may need to make this an annual event! If you really want to see our beautiful country hit the highway!

Thank you Jackie for the awesome company, adventure and goal setting!!! xoxoxo

Awesome to see Lee and her family in Cairns with some amazing photography being taken by herself (One Little Picture) and Jackie on our adventures. They are both very talented with their SLR camera’s!!!

It was fantastic to see my friend Helen in Adelaide River also and her gorgeous children plus use the secret gym.

It was also sensational to catch up with all my old friends and work colleagues from The Casuarina Club (Lucy, Jackie, Julie-Anne & myself the original Rockette’s from 10 years ago! + Kimmy, Tommy & Fred!) xoxo

Also a big thank you to everyone for their hospitality on the trip, without the support crew this trip would not have been such a smooth and outrageous adventure!

Through use of the Internet, I / Design House am able to service clients statewide and nationally, staying in touch as if they were right next door. Utilizing today’s modern technology and freight services available a dynamic design and print can be delivered promptly straight to your door!

Contact me today for the best design and service Australia wide! jeanette@designhouse.com.au


For 3 days I have listened to some of the most amazing and inspiring millionaires from our country and the world including Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and DONALD TRUMP!
Event details here.
Talk about being on the biggest high ever!

As a motivated professional business woman it is extremely important to me that I learn from the absolute best for dynamic self improvement and that I am an EXPERT in my field improving what I can offer my clients in solving their business advertising problems to increase their confidence, profit and client base.

I like to set huge goals and go for them to inspire others to shoot for their dreams also and my latest goal was to have a photo taken with my business IDOL the legendary DONALD TRUMP currently valued at SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS!

Trump was introduced to the stage by Australian Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

I just LOVE Trump and especially his TV series The Apprentice. He is such a wise, educated, funny  and intelligent business man with a hardcore, can do attitude and to me a great mentor.
He is inspiring, motivated, professional, successful, speaks his mind on all matters, extremely family orientated and I felt a real kindness in his presence.

Trump said, “I believe, get even with people, if they screw you, screw them back ten times as hard!”

Three years prior I decided I must achieve my goal to have my photo taken with Trump! I even photo shopped a photo of Trump and I two years ago to begin the Law of Attraction process.

After Trump finished his speech at the event, I went back for a question / answer session with him.  When I had pushed my way through 150 VIPs and security, bravely attracted Trump’s attention to ask for a photo and was given the go ahead he was wearing the same pink tie he had on in my photo shopped image!

He looked me in the eye and asked me directly if I had enjoyed his speech to which I replied with honesty I thoroughly did!!! We also made a few other small comments. I then made my way to the back of the room, where I was on such an adrenalin rush that I had achieved another long term goal that my knees began to shake!
Of course I have no doubt we will meet and converse again on many occasions.

Meeting my business idol and finally achieving my goal to have a photo taken with him has made me believe even more in the Law of Attraction, being positive and that anything is possible in life!!! What an absolutely amazing, thought provoking and sensational experience! One of many more to come!

A big thank you to Michael Burnett from Empowernet for successfully organising such an Amazing event!!

Before the seminar I also ran 9km in the Sydney Running Festival across the Sydney Harbour Bridge plus checked out the beautiful Sydney Chinese Gardens afterwards!

Some of Trumps’ quotes from his speech:

–       “Be totally focused, you can’t take your eye off the ball”
–       “Rich people don’t like rich people, historically, well I don’t”
–       “I like Losers to be my friends”
–       “The harder I work the luckier I get”
–       “You can make yourself Lucky”
–       “You need passion, go against the tide”
–       “Go with your gut, go against the tide, I like that”
–       “Get even with people, if you don’t they will continue to go after you”
–       “If someone screws you, screw them back in spades!”
–       “Always get a pre-nup!”
–       “Think Big, it’s much easier”
–       “Focus on the positive”
–       “The word momentum is very important”
–       “Believe in yourself, see yourself as a one man band, see yourself as victorious, you have to think like a WINNER!”
–       “Can you take the pressure!”

More news on Trumps visit here.

Bridge to Brisbane 2011

I had a fantastic run on Sunday at the Bridge to Brisbane, smashing my time from two years ago even with a sore strapped right knee (PFPS).

This really is a fun event and so well run and organised, I’ll definitely be back next year!!

My charity was Fraser Coast Meals on Wheels and $60 was raised, a big thank you to those who donated (Myself, Rosie & Karen) You can still donate here till the 11th of October 2011.

Melbourne Body Art Competition 2011

Yesterday myself, Jeanette Maynes | Model (first time ever) from (Design House – graphic and website designer) and Lolita Valerga | Artist from (Shades of Inspiration – henna and face painting artist) came together as Model (canvas) and Artist to create an Organic interpretation of the theme “Wired for Sound” based on elements and forces of nature for the Melbourne Body Art Competition 2011.

Lolita and I have been friends for 15 years since we did a ‘Certificate in Arts’ together.

We were in the BRUSH & SPONGE category and started painting at 11am, with brushes down at 5pm, then made our way to the judge’s room for judging at 5.30pm and hit the catwalk at 7pm.

Unfortunately we did not come a place as the competition was fierce but we had an absolute ball taking on such a fun adventure that took a couple of months preparation. We were certainly a crowd favourite and as they say “Art is in the eye of the beholder”!

We were also quite the crowd pleaser at Crown Casino having a couple of wind down drinks after the event!

Please read our concept and development for the ‘Wired for Sound!’ theme here!

Melbourne Body Art Competition at Carlton Brew House, Abbotsford Saturday 20th August 2011, The Melbourne Age Newspaper Image Gallery here.

Fraser Coast Chronicle News here.

Cane 2 Coral 2011

On Sunday I ran in the second ever Cane to Coral fun run with my friends Scott and Tania who did the run with me last year.
I’m very proud to say we all did a PB this year! Race results can be found here.

I came is at ‎1:21:32 mins!! 5:33mins faster than last year. My run was really good and felt great. A couple of friends told me they struggled a little.

As per last year the heat was hideous but not quite as bad!
I really have no idea why the race is run at 8.30am so late in the day, a statement made by many.
Every other race I’ve done has started no later than 7.30am.

Also over an hour’s wait in the midday sun for a bus back to Bundaberg is not on. We were all quite sun burnt by the time they arrived, especially having fair skin. There was three buses for a race with nearly 3,000 people, common sense would suggest having a few more??

Sadly a competitor passed away during the run at about the 8km mark, a very sad ending to a happy race day. My condolences go out to Rod Young’s Family, Colleagues and Friends. [NewsMail]

The race was very popular with over 2,900 entrants and was extremely well run and organised. Thank you to all the sponsors, organisers and volunteers!
Can’t wait for next year’s!

2010 Cane to Coral story here

FM Transmitter | Car Kit | Charger For iPhone 4

How cool is this little bargain I bought on eBay.
I don’t listen to the radio, I find the advertisements so annoying they nearly drive me to have an accident!
… so how wonderful to be able to use my radio station to listen to my IPOD while charging my IPHONE at the same time!
The kit plugs straight into the lighter socket and will also be great to listen to my Metro View GPS!
Average cost is about $15 – $20. PRICELESS!

– Comes with remote control!
– Hands-Free function through car stereo
– FM Frequency from 88.1 – 107.9 MHz
– Charges iPhone, iPod, iTouch with dock connector
– Music playback on your car stereo
– USB Socket of Standard 5V 1A Electical Power (Charge via USB on many brands of MP3 players, mobile phones & GPS)
– Flexible Goose-pipe makes it convenient to find the best position for your device
– Flexible Clamp Holder keep your device in place

Bridge to Brisbane 2011 – Bring It On!

I’ve registered to run in the Bridge to Brisbane 10km run this year on Sunday 11th of September and have decided to raise money for a local charity also, being Meals On Wheels Fraser Coast Inc.    

Meals On Wheels Fraser Coast Inc strives to provide delivered fresh nutritiously balanced meals and fellowship to frail, aged and younger infirm on the basis of need.

Please click here if you would like to help me raise money for this worthy cause! Thank you!

Or better still, enter the event also!!!

Metro View iPhone app – Brilliant!

How cool is this iPhone app I brought for $18 with no ongoing subscription costs!
Now I have my own GPS for driving!
It even shows me when I am about to go past a speed camera, not that I speed.
Plus beeps and tells you if you do go over the speed limit for the area you are driving in.
It also gives you the distance to your destination plus the expected time of arrival.

MetroView Australia Turn-By-Turn Navigation

Standard Features:

– No ongoing subscription costs, FREE to use after initial purchase.

– All map data stored on phone – no download costs for mapping or navigation.

– The same application can be used on all iPhone models and iPad

– Advanced lane guidance – know which lane to be in at major junctions.

– Analogue speedo view with digital readout on map view.

– High quality spoken street names including Australian accented male and female voice options.

– Familiar map design.

– Walking mode including compass functionality to point you in a straight line to your destination (iPhone 3GS and above)

– Proudly Australian made and supported

The Kokoda 30 km Challenge

Yesterday I completed another challenge, this one was the Kokoda 30km trail run through the Brisbane Forest. My body was still a little weary from last week’s Great Wall marathon and lack of sleep but I managed to pull of the task.

After some speeches, the last post and a minutes silence, we (myself, Scott and Tania) headed off at 7am into the bush and hills. OMG nonstop steep hills!!!
Next year if I participate I must remember to take my trekking poles, especially for when climbing back up out of the Hell Hole! Every single muscle was being used at some stage or the other and this could be felt the following day, our bodies felt like they have had an awesome all over work out, quite stiff and sore in all muscles and joints!!!

The morning was alittle cool but about half an hour in we soon warmed off and stripped our long sleeve compression tops off. It turned into a gorgeous day to be trekking and running through the bush and forest.

We had on our green “Smells Like Team Spirit” shirts with the print proudly sponsored by Design House! Every time we passed people they said, “There goes the green team again!”

My cousins Amanda, Mark and their friend Tom also had a three persons team called the “Challengers!”

I ended up having to dig deep after the Hell Hole and came in half an hour in front of my team. I was feeling so drained from the week before I had to keep moving while I had the energy, I couldn’t keep stop starting to catch my breath on every hill, I just had to keep moving! Pain was starting in my knee from my PFPS so I had to get finished asap!

My run keeper said I came in at 4:57:07 mins.
Doing 32.4km with an elevation climb of 1,257m!!!
Why the extra 2.4km?
Coming to a crucial turn that was unmarked all us at the front of the pack turned right and followed the leaders perhaps up to 100 people. Until someone came along and said we were going the wrong way, so all had to turn around and head the other way! On the way back some signage magically appeared!!
All the leaders were now up to 2 to 4km off track!
Why there was no marshal on the track to direct people and correct signage was commented on by several competitors.

When I finally ran in under the finish line the woman who was supposed to scan my bib to take my time said she didn’t think she would till the rest of my team came in?
I queried how am I supposed to know my official time?
A man I had chatted to at one stage during the race came and spoke to me while I waited for the others, he said he left his mate half way as he was lagging and they agree to do this before the race due to different fitness levels and said he got scanned in. I also passed several other people on their own on the track.
I decided to go back to the time station and informed them I wished to have my bib scanned.
After I said you have done this for others, the lady said, “yeah well we probably weren’t supposed to??”
(one would assume a time marshal would have been briefed on what to do and know their role thoroughly for a competition race?)
Anyway I FINALLY had my bib scanned at 12:09:32pm, 15 minutes after I had completed the race!
My team came in another 17 minutes after this at 05:26:55mins which was a fantastic result!
The woman said the time on our certificates would be the time of the slowest runner to come in. I said that’s fine, makes sense?
Our team time would have been over 20+mins shorter for our team if we hadn’t of run an extra 2.4km due to the direction error plus a time marshal delaying my individual result by 15mins on top of this. The website also gives you your INDIVIDUAL RESULTS official time … it would be nice to have that correct to try to better in the future.

There was quite a long delay for people registering, some competitors were still lined up when we started the race. As this was the Inaugural race I’m sure some systems could and will be improved upon for next year.

Our team ended up coming 9th out of 51 – three person teams so that was an Awesome result considering doing an extra 2.4km on top of the original 30km plus we are amateur fun runners!!
All in all we had a fantastic day and desipte those couple of things the event was really well run and fun, so thank you to the volunteers and organisers … the weather was magical ….there was a free sausage sizzle afterwards … we met heaps of nice and motivated people on the course …. and have many great memories of a tough but doable challenge…. I dare say we will be back next year and highly recommend this event to anyone seeking a fun adventure with your mates!!
What an Awesome experience to have the opportunity to take part in the Inaugural Event, this should grow to be huge!