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‘GAME ON it’s EURONG 60KM!’ # 1

WALKERS – $160 per person: Sat 3rd May, return Sun 4th May 2014! Lock it in your Diary!

Please email me for payment details & additional info:

Take on my ’4 Week Program’ prior to raise your fitness level!:

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10km Challenge 2013 #10

Lake McKenzie – Fraser Island 20km Hike #12

More info here!

Please email me for payment details:

lake mckenzie hike poster March 2014

Why am I so Passionate about the 4 Week Program?

4 Week Program Cover 2014It Works!
I Live and Breathe It!

Learn to be HAPPY in 4 Weeks!
“Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more Rewarding!”

This has made me so passionate about helping others be happy! Over the past eight years I have researched and been reprogramming my thoughts, behaviours, self talk and beliefs plus implemented new and exciting fitness, eating and lifestyle habits.

Beforehand, I had very negative self talk, plus unhealthy habits – junk food, smoking and drinking. You really don’t love yourself when you are slowly trying to kill yourself – one bite, puff or sip at a time!

I had lost 16 kilo’s in my early 20′s to get back to a healthy weight range (69.9 kg down to 54kg) but did that while still drinking, smoking and eating junk food! My behaviours didn’t change and I eventually put that weight back on due to these negative and self destructive habits and self sabotage from a very WEAK MIND!

I hit 30 and said, “THAT IS IT! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” … BE ACCOUNTABLE! Stop blaming others, your situations, made up negative beliefs and your past! YOU are in control of YOUR life and BAM, I CHOSE TO CHANGE and well that was it!!

noosa halfI went cold turkey on the cigarettes, stating I am never spending another cent on this sh*t or putting one near my mouth ever again! AND I HAVEN’T. To do this I had to get off the grog. I did 42 days straight without a drink till I felt I had enough self control to enjoy a beer! I also said there is no way I’m putting on weight like everyone else while I give up smoking SO THERE IT STARTED! I grabbed a piece of paper, pencil, a calorie book and started writing everything I ate and kept under a certain calorie limit each day (thank god we now have speedy online websites to do this for us). I lost SIX kilograms straight up when I gave up smoking and then a further NINE kilograms as I learnt about calorie control, portion sizes and the importance of regular exercise.

I now run my own successful multi award winning graphic and website design business (DESIGN HOUSE), have climbed to Base Camp at Mt Everest, run the Great Wall of China Marathon, rode a Harley for many years and now realise and believe with all my heart that ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR ANYONE IN LIFE!

photoshoot blue

Today I’m extremely motivated, positive, passionate, driven and happy, which people comment on all the time. I don’t tolerate negativity, I have absolutely no concern what others think of me; that is their business, I do not lower my standards for anyone, I do not enable poor me talk and behaviour from others, nor do I associate with people that do not fully support me and lift me higher.

Working casual hours at a gym while finalising my Personal Trainer study made me realise people just have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA ABOUT THE CALORIES in food, correct portion sizes and how much energy is required to burn off what you eat, hence about 70% of Wide Bay residents (my home area) in Queensland being in the UNHEALTHY or OBESE RANGE.

Australia is today ranked as one of the fattest nations in the developed world and around 63% of Australian adults were classified as overweight or obese in 2012.

Therefore after eight years extensive study, research and implementation I decided to write the4 Week ProgramSO OTHERS CAN TEACH THEMSELVES TO FEEL AND DO THE SAME, by being ACCOUNTABLE for themselves, as everyone deserves to be happy, and if I can help one person or preferably ONE TOWN at a time that will make me happy!

I always THINK BIG so my GOAL is to start with my HOME TOWN / REGION (before going National) and see how much weight we can lose on my 4 Week Program!’ as a community supporting each other. NOW IS THE TIME TO TAKE CONTROL BACK OF YOUR LIFE!

It’s SIMPLE: Nothing more, nothing less -
If calorie intake exceeds calorie expenditure, we gain weight.
If calorie intake is less than calorie expenditure we lose weight.
If calorie intake equals calorie expenditure, our weight remains the same.

louise hay

We MUST Visualise - See your life as you want it. You must visualise this in your mind and see it as already completed to have success! See your life, your figure, your fitness, your goals as already being accomplished!

We will work on the most important aspect being the MIND. If you have a STRONG MIND everything else just falls into place! The corporation for Louise L. Hay, Hay House founder and best-selling author of inspirational, self-help books including my favourite ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ have given me written permission to reference this book in my program as it is profoundly inspirational, powerful plus mind and life altering!

Lifestyles 1000 zThe 4 Week Program is NOT a ‘DIET’, we need to eliminate that word from our vocabulary!
It is the correct and only way that works, clean healthy eating and regular exercise. It is SCIENTIFIC, MATHEMATICAL and FOOLPROOF; so if you follow the instructions and program exactly you CANNOT FAIL! The 4 Week Program provides knowledge you will be able to APPLY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE AND UNDERSTAND!

This program should be a must and taught to senior students in all schools so they are equipped for the real world, they can then teach their own children and this would completely change the next generation and the next and so on.
There is a meal plan (approved by an Accredited Practising Dietitian) and also an exercise plan that I have designed as a qualified Personal Trainer and Life Coach. You must follow both plans. The exercise plan includes strength, cardio and stretch programs that people can also do at home or on holidays if they don’t currently attend a gym or exercise classes.

10km ChallengeTHIS IS A PROGRAM YOU CAN START ANYTIME, PERFORM ANYWHERE ANYTIME, NOT JUST FOR THE 4 WEEKS, IT’S FOREVER …. but 4 weeks straight of being strict and exact will shotgun initial weight loss and results … potentially up to a KILO A WEEK OR MORE!

What’s Involved:
1. Develop Self-Love & Self-Esteem!
2. Understand Calories & Your Daily Food Intake!
3. Meal Plan; Incorporate Your Favourite Meals!
4. Calorie Expenditure = Weight Loss!
5. Exercise Plan, Fitness & Heart Rate Monitoring!
6. Start Regular Goal Setting & Adventures!

If a girl like me can make a change and inspire others, imagine if everyone else made a change and inspired others! IT’S ONLY 4 WEEKS, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE!!!
Our Life Goal is to be Happy!

4 Week Program $39Only $39, works out LESS than $10 a WEEK to SUCCESS! NOW There really is ‘NO EXCUSES!’

1. Sign Up & Download the ’4 Week Program!’
2. Follow the Mind, Meal & Exercise Plan!
3. See & Feel the Results!

• Flexible & easy to follow to achieve a long term healthy lifestyle
• Meals are quicker to prepare & more suited to my budget
• 1.9kg in first week!
• It gives you ideas for so many ways to incorporate exercise into your life
• Helped me to understand why I gain weight and how to manage everyday life
• 3kg in 10 days!
• I didn’t have to give up the naughty foods I just had to understand how to make it not leave a lasting effect
• It really works 8kgs down in 2 months and no weight gain in the 3 months after while maintaining!
• 3.6kg in two weeks!
• It taught me to make wise healthy eating choices and the importance of exercise
• 5.9kg loss in four and a half weeks!
• It was a very simple lifestyle program to follow and one that I found works and definitely worth doing!
• 2.7kg in first week!

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4 Week Program Half Cover 2014


• Walk | Run Starts @ Enzo’s, Esplanade Hervey Bay
• Sat 15th of Feb 2014, 6:30AM SHARP
• 20% OFF Coffee for Participants at Enzo’s!
• Must have a moderate level of fitness …
(If not, turn half way & do 5km!)

More info here!

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Every day is perfect for setting goals or starting fresh

jeanette maynes dayman parkRESEARCH shows that 44% of Australians have a goal to lose weight in 2014.

But Hervey Bay’s Jeanette Maynes believes health and fitness should be a part of everyday life, not just as a new year resolution.

The personal trainer says every day was a perfect time for setting goals or starting fresh.

“Keep planning and keep achieving, it keeps the motivation flowing.

“Every day is a new exciting beginning, a change to change.”

Ms Maynes said there was “no excuse” for recent statistics that ranks Queensland at the top of the obesity scales.

“When you talk about obesity everyone goes off their nut trying to justify it,” she said.

“I think it time to start addressing the topic… people need to become accountable for their behaviours.”

Ms Maynes said the key to achieving a healthier lifestyle was having a strong mind and 100% focus.

“Write it down,” she said.

“You must clearly visualise in your mind that you have achieved the goal before you even start.

“Break it down into small steps that you can achieve each day.

“Exercise does change your life so make time for it in your routine – it really is worth it.”

Anyone who wants to start fresh has the opportunity to take part in Ms Maynes’ free 10km community challenge on Saturday, January 18, leaving from Enzo’s to the Urangan Pier and back again.

“I support people to get out of their comfort zone and walk a little further than they usually would.

“It’s all in the mind, anyone can walk 10km, the body does what the mind tells it.

“Once people realise that with a strong focused mind they can do anything, the possibilities in life are endless.”

4 Week Program $25

Ms Maynes has also written a four-week healthy eating and exercise program e-book, which is available at

Jeanette’s top tips

• Do not let anyone distract you. Do not eat rubbish because someone tells you to. Explain to others you have a goal and will not stray from it. Remove or avoid anyone or anything that does not completely support and encourage your goal.

• Feel proud each day that each small step is a positive change to achieving your goal and inner happiness.

• Have a strong mind. The first three weeks of starting a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime will be the toughest. Forming a new habit takes about 21 days. If that habit is clean eating and exercise you have just created a habit that your body will be thanking you for the rest of your life.

[Editorial by Kerrie Alexander and image by Valerie Horton via FRASER COAST CHRONICLE]

4 Week Program Timeline 2014

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Offer valid till $25 till Jan 31st 2014

Fraser Coast Runners Group Schedule 2014



9 February (no points) SIGN ON DAY, BBQ, AND BEACH RUN/WALK (approx. 5km) HERVEY BAY
Meet at Rotunda beside Enzos Caf← on the Esplanade at Scarness
Non-competitive – Sign on from 6 am

23 February (points) ULULAH LAGOON Maryborough – 5km/10km
Competitive 6am walkers/6.30am runners/7am junior 2km
MEMBERSHIP FEES DUE BEFORE FIRST RACE (points allocated from time of payment)

23 March (points) RON BEATON PARK Hervey Bay – 5km/10km
Competitive 6am walkers/6.30am runners/7am junior 2km

13 April (points) TINANA (ROTUNDA NEAR ANZAC MEMORIAL) – 4km/8km
Competitive 6.30am walkers/7am runners/7.30am junior 2km

4 May (no points) ALL DISABILTIES PLAYGROUND (near Seafront Oval) Hervey Bay – 5km/10km/15km
Non-Competitive 6.30am walkers/7am runners/7.30am junior 2km

1 June (no points) HALF MARATHON RUN, 15KM WALK, 5KM FUN RUN, JUNIOR (12 and under) 2KM DASH
Ron Beaton Park, Esplanade, Hervey Bay
Sign-on from 6am – $20 entry fee for HALF MARATHON RUN and 15KM WALK
$10 entry fee for 5KM FUN RUN, $5 entry fee for JUNIOR 2KM DASH
Race Start – 6.30am for Half Marathon Run and 15km Walk
7.30am for 5km Fun Run
8am for Junior 2km Dash

22 June (points) ULULAH LAGOON Maryborough – 5km/10km
Competitive 6.30am walkers/7am runners/7.30am junior 2km

27 July (points) DAYMAN PARK Hervey Bay – 5km/10km
Competitive 6.30am walkers/7am runners/7.30am junior 2km

17 August (points) TINANA (ROTUNDA NEAR ANZAC MEMORIAL) – 4km/8km
Competitive 6.30am walkers/7am runners/7.30am junior 2km

21 Sept. (points) ALL DISABILITIES PLAYGROUND (near Seafront Oval) Hervey Bay – 5km/10km
Competitive 6.30am walkers/7am runners/7.30am junior 2km

12 Oct (no points) MARYBOROUGH MASTERS GAMES – Ululah Lagoon – 5km/10km
Competitive Age Divisions from 30+
6am walkers/6.30am runners Entry Fee $10 plus Maryborough Masters Games Fee

26 October (points) ULULAH LAGOON Maryborough – 5km/10km
Competitive 6am walkers/6.30am runners/7am junior 2km

16 Nov. (no points) RON BEATON PARK Hervey Bay – run/walk to Pier and back (non-competitive)

30 Nov. (no points) SWEATY SANTA SACK FUN RUN AND BBQ Run/Walk in Santa costume with a sack of presents
for donation to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal – 6am walkers and runners
Meet at Rotunda beside Enzos Caf←, Esplanade, Scarness HERVEY BAY

7 December Club Christmas Party and Championship Presentation
Westside Tavern, Maryborough (details to be advised)

12 January Triathlon
16 February Triathlon
26/27 April Noosa Running Festival
27 April Gold Coast Bulletin Fun Run
4 May Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon
9-11 May Hervey Bay Triathlon
18 May Glasshouse
24/25 May Warwick Pentathlon
5/6 July Gold Coast
20 July Redcliffe Half Marathon
3 August Cane2Coral
3 August Brisbane Marathon
31 August Sunshine Coast Marathon
7 September Bridge to Brisbane
13 September Glasshouse

Please note: These dates were obtained from various web sites on the internet and may not be 100% correct


EASTER 18-21 April
ANZAC DAY 25 April
FATHERS DAY 7 September
LABOUR DAY 6 October
POINTS: 6 runs/walks counted for the year out of a possible 8 competitive runs/walks
3 points for first, 2 points for second, 1 point for third plus one point for every competitor in each event

Points allocated in either shorter or longer distance competitive only races, walking or running division, male and female and in the junior 2km run/walk for male and female aged under 12 as at 1st January 2014

To be eligible for trophy presentations at year end, club members must have competed in at least 6 competitive points races in either the shorter or longer divisions. Only fully paid members will be eligible to receive points.

MEMBERSHIP FEES FOR 2014 – Couples/Family $80
Single $45
Junior $30
Visitor $5
Visitor (junior) $2

Fraser Coast Runners and Walkers Club Inc., P.O. Box 1234, Maryborough, 4650.
President: Julie Streeter 0400777414
Vice President: Naomi Stephenson 0418644607
Secretary: Barb Morris 41215416
Treasurer: Chris Kingswell 0417603324

Hervey Bay Race Organisers: Alison Coleman 0413078884/Naomi Stephenson 0418644607
Maryborough Race Organisers: Barb Morris and the Walkers 41215416


What is Wrong with People!

Dear Lawrence Wyville,

After speaking to our Local State Member it had been brought to my attention you are wanting to obtain grant money for some sort of Aboriginal food business project.

Could you please pay the $787.06 for the logo and business card artwork you requested me to design and that you have been ordered to pay me by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal as per the Judgement below.

I’d hate to have to go to the media about the dishonest people that don’t pay their bills approaching the government for grants.

Please let me know when you intend to pay so I can calculate the interest to date.

Your immediate attention to this matter would be appreciated.

I happy to remove this story when you have settled your account.

Lawrence Wyville Judgement




More info here!

10km Challenge 2013 #8 jpg

About Healthier. Happier.

Queensland is a great state but unfortunately we have the highest rate of obesity in Australia. Our research shows 65% of Queenslanders are overweight or obese, and 33% don’t even realise it. Not only that, 23% are at risk of being overweight in the future. Healthier. Happier. is all about change and making Queensland the healthiest state. When our bodies and minds are healthy, we feel better, we look better, we have more energy and we’re able to get more out of life. Learn more here! –

My first ever speech!


Today I presented my first ever half hour speech at the Fraser Coast University with Matthew Condon, Hugh Lunn, & Chris Collin.

“Set a goal to achieve something that is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time. It must be a goal that is so appealing, so much in line with your spiritual core, that you can’t get it out of your mind. If you do not get chills when you set a goal, you’re not setting big enough goals.” – Bob Proctor

When the library asked me to do this speech I though  …NOW This one is a Goal that Chills me! Presenting my first ever half hour speech at the university in the auditorium!!

Public Speaking I thought …. well I passed a toast masters course in grade 8 when I was 13, I’m sure I’ll remember how to do it! Talk about Face a Fear!

Luckily I do not think of fear as fear, I see it as adrenalin, excitement, anticipation and the opportunity to conquer a goal. So the preparation begin, I organised this goal into small achievable chunks plus I clearly pictured in my mind the task as being completed and an absolute huge success!! I saw a beer in my hand tonight to celebrate a successful speech!

I designed this picture two years ago when attending the business seminar in Sydney seminar, Talk about ‘Law of Attraction!’ What have I been subconsciously attracting and where could public speaking lead to and with whom ….. please click here to view my ebooks.


“I attended Jeanette Maynes first ever speech which the crowd clearly enjoyed – and I did too. Jeanette envelopes the audience with her presence and her vibrant personality and a clear command of her subjects. She made the audience laugh; showed great photos to go with her stories – but most of all it was her beautiful, direct, dinkum Australian accent – something you rarely hear anymore. She was a HIT!”
Hugh Lunn |  Award Winning Author


“I  attended a talk by Jeanette Maynes at  the Hervey Bay USQ, where she spoke on the E Books she had published. The first part of the talk covered her experience of her trek to Mt Everest Base Camp with all the trials and triumphs that she encountered along the way. I found this account very engaging, and it fascinated me as to how someone would so willingly put themself through  t hat kind of challenge.   It was wonderful to be provided with an understanding of the cultural side of the Sherpas who assist climbers with their backpacks, and become the climbers’ best friend. At times it was humourous, and always uplifting. She held the attention of her audience well, which was assisted with the use of some great photos that she had taken along the way.

The second part of her talk was on running across The Great Wall of China. This account also kept her audience riveted as we listened  as to why Jeanette, would willingly welcome such a challenging experience. She provided some great insights into what you needed to tell yourself, and the mindset that was needed to keep going until the end, even long after the body wants to give up. Once again, there were some top quality photos to enhance her story.

The third part of her story, focussed on her role as a Personal Trainer and her ideas for promoting good health to her clients. She covered diet and exercise, and certainly showed us that she had walked the walk, and wasn’t just talking the talk. Although I found this talk helpful, I would have loved to have heard more of her own personal weight loss story, and the trials she faced along the way.  I think I would have identified with her story a little more, if this had been the case.

The next section, included her quest to become the best she could be, by reading books and attending seminars presented by the most successful  businessmen  in the world . Jeanettes’  account of meeting her idol,  Donald Trump, and the visualisation that had preceded  this event, was both touching and impressive. It was made clear to all of us, what was possible if you dared to dream, as she had.

In conclusion, Jeanette discussed her passion for graphic design, and website designing. Against the backdrop of the other topics she had discussed, this topic was a wonderful contrast. It highlighted her passion for design, and creating unique artwork. Overall, her talk was bright, bold and sassy, and showed her to be a real breath of fresh air. I look forward to hearing what she has to say next.”

- Cheryl Virgo | Aspiring Author


“I just wanted to thank you again for agreeing to be part of our Home Grown Day.
I have received some very positive feedback from participants, not only on the whole event but specifically on your talk.”
Lou Collings | Community Librarian

Simple Tips To Start & Market Your Own Business

WHOO HOOOOOO! MY Latest eBook just went LIVE!!!!! TOO EXCITING!
Purchase from AMAZON here:


• Background
• Formal Qualifications
• Awards

• Write A Business Plan
• Do An Excellent Job
• Remain Focused
• Awesome Business Books To Read

• Logo
• Business Cards
• Billboard Design
• Website Design
• Social Media
• Enews System

• Selling Yourself & Your Services | Products




• Walk | Run Starts @ Enzo’s, The Esplanade Hervey Bay
• Saturday 21st of September 2013, 6:30am Sharp
• 20% OFF Coffee for Participants at Enzo’s!
• Must have a moderate level of fitness …
(If not, turn half way & do 5km!)

Whip Cracking

Check out my Whip Cracking guys, with my mate Mike, he’s Excellent at it!

What a gorgeous spot for some noise on the foreshore!

One text at the wheel can kill!

I just signed this pledge online.

I always try to have my phone on silent and in my handbag when I am driving. I don’t like the distraction and nothing is that important that it can’t be answered when I have stopped my vehicle. In the past some of my friends have sent text messages while driving with me in the car which has always made me ropeable that they have no respect for my life or others. From now on this will stop and I would be delighted to get out of the car and walk if this is an issue for anyone.

Click here if you want to also sign the pledge and respect your and the life of others:



Please email for prices and more details!

… Limited Spaces, Be Quick to Book!

Fri 19th, Sat 20 & Sun 21 July!

Must be booked and paid in full by Fri 28th June, No refunds.


• 2 Nights Accommodation at 4 & a half star Luxury Resort “Eden by the Bay” – Pool, sauna, spa
• 1 hr Secrets of Meditation
- Learn about Meditation & Buddhist Philosophy – Oddiyana Dharma Sanctuary
• 1 hr Zumba Class – Latin & Alternative Dance
• 1 hr Guided Meditation – Oddiyana Dharma Sanctuary
• 1 & 1/4 hr Yoga – The Holistic Hub
• 1/2 hr Infusion Facial – Skin Science
• 1/2 hr Massage – Virgo’s the Body
• Group Dinner – Oriental Palace
• 1 & 1/2 hr Guided Beach Walk – Tough Mutha
• 1 hr Guided Meditation – Oddiyana Dharma Sanctuary
• 1 hr Kum Nye Yoga – Oddiyana Dharma Sanctuary
• Henna Tattoo – Shades of Inspiration
• 4 Week Program – Meal, Exercise & Lifestyle Success Plan
(All activities are included and optional)



• Walk | Run Starts @ Enzo’s, The Esplanade Hervey Bay
• Saturday 11th of May 2013, 6:30am Sharp
• 20% OFF Coffee for Participants at Enzo’s!
• Must have a moderate level of fitness …
(If not, turn half way & do 5km!)

 More info here!

10km Challenge!

A huge thank you to everyone that was up at 6:30am and came on the 10km Challenge run / walk this morning!

We had magical weather in Hervey Bay and it was so gorgeous outdoors on the bike track.

I had a 72 year old, a 68 year old, 7 and an 8 year old, a diabetic, our Fraser Coast Mayor, walkers from Maryborough, my regular exercise friends and lots of fit and fun Hervey Bay Locals!

One walker accidently forgot to turn at the Pier and ended up at the Boat Club adding an additional 3km to his walk plus is 67 and a diabetic  … well done and very keen I must say!

I ran backwards and forwards during the walk chatting and checking on everyone to make sure they were all doing ok, and met some really nice and interesting people, all ages, and like minded!

WIN news even turned up to film the start.

A big thank you to Enzo for giving participants 20% OFF their Coffee!

Well done everyone, you should be very proud of yourselves and thank you so much for your support of the Fun and Fitness I’m trying to create on the Fraser Coast.

I think as per your suggestions we may have to make this a more regular event!

For those that enquired about shirts for the walk they are available here!

Please follow my PT page on facebook or my website for all the latest Adventure Day news and events!

Hmmmmm perhaps 15km next time? :-D

Facebook Feedback:

“Great way to start the day. Congratulations and thanks Jeanette , this is a terrific initiative. Thanks to everyone for joining in.” - Gerard O’Connell | Fraser Coast Mayor

“Thanks Again Jeanette little miss (8 year old daughter) hasn’t stopped talking about our walk can’t wait to do it again cheers” - Samantha Moore

“It was fun. I look forward to the next one. Thank you all for your efforts in organizing it.” - Roger Duncan

“Thanks Jeanette, for inspiring us all once again. It was wonderful to have my teenagers join in and run!” - Cheryl Virgo

“What a great event. Keep an eye out as Jeanette Maynes has said that there will be more to come.” - Kim Parnell


Jeanette has teamed up with Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O’Connell to challenge Fraser Coast residents to a fun 10km walk on our beautiful Esplanade in Hervey Bay.

Fraser Coast Chronicle Story Here.

It’s FREE and anyone is welcome.

“Jeanette wants to support people to get out of their comfort zone and walk alittle further than they usually would. It’s all in the mind, anyone can walk 10km, the body does what the mind tells it. Once people realise that with a strong focused mind they can do anything, the possibilities in life are endless!”

The walk starts at Enzo’s in Scarness Park to the Pier and back - Sat 20th of April, 6:30am Sharp.
There is 20% OFF Coffee for Participants at Enzo’s!
Participants should have a moderate level of fitness … if not, turn half way & do 5km!

For more info please visit:

Poster design by Jeanette!

Awesome Training Gear!

Stand out from the crowd in my Fun and Motivational Designs!

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• Men’s Tees
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Happy Exercising!

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