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Fraser Coast Regional Council Meeting – Enzo’s Development Application Speech

Hi Guys, if you would like an awesome test of your self confidence and self esteem levels I suggest you engage in the wonderful opportunity to do a speech before the Fraser Coast Regional Council on important community matters. You will be given five minutes so will have to rush and speak quick, have a bell rung if you dare to go over, you will be made to stand down the back of the room, given no microphone unlike the Councillors and have to yell. Councillors will have their backs to you, there will be no level of common courtesy, they will be on their ipads, laptop, smart phones, or writing, no one will look at you and then the the Mayor will dismiss you if you go over time (6:05mins for me, PB!).  Take the challenge I dare you, all members of the public / rate payers that make a speech are treated like this. The time for speeches was changed to before the media arrives to avoid their knowledge of community concerns plus there are no minutes taken so that Council does not have to respond, answer, acknowledge or address your concerns. Oh and an added bonus is you even get to pay their wage ….!

Thank you to Jannean Dean and the gentlemen in the front row of the public gallery that commended my speech, research and information.
I also sat next to a gentleman named Allan who was really nice and very well informed on local matters, we had a good laugh and discussion. He showed me an awesome picture of a prize stud bull he had raised it was huge for only 17 months old and weighs 900kg!
The bull is named Lower Tully James Kenniff, Allan names all of his stud animals after bushrangers, this guy operated around the Rockhampton in the late 1800s to 1901.
Allan also gave me some images of his complaint where he caught council staff dumping rubbish / tree loppings in the bush, then they had to come and remove it again when busted, talk about double handling at rate payer expense.

speechThere  was some other very interesting & amusing happenings at the meeting …

The Mayor wanted to apply and pass his own new motion for Compass Helicopters to fly every holiday and ‘EVERY WEEKEND’ all day (Obviously there has been backdoor negotiations discussed that were not included in the council agenda nor were any other Councillors aware of this)  The Mayor looked quite desperate trying to get his new motion approved with the Compass Helicopters owner sitting  in the gallery – he lost 8 – 2.
Compass Helicopters only have to pay $1040 for exclusive use of the Esplanade, same or less than a personal trainer!!! George Seymour excellently argued why should they have ‘Exclusive Access’ to Community Open Parks  next to a playground for $5 a day and not have to pay airport landing fees like everyone else…..?

Watching George communicate and engage in Council meetings is an absolute  breath of fresh air. He is intelligent, professional, articulates well, keeps to the point and has a very thorough knowledge of Council and Local Government Legislation. I was nearly in hysterics watching the Mayor rolls his eyes every time George corrected the discussion to be in line and reflect the constitution, legislation and correct Council protocols.

The Councillors, town planners & CEO spent nearly half an hour trying to block having the Old Maryborough Township heritage listed as ‘rare’ by George … even though it is the only such site left not only Queensland but the whole of Australia.
Just in case this listing / wording may somehow affect the building development they want to construct on it. A local resident told me the site floods anyway that’s why the residents originally moved from there.

My speech below  ….. 

Good Morning Everyone. As a concerned resident, ratepayer, local business operator, vice president of the Scarness Action Group and chairperson of the Body Corporate representing all the lot owners in the Eden by the Bay Resort located opposite the proposed development site; I would like to speak in relation Enzo’s Development Application. I am extremely concerned current Council Town Planners accepted this development application in the first place due to the fact there were so many documented errors, coupled with Council’s recommendation to vote in approval of this application is extremely flawed and inaccurate.

Allow me to explain some of the reasons why.
Firstly, the application did not meet the mandatory requirements in the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) forms which are required for a properly made development application on State wide forms used by all local governments in Queensland.  This is validated in writing by Cardno’s Report on page 159 of your Council Agenda where they have put in writing that the Council Town Planners should have requested this mandatory information before accepting the application as being ‘properly made’ and that the lack of comprehensive dimensions hinders the ability of the public and assessment manager to easily understand the scale of the development.

Your attention to page 155 would be appreciated where the applicant, Cardno and your Town Planners have once again breached the mandatory requirements identified on the IDAS forms by again supplying approximant measurements for the utilities, the second storey and the building height. This current application still appears – not to be compliant with IDAS form requirements.

It is alarming that the public were denied the benefit and opportunity of being properly informed by only being supplied the one initial poorly prepared development application to review as well as incorrect information provided by Council staff during the ‘public notification’ period. How is this fair or professional?

  • The applicants, Cardno and Council Town Planners have still failed to satisfy the planning scheme’s parking requirements. For a development of this size being 667.56m2 there should be more like twenty carparks to meet requirements. This application must be amended to reflect this. We already have severe parking issues at Scarness and this development will further disadvantage the public and existing surrounding businesses on private land.
  • Also, on page 161 Cardno’s assessment states that the proposed building is to be a light weight structure. How will this hold up when Enzo’s own cement boat ramp cracked right through in numerous places. Increasing the scale and intensity of the development on land which forms part of the Coastal Management District and is mapped as erosion prone and subject to storm surge / tide hazard is inconsistent with Council requirements and does not represent a good planning outcome. This may result in even further public funds having to be spent on protecting the development once constructed from adverse coastal influence and the already known current erosion crisis.Building to this scale on this site is just absolutely dangerous and should not even be considered.
  • The applicants; Cardno and Council Town Planners have still failed to demonstrate that there will be no unacceptable noise nuisance to surrounding public areas or private properties nor have they demonstrated that the development will not have an adverse impact on the amenity of the local area and adjoining residents. Cardno falsely reports Enzo’s is 60m from residents.

Enzo’s is roughly 30 metres from caravan residents, 40 meters from the caravan park caretakers, 45 metres from Eden by the Bay Resort and under 60m from neighbouring restaurants. These distances will be less another 4 meters and back to the bike path if the application is approved. With an open rooftop bar, sound cannot be contained or controlled especially with sea breezes. At the resort we can already clearly hear the open microphone sessions on the Scarness stage well over 200meters away.

Before setting the precedent for developments applications on the entire Hervey Bay foreshore I ask you as Councillors elected by the community to be very confident that you are making a responsible and informed decision. The application made available to the public did not provide any indication whatsoever as to the proposed hours of operations.  Upon this being queried council staff confirmed the existing closure at the time of 4pm would remain. Interestingly the Cardo Report has recommended that the approval allow to use and to operate until 11pm. Monday to Saturday and 9pm on Sundays  Surely the public should have been made aware of such a proposed closing time 7 hours later than the current use when the application was advertised.  And where did Cardno Report pull those closing times from, they were engaged to review the application not make up times?
This Cardno Report recommends that Council agree to allow operation until 11pm with no supporting noise study recommendations in a two storey lightweight structure with unenclosed decks on a licensed premises and possible amplified music / sound is a very real concern when residential & tourist accommodation is less than 40m away. I can imagine the nonstop complaints to council already!

It appears that Council’s decision to approve the town planning application was or may have been made when negotiating leasing matters with the applicant rather than after the development application was lodged and certainly well before the public was given the opportunity to make submissions.  Perhaps this is why the applicant prepared such a poor and minimal development application and Council did not request any additional information or even require the application to supply mandatory information because the decision to approve the application has already been made before the application was even prepared.  I am seriously disappointed with Council’s handling of this development application.  I know many other people are as well.

The Cardno Report as tabled did not appear as an independent review and was possibly prepared in response to a (verbal) brief from Council staff to cover up the their stuff ups and reinforce an earlier decision to allow the development.

This rooftop bar will directly affect and compromise a pleasant experience for all resort guests, owners and residents. The second storey will significantly alter the current views. It will compromise the absolute right to privacy and the right to a quiet peaceful holiday or lifestyle plus devalue the property. Apartment owners, Scarness business owners and landlords may also incur revenue loss from their investments and sales. The noise pollution will be heard through the entire resort and Scarness foreshore businesses, Caravan Park and restaurants.

Would you like people drinking on a rooftop peering into your private home, resort room, caravan or business till 11pm all year around? Not to mention by the time party goers leave the venue and staff close up; this time will be much closer to midnight. The Beach House hotel even shuts all their doors when they have bands and functions on at night due to imposed noise restrictions.

  • This proposal is inconsistent with the Open Space Zone; which is to provide for the informal active recreation needs of residents and visitors. Land zoned for public use as open space and set aside as an erosion buffer should not ever be compromised or alienated by changing its use for the benefit of a commercial enterprise.
  • I do not feel your Town Planners Report, nor its recommendation is a clear or accurate representation and had not considered the effects to the community at large. I would like to think that the community can rely on local Council to look after local residents, business persons and ratepayers rather than one business leasing community land and using existing community infrastructure for a proposal with limited community benefit.
  • I would also like to ask George Seymour to please table a further 214 petitions signatures that will be forwarded electronically via email and their views against this development application.

More info on the Development Application here.   Chronicle Article here.

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Scarness Park to the Pier Return

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10km Challenge 2015 #20


7 News Clip -

Facebook Notice 2

- MINISTERS OFFICE: I’m still waiting on a response from the new minister’s office on – What is the current governments view / stance on this?
I have forwarded your questions onto the appropriate officers (Rangers) for a reply.
These matters do not have any bearing on the basis of the decision, which is that the safety communication had changed and any permit must be consistent with these messages.
• These questions do have a bearing and big impact as to what people can do on the island.
If I am doing my community hikes I will need to advise people very specifically of the new dingo rules and any repercussions or possible fines.
If due to gravity I engage in a light downhill jog on one of the many steep hills, I want to know the rules.
• Could you please also specifically respond as to why the dingo safety rule changed when the reported women had slowed to a walk and were standing still for a period of time before the actual attack?
I need to clearly and specifically understand with evidence why this is different to dingo attacks in relation to walking, camping, swimming and passing out in the bush.
• What are the repercussions if you are caught ‘trail running or jogging’ in the national park?
• Will rangers be issuing a fine?
• Do they have the authority to do this and if so how much?
• What is the different to walking in groups or running in groups?
• There has been numerous attacks on walkers and people standing still plus in groups so why is walking not banned or listed as triggering negative behaviour also?
• If a dingo attacks a child will we be fining or reprimanding the parent that ‘runs’ to their aid?
• Will fines be issued to the parents of children that ‘run’ on the beach or play on Fraser Island.
I feel your current (FIDCRMS) are extremely misleading to the public and should be more specific and include years of evidence on the Island –
• “Do not walk. There have been many cases with significant evidence of walking triggering a negative dingo interaction and people have been bitten and attacked”.
• “Do not pass out drunk. There have been many cases with significant evidence of passing out drunk triggering a negative dingo interaction and people have been bitten and attacked”.
(Sufficient evidence of an attack – Jul 30, 2012 – German tourist who was attacked by dingoes on Fraser Island)
• “Do not swim. There have been many cases with significant evidence of swimming triggering a negative dingo interaction and people have been lunged at and attacked”.
(Sufficient evidence of an attack – were a dingo was killed that lunged at the girl swimming at Eli creek in Jan 2015)
• “Do not run in the vicinity of dingo prone areas as per areas of concern mentioned on the Fraser Islands Conditions report” (being up top on the other side of the island to the proposed course)
So what exactly is the risk?
Recent history of dingo attacks has, as far as we know, centred on areas where people stay overnight, cooking food and in some cases feeding dingos, a situation which can encourage dingo aggression.
Organised runs on Fraser Island have a long history starting in the 1980s.
The routes are away from risk areas like campsites, mostly on remote trails.
To my knowledge there have been no dingo attacks during organised runs.
For this new Fraser Island run we had planned participant briefings and advised runners to run in pairs or larger groups, on encountering a dingo to stop and face the dingo. Since there are many runners in a race any stopped group will shortly be joined by others. These precautions ensure the risk is much lower than that presenting for campers at the main island overnight sites.
Parks staff may well know more details about dingo behaviour, but a necessary step before imposing extreme strategies is public consultation and scrutiny of the evidence. Because this strategy affects public events on Fraser Island it has long term implications for the public perceptions of the island’s safety and tourism industry. If the island is not safe for an organised and supported run, how safe will remote walkers feel? How soon before you have to ban camping? or swimming at high visitor areas?
A big THANK YOU to everyone for your support to date and the valuable time you have invested into this AWESOME event (Excluding Qld Parks, what a hideous Experience!), the whole event had been organised in the background and was pretty much ready to go (with Qld Parks not advising they were looking at changing the dingo safety rules the whole time). Thanks to my fitness & hiking / adventure friends, all businesses involved, TRAQ, especially Greg Waite (Co-founder TRAQ), Fraser Coast SES, Kingfisher Bay Resort, 4 Week Program, Design House, Graphic Screen Printing, Bay City Engraving, the official confirmed volunteers being Carol, Susie & Michelle and many more …. stay tuned folks there is talk of a “PROTEST RUN!”

More info here!


Fraser Island Marathon you tube

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Due to a NEW Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy (FIDCRMS)  – DO NOT RUN. RUNNING OR JOGGING CAN TRIGGER NEGATIVE DINGO INTERACTION. - Introduced by QLD Parks after the third week in January 2015.
I am still corresponding with Qld Parks on numerous questions that need specific clarification and will advise.
I will also be communicating direct with the Ministers office now that they are out of care taker mode.

Parks Bans running on Fraser Island 2


I have been advised in person by Matt Davies | Visitor Management from Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service via a phone call , 4 February 2015 at 11:30am that there is new dingo Safety Rules; BEING DO NOT RUN. RUNNING OR JOGGING CAN TRIGGER NEGATIVE DINGO INTERACTION.
I have also been informed they will now not be issuing a permit for my Fraser Island Marathon Event Proposed for the 19th of July 2015 as it will contradict their new rules. An email is supposed to be sent at some stage ….  2 days on and still no notice?????

  • I am extremely interested as to how Qld Parks intend to maintain this Policy?
    Especially as there is no evidence that runners are at more of a risk. Attacks have happened to a range of visitors, the two women attacked in October 2014 were not running at the time – this is the really important point, running is simply not relevant to risk of attack. Qld Parks really need to have a rethink as this is clear discrimination and I cannot see how they will be able to defend this Policy.
    The new policy banning running is simply not appropriate, and makes the Park service look amateurish and unrealistic.
  • 10647106_387231901432673_5765589970881632444_nI have been working towards this event for six months, Parks have been supportive, we had a plan in place to manage the dingo risk and confidence in it. My Marathon Proposal has all the relevant processes in place to make people safe. Importantly the risk for an event falls on the event organiser, not Parks; I am a local, I understand the risks and we have them covered, including briefing entrants before the run.
  • 10636258_715980451825684_2583485308637997144_nEvents like this also bring important benefits: publicity for the region, future visitors, money injected into the local community / Fraser Island and promoting healthy activity regionally (The Fraser Coast has 65% of people being either obese or overweight) – all this will be lost.
  • I have applied for an internal review of the decision, lodged a formal complaint and will be speaking direct to the Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport who has been contacted. I have also asked for a comment from our State Member who’s office has contacted me and the Mayor. I have also contacted the Butchulla People & Queesnland South Native Title Services  about any New Native Title requirements that may need to be respected or adhered to in relation to the Great Walk Tracks.

This isn’t something we would deal with and can’t see how Native Title would impact your application to hold your event.
Erin Lang | Administration Officer – Legal
Queensland South Native Title Services

  • FIMI was told by Matt they on the 4 February 2015 Qld Parks have been discussing these new rules since before Christmas with Matt even telling me to apply for my permit plus I also had a face to face appointment with Matt to discuss all aspects of the race including my eight page safety contingency plan and six page proposal during this time frame / period. It is my belief that Qld Parks should have disclosed these new impending rules to me and been honest before I applied the permit application. I have also been advised in writing my application fee is not refundable. (We will see about that)Matt only made contact via phone when I emailed on the 4th “Are you not getting my emails, I’m not getting a reply?” …. numerous time was spent asking Matt to answer emails throughout the process ….
    On Wednesday, 24 December 2014  Matt approved for a notice to go up to advertise the event was coming on social media, even though Parks was discussing in the background to implement new dingo safety rules of no running on Fraser Island unbeknown to me ….quote Matt “Yes I’m comfortable with this going up given the dates and exact location are not mentioned.”

Wednesday, 4 February 2015 12:08 PM
To: Jeanette Maynes
Cc: Sunshine Fraser Permits
Subject: RE: Dingo Safety Rules

Hi Jeanette,

It is really important for you to thoroughly read through the Information Notice that will be sent to you today or tomorrow. This notice includes review and repeal provisions should you wish to take that course of action. This is standard procedure that we need to follow in relation to your application. Permit fee is refundable but not application fee.

2 days on and still no notice?????     Notice eventually received …..

  • Total of invoice complied for compensation to lodge with an Official Complaint at the Queensland Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport dues to Qld Parks staff not being upfront since before Christmas in relation to the impending new dingo safety rules / policy that would affect the event.

– 5 hrs writing all website pages and race terms & conditions / legalities, (10 Pages)
– 2hrs liaisoning with Kingfisher Bay resort, including phone calls, emails
– 5hrs liaisoning with TRAQ, including phone calls, emails, safety contingency plan
– 1hrs liaisoning with SES, Fraser Island Police & Ambulance, including phone calls, emails
– 5hrs creating risk safety management plan (eight pages) as per Matt from Qld Parks request to provide
– 3hrs creating Marathon Proposal (Five Pages) as per Matt from Qld Parks request to provide
– 1 hr organising finishers shirts and the artwork design
– 1hr organizing finishers medals
– 2hrs organising insurance, underwriters reviewing race terms & conditions / legalities, including phone calls, emails
– 10hrs, logo design, poster, social media design, website template as per Qld Parks approval in writing to advertise upcoming event
35hrs @ $100 + gst per hour = $3,500 + gst

Fraser Island Marathon Facebook

  • On the 13th of January I was contacted by a Claire Wright | Ranger, Visitor Management, “As Matt indicated I have experience in assessing competitive running events in protected areas and already have some ideas to run past you. My intention is to work collaboratively with you over the coming months so that the event can be delivered safely and productively and that your permit facilitates this to best effect. As you are well aware Fraser Island presents unique challenges, particularly with regard to visitor safety and experiences. I  will call you for a bit of an initial chat when I get back from leave next week but in the meantime we are looking at a tentative date to visit Hervey Bay and meet with you of Friday February 6th.”(I was initially informed the permit would be all finalised in January)……..”– the permit would be approved sometime after the meeting on 6th as our visit up to meet with you forms part of our assessment process.  There is a certain level of detail required for your permit and this will take a little time but please be assured the more time spent in planning  the event and having  this properly represented in a workable and helpful permit the better. (13th of January)”…..” I always intended to speak with you on the phone prior to our meeting on 6th  ……. What I can confirm is that there is no other event booked in for that location on that date at this stage and I will ensure the day is kept reserved pending your assessment . (19th of January)” ….”QPWS and this Region  is supportive of the utilisation of Great Walks and is working positively with groups to promote running events, but Fraser Island is unique in terms of being home to dingoes and the delivery of Dingo- safe public contact messages must necessarily be factored into the assessment of your permit application. I am not able to comment further at this stage but will endeavour not to keep you waiting any longer than absolutely necessary. (21st of January)”…..”
    ……. on 4 February 2015 I emailed Claire to confirm our appointment time for the 6th and have heard nothing nor did she ever ring me as she said she would in numerous emails. I have been completely led on by Qld Parks in relation to my event.
  • The proposed Marathon course is on the other / Western side of the island and is not even in the main dingo prone areas of concern being Happy Valley, Eli Creek, The Maheno, K’gari, Cathedral Beach, The Pinnacles, Burad to Indian Head and Waddy Point to Duling including Orchid beach.
  • I have not seen a dingo once on any Fraser Island track in any of my hikes being – 2 x Z Force 10km, 15 x Lake McKenzie 20km, 1 x Eurong 28km, 2 x Eurong 56km and 1 x 90km Dilli Village to Happy Valley.
    That’s 550km of Fraser Island walked / run on foot and not one single dingo ever seen on the Great Walk track.
  • I have asked Matt from Qld Parks on the 4 February 2015 to forward the New Dingo Safety Brochure plus the exact new ruling / wording / policy.
    What exact date where the rules / policy were implemented / approved / changed?
    What are the repercussions if you are caught ‘trail running or jogging’ in the national park?
    Will rangers be issuing a fine? Do they have the authority to do this and if so how much?
    Will this be consistent across the island eg. at campsites, kids playing on the beach, etc.
    I have not received a response to date …..
  • It’s interesting to note the two sisters attacked on the other side of the island nowhere near the proposed marathon course weren’t even running when attacked, they were standing still?
    “The sisters, both mothers-of-two, were about 1km from their holiday unit at Yidney Rocks when they slowed to a walk after the dingoes began watching them and growling. “We knew it was bad. We stood tall and shoulder to shoulder and stayed still and stared them in the eye, which they say is the best thing to do,” Ms McGovern said….. more info here
  • Could Qld Parks please explain the difference between a dingo attack on a walker or a dingo attack on a jogger standing still?
  • If runners and joggers are not allowed to enjoy the Fraser Island Great Walk & hiking tracks how is that different to walkers and all national / international tourists. Fair is fair, same rules for all?
  • QLD Parks website reads:
    “Walk in groups – People walking alone on Fraser Island have been threatened and bitten by dingoes.” …. So the new 2015 dingo safety measures are to ban running & jogging in groups, but you can still walk even though walkers are bitten by dingoes as per their website?
  • As a dingo was killed that lunged at the girl swimming at Eli creek in Jan 2015, will we also be banning all swimming and visits to popular waterholes for dingo safety rules on Fraser Island? More info here
  • If a dingo attacks a child will we be fining the parent that ‘runs’ to their aid?
  • Will fines be issued to the parents of children that ‘run’ on the beach or play on Fraser Island.
  • I feel you have more chance of being attacked by a dog walking your local streets
  • I wonder about the dingo safety contingency plan for the Australian Outback Marathon at Ayers Rock / Uluru, isn’t there dingos there too, they seem to manage?

“I don’t feel running / jogging or walking is necessary an issue unless at dawn or dusk more so on the eastern beach as this is the dingoes natural food foraging time”
- Ray Revill | Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary

dingo 1Maybe it’s time we discuss the real issue here being the safety and fun of all; humans and dingoes.

  • Dingos should be being fed.
    That fact they are not and are starved completely contradicts Qlds Parks latest “Working on Fraser Island” potential employee information image here clearly stating “Conservation of the Fraser Island dingo is of national significance”
  • Should the dingos perhaps be in some sort of large enclosure separated from humans? Problem Solved?
  • IMG_4899Would this work as they are territorial? Perhaps two or three enclosures could work?
  • They could be a possible tourist attraction where safe selfies could be taken from outside a fence during feeding times. Starvation Problem Solved?
  • As the Fraser Island dingoes are nearly extinct (experts suggest less than 100 exist) should we be starting an immediate breeding program?… quote Qld Parks again “Conservation of the Fraser Island dingo is of national significance”
  • Should it be compulsory for all tourists to tick a terms and conditions box when purchasing their barge ticket acknowledging they are entering dingos natural territory and do so at their own risk accepting all responsibility for themselves and their children?
  • Should those that break the dingo safety rules be fined?
    This money could be spent on food for the starving dingoes!

Save the Fraser Island Dingoes!

Meet ‘Spirit’ she is one of only two white dingoes in QLD!
I recently had a chat with JanneanRay Revill on the best way to find a solution so our Fraser Island Dingos are protected from extinction and a possible breeding program.



Jannean Deans report of our meeting with some of my notes:

6th January 2015
Curator: Ray Revill – Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary
79 Mungar Road, Maryborough
Phone: (07) 4122 2080

The Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary staff consists of a curator assisted by a dedicated and enthusiastic band of volunteers.They are involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of native fauna and many of their volunteers are licensed to care for orphaned and injured animals and birds.

While they realise the enormity of the task they are undertaking, they are excited at the challenge and confident that with the support of Fraser Coast Council, business community, learning institutions, locals and visitors, they can become a major attraction for the area as well as continuing to provide a home for our animals.
They are always looking for volunteers at the Sanctuary. If you think you would be interested in becoming a volunteer, contact Ray.

The Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary came into being in 2004 when Nature World in Hervey Bay closed down.
It was established by TESS (Training Employment Support Services) to accommodate the animals that were in need of a new home.
In July, 2013 TESS decided it was time to concentrate on their core business and accepted an offer from Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. to lease the facility.
The existing curator, Ray Revill, will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the sanctuary and required to live onsite.

Mission Statement
The goals of the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary are:
To provide a haven for Australian native animals and birds in a natural environment.
Undertake the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick native animals and birds.
Promote education and understanding of our native fauna.
To contribute to our community and region by providing a facility which people can visit for an enjoyable experience, interact with and increase their knowledge of our native animals and birds.
Become a tourist attraction for the Fraser Coast region.
Remain community based operation.

1. Dingo Management – Policy incorporating Fraser Island (K’Gari) Tourism (Written by Jannean E Dean) – 42 rangers on FI
Implementation and approval of a new Dingo Management Policy with the State Government to protect and increase their numbers
1.1 FI Rangers to monitor visitors during peak periods at popular visiting spots and ask them to move away of approaching dingoes

2. Marketing
2.1 Dingoes on display during peak seasons at Fraser Island Barge Landing to educate visitors about dingo safety
2.2 Safe photo opportunities
2.3 Raise donations
2.4 May attract visitors to the sanctuary while in the area
2.5 Incorporating Fraser Island (K’Gari) into Tourism mixed media

3. Sponsorship of 4WD Vehicle – 4 x 4 twin cab ute – Diesel Turbo
3.1 Sell vehicle signage to sponsors

4. Veterinary supplies

5. Donations or fund raising required for the following:
5.1 Stormwater pipes – 200mm, 300m, 900mm (concrete)
5.2 Soaker pipes (100mm) 200 metres
5.3 Bags of concrete x 50
5.4 shade house – 6 x 4 metres
5.5 Shade cloths – 70 % – 500 metres
5.6 Crocodile enclosure – ARC mesh panels – 100 x 100 hard wood posts
5.7 Quoll enclosure
5.8 Koala enclosure – 16 x 100mm x 50mm hard wood – 10 x 100mm x 50mm hard wood – 10 x 70 x 38mm hardwood – Corrugated colour bond steel – 20 sheets x 4 metres
5.9 Chain link fence mesh – 300 metres
5.10 Fence post (steel round – 40 plus 60mm x 3 metres) (80 – 40 mm x 3 metres
5.11 Building timber (new) 3 x 2 – 4 x 2 – 100 x 100
5.12 Colourbond roofing iron – 4 metre lengths x 20 sheets
5.13 C-channel steel – 120 mm x 15 metres
5.14 Big ride-on mower
5.15 Push mowers (2) – 4-5 Horsepower
5.16 Small bobcat
5.17 Wheelbarrow x 2 – builder’s grade
5.18 Garden soil – 12 tonnes
5.19 Plants – gumtrees x 300 – bluegum, swamp, mahogany and other natives
5.20 Road base – 30 tonne
5.21 Cold tar for paths
5.22 Steel box tubing – 30mm x 30mm x 100 metres
5.23 Sleepers – 200 x 50 x 2 – 40 metres 40 lengths
5.24 Nuts, bolts, screws (assorted)
5.25 Cold room 6 x 8 feet
5.26 Crusher dust – 20 tonnes
5.27 Freezers (chest 400 litres or bigger)
5.28 Pigeon pair fridge / freezer 380-400 litres
5.29 UHF radio
5.30 Walkie talkies (3) – UHF 2 way
5.31 Commercial vacuum cleaners x 2

1. Implement more Certificate III Environmental Traineeships for passionate adolescents to lead to further education.
2. Obtain funding to pay trainees for their work shifts
2.1 Grants
2.2 Donations
2.3 More visitors through the gates
2.4 Revenue opportunities
2.5 Local or State government assistance
2.6 Expand & grow into a budget / affordable overnight stay accommodation / tourist facility for campers also

1. Sponsor a dingo
1.1 Didge – 5 yr old male from Northern Territory
1.2 Kora – 4 yr old female from Qld – (sister of Girri – full blood)
1.3 Girri – 4 yr old male from Qld – (brother of Kora – full blood)
1.4 Pup Pup – 2 yr old male from Fraser Island
1.5 Spirit – female – one of only two albino dingoes in Qld (Mother to Kora & Girri)
2. Running costs minimum $5,000 per month:
$1,900 feed + $1,800 rent (paid to TESS) + $1,700 electricity
3. Sponsor an animal
4. Sponsor a pen enclosure – plaque
5. Sponsorship sign placed on fence

If anyone would like to Sponsor one of Ray Revills’ awesome FIVE dingoes at the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary please shoot Ray an email and you will go on the sponsorship board and help with their survival and costs to run the sanctuary.
Please email Ray for bank direct deposit details:
How could you not they are so CUTE!

Big Woody Island – Middle Bluff Lighthouse

Some pics we took the other day when my mate Carol and I decided to explore Big Woody Island and Middle Bluff Lighthouse heritage listed in 1866. We walked about 1.5km along the rock lined tracked (with 100’s of spiders & their webs) then scaled down a cliff face to walk back to the boat via the beach.


Relive the fascinating history of Queensland’s early light keepers as you explore around the lighthouses. Follow the walking track up to the Middle Bluff Lighthouse from the Gas Shed. For your safety, please do not enter or climb on the lighthouse complex structures. A rock-lined track once linked the Middle Bluff Lighthouse to the North Bluff Lighthouse. The track can now only be seen in places and is not sign posted.
[More info here]

Some interesting images here.
Woody Island Lighthouses & Ancillary Building Site – Interesting History here.

Some interesting images here. (Pictured below)
“A call for tenders for the construction of lighthouses and a lightkeeper’s cottage on Woody Island was advertised in the Maryborough Chronicle on 26 May 1866. ….. John Simpson was appointed as the first lightkeeper of Woody Island and the lighthouses became operational on 1 October 1867.  Simpson, remained at Woody Island until 1870, when he was transferred to the Sandy Cape Lightstation. Simpson’s replacement was Peter Hardie, lightkeeper, who remained on Woody Island until 1897. In 1883, Hardie’s daughter, Sarah May Hardie, died of lung congestion and was buried south of North Bluff. It is thought that a number of other unmarked graves are located in the area.
Woody Island Lighthouses & Ancillary Building Site – Interesting History here.

Cottonwood Tree | Hervey Bay Foreshore Erosion Crisis & Enzo Development Application Update!

We are happy to plant trees for the Council

We are happy to plant trees for the Council

& (some additional inserts by Jeanette Maynes)

Discussion between Fraser Coast Regional Council, CEO Lisa Desmond, Peter Smith Director – Community and Development was in attendance and Nigel Greenup Executive Manager Open Space & Environment –

Community & Development and of course the sensational Jeanette Maynes and myself on Tuesday 16th December.

  • Works will not begin on Ernie Organ Park until after the school holidays (early February 2015)
  • Working off 2007 Foreshore Management Plan (8 yrs old) not with current conditions or requirements
  • Foreshore Master Plan (layout of parks) will be received from GHD Pty Ltd end of January 2015.
  • Torquay Rock Wall Engineering Plan will be received from GHD Pty Ltd end of January 2015.
  • Scarness Rock wall needs to go ahead 28 January 2015 due to funding.
  • SEMP will be available early February 2015
  • One (1) petition was received back in 2010 and was dealt with by Council then (More info here:
    This petition was not acknowledged by Council in 2012:
  • No other Petitions have been received by Council including Rodney Dudgeon’s with 3000+ signatures for Foreshore Protection – Rodney image of petition submissions receipts attached.
    ADDITIONAL INFO –  A document confirming the petition was tabled at a Council meeting and two other documents confirming that submissions were received by the Council, after Rodney Dudgeon queried the CEO about what she had been reported to have said at the meeting the day before – How extraordinary!
    • Document 1:….pdf
    • Document 2:….pdf
    • Document 3:….pdf
  • Jodie Woulfe posted her petition recently with 300 signatures to Council but they have no record of it, although CEO Lisa did advise “it could be in the system”
  • Petitions need to be specific – semantics I say, they are all relevant to protecting our foreshore
  • Were are you hiding Sand bags? - Image via Jeanette Maynes

    Were are you hiding Sand bags? – Image via Jeanette Maynes

    Sandbags are placed directly in front of the cottonwoods (beach side) the CEO said to a comment that Jeanette mentioned the Cottonwood trees have withstood the storms.
    (Jeanette Email to Lisa Desmond (CEO)  – If you look at the attached images, there seems to be only roots along that section, should I not be seeing sand bags like the other side of the jetty and in front of the caravan park?
    Locals have also said they saw no bags ever put in front at any stage, only sand pushed back up to the trees.
    As you stated at the meeting and was confirmed by both your executives that bags were indeed put in front of these trees could you please provided images or documentation that I can forward to the concerned community.

    Cottonwood roots - Image via Judy Calvert

    Cottonwood roots – Image via Judy Calvert

    CEO’s email response - Thank you.  It was my understanding that sandbags were necessary the full length however will confirm if bags were specifically installed within this location or sand pushing only.  The Council Officer involved in the completion of the works is presently on leave so will advise in the New Year, on the exact locations.
    Jannean’s response - I am concerned that you advised in our meeting that sandbags were definitely and directly in front of the cottonwood trees in Ernie Organ Park providing protection to the root system. This was also confirmed by Peter Smith and Nigel Greenup in the same meeting. Now, you cannot confirm whether they are as you stated or whether sand pushing being the only combat against the erosion. Coupled with this, we need to wait until the Council Officer returns from leave before this can be confirmed either way. It surprises me Council does not have processes in place that information of any nature could be obtained by following a procedure and accessing authorised paperwork that would have been submitted for the works to be carried out on the foreshore.)

    From: Lisa Desmond []
    Sent: Tuesday, 13 January 2015 5:37 PM
    To: ‘Jeanette Maynes';
    Cc: Toni Souvlis; Nigel Greenup; George Seymour; Jenni Oort
    Subject: RE: Appointment 

    Dear Jeanette, 

    Thank you for your email and I apologise for the delayed response.  I have confirmed with Council Officers that we did sand push in this area where the cottonwoods are however we did not have sufficient time to install the temporary sandbags for the entire section.

    I apologise for my incorrect assumption and statement when we met, I understood when we met that we had installed temporary sandbags the full length from the boat ramp to Surf Club however my understanding was incorrect.

    Again I apologise. 

    In relation to the petition, a search of Council records has not located the hard copy of the 300 signature petition.  I believe there was an email to the Mayors Office advising that a hard copy would be provided and then requesting it to be returned, however this is the only correspondence we have.  I will ask Jenni to confirm if my understanding is correct.

     Kind Regards

     Lisa Desmond
    Chief Executive Officer
    Office of CEO

  • Keen to have environmental protection in place asap
  • Keen to learn best solution to erosion problem
  • Other areas along the foreshore have had requests from the public to have sea views. Council has rejected them
  • Enjoys the uniqueness of our foreshore and would like to maintain it
  • No evidence of arborist report
    CEO Response:  It is not envisaged that an Arborist Report will be required for this particular project. Council generally undertakes Arborist Assessments if large trees which are requested for removal or where concerns raised due to risk. Council Staff are experienced in the area of vegetation management.
  • No evidence of environmental impact statement
    CEO Response:  An Environmental Impact Assessment was not required for this project
  • No provision for what is to happen with the sand dune in Ernie Organ Park Plan, isn’t it supposed to be current?
  • Sand from Tooan Tooan Creek has been used in the sand pushing at Torquay (this will have another impact on the flow of our foreshore)

  • Ernie Organ Park Plan pdf document properties show it is created by the CEO’s Personal Assistant Toni Souvlis. Jeanette queried why parks don’t make the plans for the park. (Have been advised by the CEO that no evidence of parks doing the reports and not her PA; will be provided.)
  • Cottowood Ernie Organ Sign 1Jeanette has since emailed a signage concept to Council to be acknowledge at the next Council meeting. A sign at the corner of the Cottonwood trees explaining the history, significance and environmental importance of the trees and Ernie Organ for the locals and tourists. . Keith and Graeme Organ (Ernie’s sons) are in favour.  Images attached.
  • Briefly discussed Enzo’s Building ApplicationEnzo's Against Submission Hervey Bay
    – CEO said the development application has been reviewed by town planners Cardno and returned for more information on the ascetics before council review. Jeanette queried if the community will get to review the amended application to be able to make an informed decision. CEO advised no they will not.
    – In relation to questions surrounding car parking, the CEO advised costs of  $120,000 per annum (12 spaces x $10,000 each) according to the size of the plans that were submitted.
    – Petition against Enzo’s multi storey development application on the foreshore to be presented to council here:
    – More info here:

It was pointed out that even though the Council has approved works for Ernie Organ Park including the part removal of the cottonwood trees, the Foreshore Master Plan would probably have provisions to utilise some space expanding the park into the Caravan Park which is what Council’s aim is. Briefly touched on; Caravan Park being removed all together. This will be followed up.

My petition will be presented to Council prior to first meeting in 2015 so it can be discussed. This will provide further time to have a stop to the park until all plans are viewed, discussed and adopted. In the meantime I still plan on organising a couple of events at the park to keep up the vigilance.
(Please sign the petition here:
More info on the Cottonwood tree and erosion crisis here: )

I suggested to Lisa it would be wise of Council to start involving the community in discussions and provide more details to the public in their media releases so people are fully informed and they have an opportunity to have their voices heard. We offered Council our services to help with the planting of trees and vegetation and Jeanette showed them the photo of 65 people willing to also help.

Jannean E Dean | Hervey Bay Have your Say

(The following day the Mayor had an editorial and photo shoot in the paper in relation to Vigilantes – Interesting to note the background is dirt with absolutely no vegetation, Council certainly cleared that foreshore, quoted by Cr O’Connell as doing a “wonderful job”!
When we offered our services if they wanted a hand to plant any trees, the CEO & Executives never mentioned any legitimate pathways or groups people could join to help the environment ….Jeanette 

Lake McKenzie 20km Hike #15


Another Awesome Adventure Day and Community Hike was had on Fraser Island on Nov 1st, with a 20km return walk from Kingfisher Bay to Lake McKenzie in 2:59mins mins return! 2,200 calories ✔

I had 26 Awesome hikers this time, with different levels of fitness, some of the guys were also on my 4 Week Program and everyone in attendance did Excellent!
I was really proud of all their personal achievements as this is one tough challenge!

10628111_790925017620817_1617094661538545429_nI also had Greg Waite the ex President of Trail Running Qld who had come up especially from Brisbane for the hike, which was very exciting. Greg certainly knows his stuff and is very experienced when it comes to trail running and trail events so it was amazing to have him along and lovely to chat to.

Everyone was thoroughly briefed, had well over 2L of water (this is my requirement on all hikes) and I had purifying tablets if they needed more water at Lake McKenzie plus I also printed out and read the Dingo Safety rules and what to do if you are approached by one. It’s best to always be fully aware and well informed.

IMG_3237The temperature was warm with summer approaching so we thoroughly enjoyed a dip in the magical Lake McKenzie for a refreshing cool down.

Lake McKenzie - has an area of 150 hectares and is just over 5 metres (16 ft) in depth. The beach sand of Lake McKenzie is nearly pure silica. It is a perched lake sitting on top of compact sand and vegetable matter 100 metres (330 ft) above sea level.

Some of us stayed overnight and enjoyed two more hikes the following morning.
– 7km stroll Z Force Commando School and McKenzie Jetty

During World War Two, the area near McKenzie’s Jetty was used by the Services Reconnaissance Department (popularly known as “Z Special Unit”) as a special forces training camp – the Fraser Commando School. Thousands of soldiers were trained here because the conditions were similar to those found on Pacific Islands where the Japanese were fought. Lake McKenzie was used for parachute training and the wreck of the Maheno was used for explosive demolitions practice.

Visitors to the site of the Fraser Commando School today can still see various relics of its military past including armour plates used to test armour piercing explosive charges and weapons and a concrete relief map of Singapore Harbour used as an aid in operations planning.

– 3km hike to the Lookout and Dundonga Creek then back via the beach.

More info on these walks here.  We also ran into our mate Rango on the barge who took us on our 90km challenge ! Can’t wait to go back again!

90km Fraser Island Great Walk in 2.5days!



What an awesome five day Adventure on Fraser Island!!!
We walked the 90km Fraser Island Great Walk in just 2.5 days!
(Myself, Carol, Susie & Tash – the Awesome Foursome!)

Starting at Dilli Village 6:30am on Friday morning, we trail walked through the amazing surrounds to Happy Valley by Sunday lunch 12noon! Staying at Lake Wabby via Central Station the first night on the track and Valley of the Giants the second night.

1795218_10152800835797277_9031225481823971146_oA big thank you to RANGO our support crew for looking after us and bringing the supplies into remote areas each day to ‘Rango’s Angels!’  (bedding, tents, food, clothes & BEER!)
We couldn’t have done this sensational achievement without you and your awesome jokes! (I don’t get it?)

A big thanks also to Carol for her excellent organisation skills with the trip / accommodation plus her vehicle got smashed and another vehicle pulling out the week prior, so with some quick genius work from her we still pulled the trip off! Really appreciated by all involved with the epic recovery and two new support 4WD’s!

Best Adventure to date I think, just absolutely breath takingly beautiful and challenging the whole way with nonstop hills, soft sand, and magical nature to immerse yourself in – eucalyptus woodland, rainforests, sand blows /dunes and pristine lakes!

1st day was 42km a trail marathon, day two 26.5km – 29km, day three 16.5km straight to the bar at Happy Valley for a burger and beers!

We saw a few animals – three dingos, a few goanna’s, lots of butterflies, I nearly ran over a small black snake, and an owl followed us for about 5km plus a dingo even tried to eat my dencorub!

Carol & I also took a power pack so we could charge up the iphones to use runkeeper over the few days.

I burnt 9,445 calories during the week!

Fraser Island –  is a heritage-listed island located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia, approximately 200 kilometres (120 mi) north of Brisbane. Its length is about 120 kilometres (75 mi) and its width is approximately 24 kilometres (15 mi). It was inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1992. The island is considered to be the largest sand island in the world at 1840 km². It is also Queensland’s largest island, Australia’s sixth largest island and the largest island on the East Coast of Australia.

The Maheno - is the most famous of Fraser Island’s wrecks and has become a landmark attraction. Built in 1905, the SS Maheno was one of the first turbine-driven steamers. She plied a regular route between Sydney and Auckland until she was commissioned as a hospital ship in Europe during World War One. She also served in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

In 1935, she and her sister ship the Oonah were sold to Japan for scrap.
The rudders of the boats were removed and they were being towed to Japan. When they reached Queensland Waters, a cyclonic storm snapped the tow chain and the Maheno drifted helplessly onto Fraser Island’s ocean beach.

Eli Creek – the largest creek on the eastern beach of Fraser Island, pours up to four million litres of clear, fresh water into the ocean every hour.

Lake McKenzie - has an area of 150 hectares and is just over 5 metres (16 ft) in depth. The beach sand of Lake McKenzie is nearly pure silica. It is a perched lake sitting on top of compact sand and vegetable matter 100 metres (330 ft) above sea level.

Lake Boomanjin – Another perched lake on the island is  which at 200 hectares in size, is the largest perched lake in the world. In total there are 40 perched lakes on the island, half of all known lakes of this kind on the planet. Lake Boomanjin is fed by two creeks that pass through a wallum swamp where it collects tannins which tint the water red.

Lake Wabby - is the deepest lake on the island, at 12 metres (39 ft) in depth and also the least acidic which means it has the most aquatic life of all the lakes….. More info here.

Wanggoolba Creek is a fresh water creek on Fraser Island with its source in the Pile Valley and mouth on the Western shores of the island. Wanggoolba Creek at Central Station is a popular tourist destination due to the crystal clear waters flowing over white sand through a rainforest valley.

The Flora of Fraser Island is unique and diverse. More than 865 species of plants thrive on the island. It is the only place on Earth where tall rainforest grows in sand. The island contains the largest extent of wallum heath remnants in Queensland. In Pile Valley, 1,000 year old rough-barked satinays are found. Despite being logged the kauri pines dominate in some areas. Scribbly gums, red gums, piccabeen palms, Blue Quandong, brush box and pandanus all grow on Fraser Island.
[Info via –]

WOW AGAIN!! I’ve already planned the next few hikes over there in my head, just can’t get enough of the place!!

[Images via Jeanette, Susie & Carol – Digital cameras, iPhones & GoPros!]
Fraser Island Great Walk map here Fraser Island Great Walk topographic map (PDF, 2.3M)*.
Click on thumbnail to enlarge images.

SUBMISSION AGAINST DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION – MCU-141028 by Enzo Andreuzzi for Enzo’s on the Beach.

Enzo's Against Submission Hervey Bay Online Petition  Enzo's Against Submission  Enzo's Against Submission 2

Enzo's Against Submission Hervey Bay

Development Application Seeking Development Permit for Material Change of Use
– Food and Drink Outlet and ancillary Function Facility; and Shop (Outdoor sport and recreation equipment hire and associated retail goods) over Land described as Lot 219 on SP166253, Part of Lot 218 on MCH4901 and Part of Lot 220 on SP185042 and situated at 351A & 351B Esplanade, Hervey Bay

Dear Community,
I wish to advise I am AGAINST and OPPOSED to the Proposed Development Application to Council by Enzo Andreuzzi for Enzo’s on the Beach.

Jeanette MaynesBeing a local since 1978 I just love our gorgeous foreshores and simplistic lifestyle.

It’s Awesome to see the locals, national and international tourists come together using the lawn, playground and park for relaxing, reading, exercising (cricket, frisbee, football plus Personal Training businesses), families with toddlers / children, takeaway lunch and dinner meals from local business outlets, group picnics, Council BBQ’s all enjoying the quiet beachside atmosphere and ocean views from the lawns.

When I found out one week ago from a local business owner about the development application, I instantly thought WOW, How Exciting, I’m more than happy for progress and thought modernizing the cafe would be FANTASTIC!!! (Good bye eyesore shipping container!)

Upon walking over and looking at the plans I noticed the cafe would be extending right into the middle of the park and lawn (now I understand why the children’s basketball court was removed) plus right back towards the bike path and be developed into a multi level / double storey function centre right in front of my home. There goes my sea view and breeze plus that of many of the other residents in my resort complex and many of the other business owners or landlords leasing their properties on the Scarness Esplanade.

When speaking to Enzo face to face about this after a meeting he advised he didn’t care and will be going two storey. I said fair enough but I will do whatever I can to stop the second level.

Myself as the Vice President of the Scarness Action Group feels the President (Ezno is currently in this position) should represent and be conscious and considerate of all of the Scarness businesses and residents best interests including success, growth, lifestyle, happiness, well-being, financial gain / profit  not solely his own.

For those of you that are unaware of how ferocious and destructive the constant erosion is at Enzo’s I have attached some images below I took Australia Day Jan 2013.
I’ve lost count of the number of times the Council have added more sand and added more rocks, pictured here on the beach in Sept / Oct 2013.
Here is also a movie I took from Australia Day Jan 2013 of the ocean –
How is this a suitable and safe place to build? 

There is also a severe problem in the area with parking which the council is very aware of affecting every single business owner plus residents trying to do their shopping, doesn’t make sense to add to this problem. I see illegal parking on the grass everyday, even Enzo himself.

Neighbouring businesses are also extremely concerned about noise (I personally like to listen to the sea) and alcohol / liquor licensing especially being so close to a children’s playground and Council caravan park. The Beach House Hotel was just rebuilt so we already have a huge function room and licensed venue on the Esplanade. We don’t need two with in a 150 meters.

The area is zoned as “Open Space”, it’s a park, get it?!
Applying to change the zoning from “Open Space”, to “Food and Drink Outlet and Ancillary Function Facility; and shop (outdoor sport and recreation equipment hire and associated retail good), I think you are confusing the beautiful public foreshore “Open Space” zone for all business and community members to enjoy at their leisure with that of a commercial shopping centre / food outlet application / pub license solely for your own profit!

There has been some construction in the car park today. I went and had a chat to the boys, it appears Ergon is putting in new three phase power to Enzo’s, plus removing the pole in front of his building (under Council direction they stated)?
The application is not even approved so why do this?
And who pays for this? Tax payers opps I mean Council?

Fraser Coast Chronicle -“ANOTHER manager at Fraser Coast Opportunities has quit the tourism and economic body, days after publicly supporting the Enzo’s on the Beach development application….. The cafe is owned by Enzo Andreuzzi, whose wife Danielle works alongside Mr Cornelius as the marketing manager at FCO……It is understood that numerous small businesses in the Scarness precinct are opposed to the Enzo’s development, on the grounds that they themselves will lose business and that the facility may encourage drunken behaviour and result in vandalism. This is an incredibly narrow view which Fraser Coast Opportunities fundamentally disagrees with.”  …. full story HERE!
Thanks for letting us know what you think of the Scarness businesses Fraser Coast Opportunities!!


I certainly hope the “Boys Club” Fraser Coast Regional Council, Fraser Coast Opportunities, Enzo and all involved with this Proposed Development Application are being honest and transparent with the Fraser Coast Community.

1. Council Website Proposed Development / all info / documentation here (click I accept):
2. Plans here:
3. My server if unable to download from Council Website (it seems to be down alot), Please click here then right click and select save as on the files titled Enzos


8th October, 2014
Chief Executive Office
Fraser Coast Regional Council
PO Box 1943,
HERVEY BAY Qld 4655 

Dear Lisa,

Development Application Seeking Development Permit for Material Change of Use

– Food and Drink Outlet and ancillary Function Facility; and Shop (Outdoor sport and recreation equipment hire and associated retail goods) over Land described as Lot 219 on SP166253, Part of Lot 218 on MCH4901 and Part of Lot 220 on SP185042 and situated at 351A & 351B Esplanade, Hervey Bay

Please accept this letter as a properly made submission under Section 305 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 opposing the above development application for material change of use (i.e. “the above development application”).

The grounds relied on in making this submission objecting to the above development application and the facts and circumstances supporting these grounds of objection include the following:

  1. The development application fails to identify all the land that is the subject of the proposed development for material change of use. 

Facts and Circumstances relied on in this submission for Ground No. 1 include the following:  The development application identifies the subject site as being Lot 209 on SP166253, Lease C in Lot 220 on SP185042 and Lease D in Lot 218 on MCH4901.  It should be noted that the aerial photograph in the report is deceptive as it is captured obliquely and as a result it appears closer to the road than a vertical photograph would more accurately.  In any regard, plan SP254557 provides connections to cadastral boundaries across the nearby (20.1 metre wide) gazetted road which confirms that none of the subject site as identified in the development application has a direct frontage to the gazetted road known as The Esplanade.  It would appear that Lease D in Lot 218 on MCH4901 is the closest part of the identified site to The Esplanade but Lease D is still approximately 18 metres from this road.  All access to the proposed development is therefore required to traverse part Lot 220 on SP185042 which is outside of Lease C in Lot 220 on SP185042 or any other part of the site identified in the development application.  Contrary to advice from Council, Lot 220 on SP185042 is State Land and along with Lot 223 on CP850484, Lot 128 on MCH2468, Lot 218 on 4901 and Lot 227 on SP235162, comprise reserve allocated for “public” purposes and for which Council is a trustee for such purposes but has not authority to act as trustee for other purposes under the Land Act 1994.

Case law has confirmed that the use of the land for development includes the access for that use to a public road and the like.  The above development application did not include all of the access as part of the proposed land use.   All access to The Esplanade will need to traverse part of Lot 220 on SP185042 which is outside of Lease C in Lot 220 on SP185042 or any other part of the site identified in the development application.

The above development application is therefore considered invalid. 

  1. The development application has failed to include information on the proposed design of the alterations to the existing building which is necessary for both the public and Council to properly assess such a development proposal especially considering that the subject site is totally surrounded by State land allocated for public purposes.                                                                                  

Facts and Circumstances relied on in this submission for Ground No. 2 include the following:  The subject site is a lease by a private party over State land and completely surrounded by public land and in a node on the foreshore that both the Council and the applicant have acknowledged as being of local and regional significance for various economic and recreational reasons.  It is unfortunate that the development application as placed on public display does not include information on the proposed design of the development that the public and Council would normally require in order to make an informed assessment.  This information includes, but is by no means limited to the following:-

  • the floor areas for existing and proposed new buildings;
  • maximum building height for existing and proposed building above existing ground level;
  • location of refuse storage;
  • delineated any existing (lawful) use areas external to the building as determined under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009;
  • proposed vehicular access and manoeuvring areas for services vehicles as well as any vehicular access by staff and/or patrons;
  • access between the nearest disabled parking space and the proposed entry into the development;
  • proposed location of any air-conditioning plant assuming that this must be within the approved leased area; and
  • proposed location of any heating gas storage.

The applicant has failed to clearly quantify the existing and proposed floor areas, location or refuse storage and maximum height above natural ground level for existing of new buildings, which among other things, are normally required for a properly made development application.
Even though the applicant had confirmed in IDAS Form 5 that such information submitted, it has not been made available to the public with the original information or the change application during the public notification period.  This failure is of serious concern and has disadvantaged the public in being able to make an informed assessment.

…………  (Click HERE to read full twelve page pdf document or download word document HERE.)

ParkRun Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay ParkRun is a fun day for everyone and is organised by Jeanette Grigoris, more details contact via Facebookpage HERE!
Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group HERE!

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and we encourage people of every ability to take part; from those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; we welcome you all.

Using the events page, select the event you are most interested in and review all the information about the course, local news items, the photo gallery and information about volunteering. Also, take a look at the extensive results page where you will find an incredible amount of information about your past performance.

If you’re interested in signing up to run at an existing parkrun event, or you fancy starting an event where you live, click HERE to find out more…

Athlete ID Key Tags – This is the most convenient way to carry your parkrun Athlete ID barcode – on a durable plastic key tag.
Attach it to your car keys, shoelace, necklace, wristband or zip. Click here to order one.

Some Awesome Images  by Chris Bergin from Aristocat Photography & Myself – 4 Week Program.


Tour De Bay

45km charity bike ride this morning with my mate Carol, took us 2:12mins with lots of wind!
Plus we ran the ’10km Community Challenge’ I organise the day before hand! Get involved everyone! Follow the Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group HERE!
Some image via Kim @ What’s On In Hervey Bay!

A huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who supported the Tour de Bay! We couldn’t have done it without your help! On the day, we had 239 registered adult riders and about 100 children riding in the Amazing Family Ride. The speed demons on the 100kms finished in under three hours. And we raised over $25,000 to support the Hervey Bay Youth Mentoring Program! It was a great morning, full of community spirit! Thanks to our partner in Rotary, our naming sponsors at Wilson HTM, all of the sponsors of the event, our riders, young and old, and our volunteers. We are so very grateful! Mark September 20th, 2015 in Calender! We’ll take a week off before starting work on Wilson HTM Tour de Bay 2015! Watch for our professional photos coming up on the page! – Tour De Bay

Hay House Writers Seminar in Sydney



Over the past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending the Hay House Writers Seminar in Sydney as I had been fortunate due to the help and support of many voting for me and had WON a free ticket to the event.
Talk about Awesome, I learnt so much and had many questions and thoughts answered in relation to my self-published soon to be BEST SELLING ‘4 Week Program!’ plus my marketing jeanette maynes hao house writers seminarplan, my platforms, my websites and the way I am implementing my goals and book / program within the community.
The energy and vibration in the room was electric and I met so many wonderful friendly like minded people. I hung out with a lovely lady and made a new friend also a ticket winner being Melissa Gibson a psychic, we got along fabulously – the Butterfly Whisperer.
Now to finalise my Synopsis to present to Hay House!
Someone (or maybe more than one person) who attended the seminar will WIN a publishing package with them; I could be the next best selling author accelerating my passion to “Get Australia Motivated!”. I hope so as I can feel it within my whole being!!

I had the pleasure of meeting and having a photo with the authors in order (the 1st four even before the seminar started!) as per my Law of Attraction photo print out (pretty powerful – reminds me of my Law of Attraction Donald Trump picture here) and the rest throughout the two days. I was also on the print out as a featured author as I will be speaking at the seminar in the future (L.O.A. at work). I even had a photo taken on stage with my book to assist my Law of Attraction processes! All the authors had such inspiring stories and were great at public speaking.
The images in the gallery include:

–       REID TRACY President and CEO of Hay House Publishing the largest publisher of self empowerment books, cds, dvds and empowering live events in the world.
–       LEON NACSON Managing Director of Hay House Australia, and the author of nine books. His current International Best Seller ‘A Stream of Dreams’ has been translated into four languages.



–       PAM GROUT author of ‘E Squared’ #1 New York Times best-selling author – (who signed my book I bought from home and told her about my bean experiment lol I learnt to look at things from a different perspective – story here.)
–       BRONNIE WARE –author of “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”
–        MEGAN DALLA-CAMINA author of “Getting Real About Having It All”
–       MARTINA SHEEHAN & SUSAN PEARSE authors of “Wired for Life”
-       JESS AINSCOUGH author of “Make Peace With Your Plate”
–       JULIEANNE CAIRNS author of ‘The Seven Money Myths’ being released by Hay House in September 2015

Some of the Awesome quotes from the weekend:
–       “A blog is an important place to start. Show up every day and write a blog post with no agenda other than to be of service.” – Jess Ainscough
-       “Write every day, even if no-one is going to read it. Practice your voice.” – Jess Ainscough
-       “Whenever we’re rejected, it’s always because the universe is holding something better for us.” – Jess Ainscough
-       “There’s an entire world of natural healing out there. We can love food that loves us back.” – Jess Ainscough author of Make Peace With Your Plate
–       “Teach what you need to learn.” – Reid Tracy
-       “If it’s worth writing, it’s worth writing. Write because there is a market, because you have a muse. Write for yourself and write regardless. Just show up.” – Megan Dalla-Camina
-       “The more narrow your niche is, the less followers you need to be successful.” – Reid Tracy
-       “The point of a platform is for you to connect with people who care about what you have to say. This takes time, there are no shortcuts.” – Reid Tracy
-       “Focus in on one core audience that you’re trying to build. Know who you’re trying to reach. Ask people why they’re being referred to you to try to figure out who this is. Build an avatar for your audience based on gender, age, interests.” – Reid Tracy
-       “Books are intimate things. They’re one of the only things apart from your husband/wife/partner that you take to bed with you.” – Reid Tracy   (or if you are me it’s your Laptop to listen to Reid and Louise Hay lol)
–       “Ask yourself, what makes my book so different? So interesting? Don’t write to be a best seller. Write for and from your heart, not your wallet. Write something you want to be remembered by.” – Leon Nacson
-       “The hard part about writing a book is getting people to read it.” – Reid Tracy

After the seminar I ran 11.5km around Sydney for some exercise and even managed to get my weekly stair runs in at the ‘Oprah’ House,  proudly promoting the Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group.



I received quite a few looks and comments, it appears fluro yellow socks and runners are not very common in Sydney!
“Need A Hand?”
We need to have at least 1,000 people doing my ‘4 Week Program’ to create a flow on effect to change 20,000 people to achieve the goal of dropping the obesity / overweight statistic from 70% to 50% on the Fraser Coast! (this could be executed in as short a time frame as 12 months!) Just imagine how happy, energetic, motivated and productive everyone would be! Too Exciting! (Then I / We can start on the rest of the 63% of Australia!)

4 Week Program facebook page here!
The Motivator here!
Design House here!

[some info & images via the legendary Hay House Auditions & Hay House Australia & Something Social! Thank you for one of the best seminars ever, so well organised and a fantastic venue being SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney!]

Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group

Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group     Make sure you “LIKE” our page!



10487281_680988041991592_2288476146231887826_nJeanette Maynes and Carol McNaughton have joined forces together to put into action our passion for creating lifestyle change. We want to let people know there are those of us in the community that are vested in and extremely passionate about showing and teaching others a new way of life that is healthy, exciting, fun and will make you happy! We want to share with you our enthusiasm, motivation, encouragement, support, our life experience on this journey, our extensive knowledge and most of all to show you the Power of the Mind!

photo 1Thursday the 14th August saw the launch of Fraser Coast Health and Fitness Community Action Group. After months of us talking about ideas to convey our message to the Fraser Coast broader community and also realising that those in the health and fitness industry already proactive are still only just talking about what should or shouldn’t be done. We couldn’t see where a proactive interaction with the community was happening. So we are making this interaction come to life and now a real reality. With keeping to our way of
10603541_679985385425191_7122032113163858206_nthinking, we will focus purely on the positive thoughts, actions and processes. Nothing negative here, do not want to attract it. ‘Law of Attraction’ working here. What you think, you will achieve, what you want, you will do!

“We MUST Visualise – See your life as you want it. You must visualise this in your mind and see it as already completed to have success! See your life, your home, your figure, your fitness, your finances, your relationships, your education, your goals as already being accomplished! The law of attraction doesn’t know or care whether you’re imagining something or whether it is real. The law of attraction receives those images as though you were actually living them, and it must return them to you.”


A quote of some sort here perhaps STATISTICALLY: The FRASER COAST has NINE of the FATTEST suburbs in Queensland! plus 70% of the Wide Bay is Obese or Overweight! The Wide Bay region also has one of the highest levels of diabetes in Queensland. We want to make a change to the excessively high statistics on poor health within our community.

10469218_677169005706829_7849952730221950490_nOk I hear you saying now, “WHAT’S DIFFERENT WITH THIS GROUP, WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO TO HELP ME!” Awesome question, so let us explain ……………… Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so Let’s Get Excited! Beside the two of us we now have a few more dynamic, passionate, highly qualified and educated professional individuals within their field and life come to us to help support and action our plans to you. You will see a lot more of Cheryl Virgo and Florian Fitzek on your journey. We also have put the word out to the professional community to come forward and join forces with us on a network and referral capacity along with valuable input, guidance, support, education and services. You will have a choice of a whole variety of services and products all listed on the one site. With ease and Photo now in printsimplicity you will be able to learn via our links to businesses and use their services knowing they support and interact with the Fraser Coast Health and Fitness Community Action Group. You will have access to find healthy food choices within the community plus direct access to the numerous fitness instructors available to help you on your fitness journey. You can follow our timetable that will be set up so you can see all that is available from those individuals, community groups or businesses that now support the Fraser Coast Health and Fitness Community Action Group …… We are starting a ‘4 WEEK PROGRAM‘ Community Overhaul kicking off on Monday the 25th of August ….. Another day! Another chance to change!
(Need A Hand?)

10622912_678063862284010_4326447954685311326_n“ In keeping with the great lifestyle, environment and climate on the Fraser Coast. I am looking forward to being part of a program that will help keep me healthy , fit and agile. I love where we live and want to do whatever I can to keep enjoying our unique lifestyle. Now we can all afford a program of fitness and good eating………convenient and enjoyable!“
- Gerard O’Connell | Mayor Fraser Coast Regional Council

FCHFCAG Shirts - For those that inquired about purchasing a community action shirt, a basic screen printed tee can be purchased online here –
If you would like a more durable long lasting vinyl cut out print like ours, please purchase an orange tshirt or sports top and take to GRAPHIC SCREEN PRINTING (
), 160 Boundary Rd Hervey Bay. Cost is $20 for print to your own supplied shirt.   TIME TO STAND OUT TOGETHER!


10354177_680988201991576_6595057830326911561_nJeanette Maynes, Design House Owner (Graphic & Website Designer) and “The Motivator” (Personal Trainer | Life Coach & the ‘4 Week Program’) together with Carol McNaughton Fraser Coast Massage (Remedial Sports Massage Therapist) with all like-minded professionals join forces to create a “ONE STOP” facebook page “Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group.” Now LIVE!

Our objective is combat the 70% obesity that plagues the Fraser Coast. So seeing as the population is 100,000 people of the Fraser Coast that’s 70,000 overweight or obese people that require our help.
We have a desire and are passionate about 10599128_683753285048401_6702237048320214612_nreaching out to the 70% overweight population, but we cannot do it on our own. This is why we need everyone to become involved at the same level of passion. We want to provide knowledge, education, events, classes, activities and healthy food choices along with retail shopping for 70% of the population that needs our help. The services we seek collectively are already taking care of their own health and fitness so we need to join forces and pass this vital life skill on to those that do not know where to start.
We need all modalities of massage therapists, personal trainers, life coaches, councillors, gyms, doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, naturopaths, USQ and TAFE to teach courses, healthy restaurants, fitness instructors, sports clothing retail outlets, sports clubs and the list goes on.

With 70,000 people to help there is no need to compete with each other, we need to become a team and promote each other’s services. The weight loss journey is ongoing and varied in every individual, it doesn’t stop when you are fit, it turns into a life style. We both personally choose to pay to utilise a gym, buy healthy choices at food outlets, pay for much needed massages, pay to participate in local sports events / runs, pay for barges to go run on Fraser island and pay for beer afterwards, pay for new runners, sports clothes and equipment – this is all money we are injecting back into the local community via our healthy lifestyle every week. So could 70,000 other members of the community creating jobs, profit, more energy and more productivity.
Together we will network and unite with each other to empower the Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group.

10410266_677719785651751_3270305047474832764_nYou are probably wondering what we are asking you to do now?
1. Inbox us a short but concise description / spiel of what you do or how you can help.
2. Supply an image you would like used.
3. Supply your facebook page link and website.
4. All we ask is that you please share our facebook page in return.
5. Those that offer a discount to our followers will gain weekly exposure in our COMMUNITY DISCOUNTS album – (Our followers will save our logo to their phone to show at the participating businesses that offer DISCOUNTS!) We need you exposed. We need you to compassionately help all who seek you and network with the rest of us so each and every person within the Fraser Coast community has a broader support team!
Maryborough team to be advised soon!

M: 0400 676 670

M: 0417 051 709

Why am I so PASSIONATE about the ‘4 Week Program’?

4 Week Program Testimonials jeanette

Photo now in printIt Works!
I Live and Breathe It!

This has made me so passionate about helping others be happy! Since New years Day 2006 I have researched and been reprogramming my thoughts, behaviours, self talk and beliefs plus implemented new and exciting fitness, eating and lifestyle habits……. read more here – !

4 Week Program ebook   4 Week Program Shopping printed book


HI ALL, I WOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL IF YOU COULD PLEASE CLICK THROUGH AND ‘LIKE’ THIS PICTURE AND ‘SHARE’ FOR ME ON FACEBOOK + VOTE (2 STEPS!)!! To help me achieve my goal of having the Hay House Corporation Publish my ‘4 Week Program!’ helping me teach others to be Happy! Any support of my vision is greatly appreciated. ABUNDANCE AND LOVE TO ALL! xx

Hay House Jeanette Maynes



More info here, here and here from after the walk.


10361997_10152317452388673_2832631163909102899_n“Until I decided to walk 180km from Langi Kal Kal Prison to Melbourne  in my Jail 2 Justice campaign the longest I had walked in years was in Hervey Bay – from the caravan park to the pier and back.

That’s why it is somehow fitting that there is a Hervey Bay connection this weekend with my campaign through your Enzo’s to the Pier and return. I am honoured  that Jeanette Maynes suggested to me that her free community walk should be a 10km Queensland celebration of ours.

The goal of Jail 2 Justice is twofold. To honour the families of the victims of crime. To ‘walk a mile in their shoes’. And to draw attention to my petition for a national public register of convicted sex offenders. When I was released from jail in March we had 43,000  signatures. That figure has grown by more than 80,000  to 115,000.

The campaign, and the walk,  have a strong Queensland  connection. On the final day, next Monday, we walk from Brunswick – where Jill Meagher was killed – to Parliament House in Melbourne to present the petition  to  Victorian  Premier Denis Napthine.

Joining me on that final stage will be Daniel Morcombe’s  mum and dad, Denise and Bruce Morcombe. This amazing couple have endorsed my campaign.

Thanks for taking part this weekend. I believe Australian  parents are angry, frustrated and scared about their children’s futures. A new national law, outlined in my petition, is a start.”

Derryn Hinch
May 20, 2014

10km Challenge 2013 #12 Jail 2 Justice JPEG

Jail 2 Justice Walk - Derryn Hinch petition 3“Help… Please!

THIS IS AN APPEAL to police, to the courts, to the child welfare authorities, to the so-called protectors of this community. It is an appeal to sanity. And if I don’t do this, I will never be able to forgive myself if something awful happens to another child. And, believe me, it will.” – Derryn Hinch

Sweet and Sour – Saturday, 17 May 2014

THERE WERE MIXED FEELINGS on a chilly May dawn today when we started our ten-day Jail 2 Justice walk from Langi Kal Kal Prison to Melbourne.
Positive vibes that we were trying to do something for a community wracked with anger, frustration and fear over what’s been going on in our courts and parole system.
But also the underlying truth that many of our supporters, including most of those walking today, have personal stories to tell and all of them sad ones.
They are the people we walked for today. A symbolic ‘walk a mile in their shoes’ event to show that Australians do care and want to do something about it.
About 45 of us started out from Langi Kal Kal this morning. At the end of the first ten kilometres I stole a quote from a baseball movie: ‘Build it and they will come’. – Derryn Hinch

Please keep up to date with the ‘Jail 2 Justice Walk’ daily updates here!

Jail 2 Justice Walk - Derryn Hinch

Jeanette Maynes am dedicating this weekend’s Fraser Coast FREE 10km Challenge – Community Walk / Run to support, honour and promote Derryn’s inspirational ‘Jail 2 Justice Walk’ and acknowledge the victims, survivors and their families in our region / nationwide as is paramount we all do our bit to raise awareness, protect all children, change the laws and BREAK THE SILENCE! Children deserve and are entitled to love, happiness, honour, protection and security.

Jail 2 Justice Walk - Derryn Hinch petitionPLEASE SIGN THE PETITION HERE!!! -
….In Australia, the rights of convicted sex offenders seem to take precedence over victims’ rights. Especially with paedophiles. Serial sex offenders have their names, photos and addresses, suppressed by the courts on release…… We, the undersigned, insist, that by the end of 2014, the Australian governments, state and federal, through their attorneys-general, unite to publish an ongoing national public register of all convicted sex offenders similar to Megan’s Law in the United States.

‘Jail 2 Justice Walk’ – Fraser Coast Supporters Info: Saturday 24th May 2014 – 6:30am SHARP

• Walk | Run Starts @ Enzo’s, Esplanade Hervey Bay
• 20% OFF Coffee for Participants at Enzo’s!
• Must have a moderate level of fitness …
(If not, turn half way & do 5km!)
• What to Bring – A FUN CAN DO Attitude!

10km Challenge 2013 #12 Jail 2 Justice 


Private Sale – $220,000
Street behind the BEACHHOUSE!

I can See the Sea … Fully Renovated!
Immaculately renovated townhouse situated in a central Prime Location only one street from the beach & shops!
Main bedroom, large walk-in robe, balcony & bathroom (spa bath) covers the entire upper level!
2nd bedroom or family room, kitchen, dining, private courtyard, carport, air-con & security screens.
Rents out for $260 per week.

5 / 5 McKean Road Scarness Hervey Bay
Interested? Please email me:



I’m happy to report we made it on foot from Kingfisher Bay Resort to Eurong Resortreturn with quite a few laughs!

Having run and completed the Noosa Half Marathon (21km), strolled around Noosa National Park  and climbed Mt Cooroora at Pomona the weekend prior  –  myself,  Susie & Carol decided we needed an even bigger challenge to celebrate our success!

Travelling on the dawn Barge from River Heads we set of at 8am with our overnight gear, food & 3L of water for Eurong – hiking across the width of Fraser Island.

The diversity of the terrain is magnificent, breath taking and so naturally beautiful always changing from bush tracks leaving Kingfisher resort to soft sandy tracks, steep slopes and hills the whole way (Sleeper Hill!), refreshing tropical rainforest, back to scrub and bush, then a surf beach at Eurong!
We had meal breaks at Lake Mckenzie and Central Station, pulled in at Basin Lake for a look. and thoroughly enjoyed a hot shower, buffet dinner, beers and warm sleep at Eurong!

On day two we were up at 5am, after coffee with headlamps attached we set off at 5:45am. Carol was bravely first up front on spider patrol with my walking pole positioned vertical ready for any frontal assault. We all took turns to lead and set the pace.

Check out the spider web I ran into and took out with my head 5cm from the spider on day one when leading!!! Specsavers Anyone? (images below)

Time taken was 5:50mins on the 1st day not including breaks (time with breaks 7hrs)  and 5:18mins (time with breaks 6hrs)  on the way back the next day! We Smashed it, even though legs and shoulders were alittle stiff on day two for the return. We probably ran about 12km of our overall total distance, being easy runs on the downhills.

A big thank you to Susie & Carol for coming and helping me achieve my goal to hike to Eurong again, it’s sensational to have such fun and like minded company! You guys are machines, and just did amazing, with an awesome level of fitness, well done!

56+ km’s = 5,400 calories ✔

We are definitely going again to Eurong, so stay tuned for the date everyone to come along!
…. I’m also currently planning 90km Challenge on the Great Walk!
…. and will be doing another 20km Challenge to Lake McKenzie within the next two months.
Keep up to date for the latest adventures on facebook!

Who’s up for the next 10km Challenge on the 24th of May – FREE All Welcome, Enzo’s to the Pier return! Click here for more info!