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Street behind the BEACHHOUSE!

I can See the Sea … Fully Renovated!
Immaculately renovated townhouse situated in a central Prime Location only one street from the beach & shops!
Main bedroom, large walk-in robe, balcony & bathroom (spa bath) covers the entire upper level!
2nd bedroom or family room, kitchen, dining, private courtyard, carport, air-con & security screens.
Rents out for $275 per week.
Body Corp about $1,200 per annum.

5 / 5 McKean Road Scarness Hervey Bay
Interested? Please email me:

Mt Walsh Summit! ‘The Bluff’

Feel like an exciting climb with maximum calorie burn, why not try out ‘The Bluff!’

“Rising to 703m above sea level in the Coastal Range, Mount Walsh National Park is a rugged park with spectacular exposed granite outcrops and cliffs. The Bluff area of Mount Walsh, at the park’s northern end, is a prominent landmark in the Biggenden area.”

More info here.

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Div 9, with 33.20% of the roll counted

Hi all,
I will be coming and going abit over the next month for some overdue holidays / appointments.
A massive thanks to all those that supported my campaign, especially Jannean Dean.
I know there was alot of disappointment for those supporters and volunteers that put in numerous hours of hard work, on all levels / issues and wanted massive change. And for that and all your help I humbly thank you. I could not have done this without you.
And well done to Jannean Dean and I for running a clean campaign at our own expense!
Yes it is possible in Politics!
Congratulations to all the candidates and their volunteers it’s a enormous job. Well done to those candidates that got back in and the new ones.
You can still keep up to date with the vote counts here:
…. Have an Awesome Easter break!
Kind regards Jeanette


Morning all, this is where we are at this morning for Div 9, with 33.20% of the roll counted.
It was a massive day yesterday in the heat, so a big thank you must go out to all the volunteers, that supported those they believe in and especially my team. I have been so humbled by the kindness, support, generosity of all the volunteers, supporters, friends and voters. There is some amazing people on the Fraser Coast.
It was awesome seeing and reconnecting with all the people that have been a part of my life at some stage throughout the 11days we stood and pre-poll and on election day.
I’m am very proud of the clean campaign I and my volunteers ran, we should all be very proud of our high standards and handling all the dirty tactics & grubbiness in a professional manner.
I have learnt so much in such a short period of time and made lots of new positive inspiring friends!
It will be nice to enjoy some rest and peace and quiet today 😀 ….
When you do your best there are no regrets.
You can check your division results here:

div 9

Jeanette Maynes Div 9 Candidate Speech

Hi there, For those that don’t know me my name is Jeanette Maynes.

I have lived in Hervey Bay since 1978, growing up in Torquay and, for the last 14 years, in Scarness being Division Nine, where I became a home owner in 2002.
I have decided to run for Division 9, my area, because the current council is, in my opinion, out of touch with the ratepayers and pursuing their own agendas. We need to aim to review and prevent rates rises (other than CPI),  as the escalating high rates and high unemployment is driving residents away and into financial hardship.
I aim to promote and uphold accountability, honesty, leadership, professionalism, common sense and responsible decisions in the best interests of community requests and requirements.
My campaign is self funded, I am completely Independent and not affiliated with any Political Party.
I have successfully run my own business for 11 years. I have extensive knowledge, qualifications and more than 20 years’ experience in business; computers; advertising and marketing; graphic and website design; tourism and hospitality; and event management. Being an adventure and exercise enthusiast, I became qualified as a personal trainer and life coach to help others enjoy the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. I have a Post Graduate Masters Degree in Professional Studies plus three diplomas based on all aspects of business and have been a Justice of the Peace for 12 years. My community involved over the years has been ongoing and extensive, I’m always involved or participating in something.
Since late 2014 I have attended nearly all the council’s ordinary meetings open to the public and have gained a vast understanding of council matters and procedures. I read and report on all Council agendas and minutes of the meetings. I am eager to learn more from the inside. I have also directly met, had conversations and corresponded with several government ministers and their directors. I have lodged several matters with ministers, the Ombudsman, and the Crime and Corruption Commission. I’m not afraid to ask questions at the top and find answers.


•  An immediate audit of all the council’s  finances, executive positions and salaries, operations, and departments (including Fraser Coast Opportunities and Wide Bay Water) to assess how to place our rates back in line with the rest of Queensland and make them substantially affordable for our communities.
• Community Consultation, Independent Voting & Responsible Spending
•  Reduction and review of all expensive and unnecessary council charges on businesses. Business growth creates spending, jobs and employment.
•  A referendum on de-amalgamation. A petition bearing 8,600 signatures has been sent to the state government.
•  Introduction of more services to improve fitness, physical and mental health.
•   Encouragement and growth of new industries, especially sustainable renewable energy. Hemp Industry, solar & eco-tourism, that provide long-term employment opportunities.
• Work to bring a government department to the area for employment.
• Tourism – Marketing the entire Fraser Coast.
•   Saving our heritage, including Maryborough Old Township. At Hervey Bay the Memorial Hall, Railway Station and Cenotaph, and the 90-year-old Scarness Rotunda, and Torquay Tennis Court
•  Preserving and maintaining the erosion-prone shoreline.
•  More awareness of our elderly and their needs. Are they coping on pensions in times of rising costs? Can the council assist in any way?
•  Upgrading infrastructure in outlying communities. These are important gateways to the CBDs and the entire Fraser Coast. Their residents deserve support.
• Restarting Scarness Big Screen Movie nights with twilight markets plus more lighting & bike racks
• Introducing live streaming of all Council Meetings
• Putting the focus back on the entire Fraser Coast, make it fair & equitable for all.
• Transparency, integrity & honesty


•  The Fraser Coast Sports Precinct. it is currently not viable due to lack of $56 mill in finance & lack of required population. Council has purchased the land for $1.980 mill, so if in 10 or 20 years we have the required population numbers & finances we just build it then.
• 20 Storey Developments on the Hervey Bay foreshore!

So let’s make the Fraser Coast vibrant, exciting, positive, unified, productive, economical and progressive restoring our drive and faith in the growth of the entire region, our elected members and our respected communities and residents.
Please Vote 1 Jeanette Maynes for Division 9!

No transparency from FCRC on Sports Precinct



Map by Jeanette Maynes

On Saturday I (Jannean Dean) attended a meeting with Candidate for Division 8 Denis Chapman, Candidate for Division 9 Jeanette Maynes and the owners of a property near the Sports Precinct Location.
Just when you thought nothing more could be disclosed about the Sports Precinct, more details come to light – this will shock you! Again, maybe not – this is typical of the current Council and how they operate.

Council purchased two parcels of land. One from Wide Bay Water $715K and the other private sale $1.265 million, total being $1.980 million on RP Data. The Council has made a massive error and DID NOT acquire the house a third of the way along the boundary on the land purchased for the Sports Precinct.

At a meeting conducted by the CEO and Council representatives the owners of the house turned up and were questioned why they were there. Stating they were the owners of the property Lisa Desmond said NO Council owns it. The owners then echoed they were the owners and advised they pay rates on it and for Council to check their paperwork. The CEO would not have been very happy learning she had made a gross error yet again.

This deal was done hastily with the purchase of land and not subject to any conditions. The forcing of this project is disgraceful and the community should have been consulted on the Nikenbah location. So where does Council go to from here in relation to purchasing the house a third of the way in from the boundary of the site?

Stuart Taylor had the audacity to call a vote on whether the Opposing Letter and Petition ‘Against’ the Sports Precinct were to be received by Council that James Hansen tabled and then tried to use the Standing Orders to stop a further petition at a later date being tabled. This is well over three thousand signatures. Why are they attempting to remove the people’s democratic right to be heard? Yet they are still not being transparent about this project.

The CEO advised farmers there would be absolutely no impact on farming activities but this is a misleading statement or is it erroneous? The farmers, Sugar Mill and Government put money into an Effluent (waste) Water Irrigation System which has run out four (4) times at crucial instances. Farmers need vaccinations to protect them from effluent water as do plumbers and other like professions. What happens when children are partaking in sport on this site being affected by the spraying of effluent water? Will they need vaccinations also? Is this putting our children at risk? Why has Doctor Rudd heading up the Sports Plus Project Committee who is privvy to documents that elected Councillors are not; not advised on this in any of his media coverage all the while supporting the Sports Precinct? Does he know about it?

Gerard O’Connell might like to explain his plans with Riverside Christian College and the development plans for a new school on the Chapel Road side of the proposed Sports Precinct site or is this a rumour?

Bullamon RV Residential Park is being developed diagonal to the site for 222 RV sites (relocatable dwellings) and 152 small house blocks – these have already been approved. All RV’s will need to go through the housing estate as there is only one entrance and exit to both these sites from Madsen Road. This entrance is having a road that is being built over what was a dam, but since has been drained a metre and a half and now called a retardation basin. Why is there not a second entrance and exit point? What happens in an emergency situation?

Chris Loft approved the CEO report for immediate earth works for the Sports Precinct. Does he know about this house? Does he know about the effluent water irrigation system and all that encompasses? It seems to me elected Councillors are voting on projects they actually know very little about.

This intersection is one of the most dangerous intersections on the Fraser Coast. There is no town water or sewerage in this location so further expense. There is talk of a roundabout going in. The road structure is not adequate for children to safely travel to and from for sport in this location.

Apparently there will be $20 million on earthworks – $10 million 2016 and $10 million 2017. These are not the figures outlined in the budget but they are the ones they are working off. It would have been smarter of Council to look at land down Main Street where it is flat and there would not be a need to spend the first $20 million on earthworks, saving this for proper application of the project.

There is also an old shed and worn out machinery on this site owned by Council that is falling apart with apparent chemicals inside. It is a snake haven and fire hazard and should have been removed by Council. What risk is this posing to the rented house on this site?

Council has not advised where everything is going. They do not have a plan and seem to be ‘winging’ it as they go. On the new Sports Plus glossy brochures the plan layout have been altered without being voted on? Where did the approved satellite hubs and hockey disappear too? This was never discussed or voted on; plus additional running tracks, entertainment, concerts, events space…?
How much money is allocated to the second budget for Planning and Design? The one that Rolf Light has been reported to the Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland for disclosing a $28,000 spend of rate payer money on reports by a Melbourne Company plus $1,500 on business cards to sell the Sports Precinct. There is even a spiel in this document stating “how to sell the sports precinct” – 100 day campaign. How much were the new glossy brochures and logo etc? Is there any other additional monies being spent that we don’t know about?
What else is Council hiding? The Mayor would not be pushing this so hard against community if there was not something else to this.

You are right Gerard “Enough is Enough”! It is time for you to move on!

There is still time to sign the petition against the Sports Precinct here:


170 chapel road final 2

Letter to the Editor: So what is plan B?

Sports Precinct fIGURES
How does the Council think they can sell a grandiose sports precinct project to the general public or government sector for funding that does not even have a business plan with no financial forecasts to clearly outline all costs involved, possible return if any, expected figures or estimates for turnover, ongoing yearly maintenance fees, compounding interest, club contribution or whether it would EVER be financially viable and self funding ? This is poor business practice.

The CEO wants to start immediate earth works in 2016, then what?
$5 mill should not be spent on a project when there is no guarantee where the further funding for the next ‘infrastructure’ stage will come from, especially when a $6 Mill Federal Governments National Stronger Regions Grant and $1.5 Mill State Government Building Our Regions Grant have already been knocked back and denied!

Knowing this, Council has still printed glossy brochures used at the recent Sports Expo with what could possibly be considered as false advertising stating “we will raise $20 million in funding from the State Government and $20 million from the Federal Government”?
How can you sell a project of this size and calibre with a nonexistent business plan, based on nonexistent funds that you have no security of ever obtaining?

So what is plan B?
…for when $5 mill worth of earth work has started and there is no further funds to continue? What will happen in this instance? Will the full $56 mill expense and ongoing maintenance be passed on to rate payers? Will the paddock just sit there? Will the CEO and Councillors in favour answer what is their contingency back up plan?
Why did Council not put the Ninkenbah location out for Community Consultation?
Why would Cr Stuart Taylor ‘twice’ call a vote NOT to accept petitions AGAINST the Sports Precinct from the community at large at two different Council meetings (3,000 signatures to date AGAINST)?
Why would Councillors not want to accept community petitions, this is a first and very poor practice?
Why at no stage would Cr Stuart Taylor disclose at Ordinary Meetings when ‘voting’, a possible conflict of Interest being that he is the President of Football Wide Bay (Soccer) and Club President Kawungan Sandy Straights Jets (football – soccer)?
It is interesting to note that Football / Soccer is in Stage 1. to be moved to the Sports Precinct.

FCRC, always so transparent …..

Jeanette Maynes
Candidate Div 9

PS. Petition AGAINST the Sports Precinct here for those that wish to still sign it: – perhaps we should try for a hat-trick of being blocked by Cr Stuart Taylor on having a say on this matter…. or after the election it could be me voting on accepting the petition or voting on a review of the entire project!
Council has purchased the land ($1.980 mill), so if in 10 or 20 years when we have the required population numbers and finances we just build it then… there is no rush on this project ….

Letter to the Editor: “Erosion Enhancement”!

beach rockwall 1


Recently I asked the Council is it possible to have a massive sand push along the beach between the Maryborough Sailing Club and Torquay Tennis Court, as it hasn’t been done for over twelve months in most areas, some of these trees should live if we get their roots back stabilised? The erosion is higher than me.

Preserving and maintaining the erosion-prone shoreline is very important and also very costly to the rate payers. The council’s removal of cottonwood hibiscus and understorey plants with their sand-binding roots has weakened the foredune to the extent that mature trees have been lost and the council has covered the dune escarpment with inferior rockwalls that continuously crack and wash out to sea due to the use of Dundowran blue basalt rock which in not suitable for rockwalls. Councils own Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) states $600 MILLION needs to be spent over the next 20 years and is well in excess of FCRC’s existing annual budget!

Glen Kruger Hervey Bay Council Parks Curator and his team used four lines of defence, while planting 15,000 trees mainly cottonwoods and casuarinas, both salt-resistant trees, from Burrum Heads to Urangan in the period 1975 to 2000. These were scientifically researched, thoroughly, prior to implementation.

I think the Council parks team have all our parks looking absolutely wonderful, so for now I feel we could take a break from clearing trees / vegetation and look at the foredune that the Fraser Coast councillors endorsed a Hervey Bay Shoreline Management Plan (HBSMP) $7.2 Million rock wall and sand-bagging plan / spend to protect the vulnerable foreshore from erosion on August 19 2015.

beach rockwall 3This plans needs further serious review by the next Councillors to base this on the best scientific evidence and advice from world experts, so we can maintain and not continuously replace these rockwalls. This $7.2mill approved by Council includes redoing the rockwall at Scarness that was built in February 2015 ($1.3 mill) that is not even 12 months old and is cracking and leaving sharp rock fragments all over the beach where tourists and locals swim; it’s very dangerous. After continuously contacting Council they eventually organised bobcats down to clear the rocks last November 13th 2015, now new ones are already scattering the beach again.

The $7.2 mill spend does not include the cost to redo the Toogoom rockwall that also fell apart in under twelve months, yet an engineer signed off on the approved design stating a 50 year life span?

Come on Council, you are costing rate payers as absolute fortune with your “Erosion Enhancement”!

Jeanette Maynes
Candidate Div 9

beach rockwall 2


Sand Push Needed

native trees

I’ve just contacted Council to see if we can have a massive sand push along the beach between the Maryborough Sailing Club and Torquay, a local resident Steve Rush has informed me it hasn’t been done for over 12 months in some areas? I just went to have a look and took the attached pictures. Some of these trees should live if we get their roots back stabilised … I’ve also included nature pics from Steve and his message to our current Mayor …. I’ll update when I hear back further from the Council …

VOTE 1 for a local with experience that has lived in Hervey Bay and Div 9 since 1978!

My corflute has kindly been put up across from Star of the Sea Catholic School by a lovely couple – This picture of me was taken in April 1984 and published in the local newspaper when the school was officially opened by his grace the Archbishop Francis Roberts Rush from Brisbane.
VOTE 1 for a local with experience that has lived in Hervey Bay and Div 9 since
History is Dug Up at Star of the Sea, story here!

Star of the Sea Catholic School


Why does Politics not draw out the best in some people?

Dear Dana,

I have been forwarded your facebook post from numerous concerned Fraser Coast residents that did not appreciate your comments in relation to my helping with the storm that severely and directly hit where I live in Scarness. I find it alarming the wife of the current Councillor for our Division 9 being Stuart Taylor would lower themselves to compose such a vitriolic post let alone encourage others to share it.

dana taylor division 9 fraser coast 2

Here are a couple of corrections for you:

1.  I was not celebrating, a man had just died, I was lifting and clearing trees for three hours.
I also cleared trees the night of the storm so the ambulance and emergency vehicles could get though as did a shop owner further down. Other community members stopped or came along to help with this. I and a friend also cleared the storm water drain at Scarness of debris and branches as it was starting to flood in front of the shops. Happy to report we had the water flowing again in no time.

2. I did not bitch nor moan at any stage, that is not in my nature, I was too busy working and clearing. I have never made any comment at any stage about the Council insinuating any involvement in any death. Be very careful making false statements like that publicaly on social media.

3. I spoke to the CEO at Scarness Caravan Park and she mentioned your husband Cr. Stuart Taylor was there with many of the Council team, it was wonderful to see this awesome community spirit with my own eyes and everyone working as a team, as the caravan park had been smashed.

4. It was also professional of the CEO to come and speak to me personally even though we have differences of opinion on many local issues, emergencies such as these are the time to put differences aside. She mentioned how some of the residents said they saw a tornado / water spout which was frightening for them especially with the terrible tragedy unfolding. She also mentioned how the residents were currently being evacuated to Pialba to assist with the clear up.

5. Yes I got a little red faced / sunburnt too, I had been out since the crack of dawn and up till after midnight with the storm

6. It was excellent of the Council to put up images of the workers later in the day as I had done. Their efficiency, professionalism and haste to fix our park needs to be commended, shared and congratulated as per my facebook posts with hundreds of likes, shares, comments of thanks / appreciation and thousands of views by the entire community that were very concerned, even their out of town relations, all appreciating the visuals and updates. So many people thanked me for keeping them in the loop and of the excellent recovery progress.

7. I am sorry to hear you had to go without your husband for the day.
Even though as you say, he was attending the scene where the poor man had been a victim of the stormcell and lost his life.

8.  Angry?? – Did you know … 5 mins of anger suppresses your immune system for 6 – 7hours? Tony Robbins said this at a seminar I attended once.

9. TWAT! lol no comment… #stayclassy

10. The facebook group Fraser Coast Have Your Say has over 1,600+ members and it is the Biggest Positive Political Social Medial Group on the Fraser Coast! It a place for the community to share their ideas, thoughts and concerns in a respectful environment (no bullying, name calling or swearing – if there is any of this behaviour from members or negativity is it closely monitored by a team of admins and immediately addressed) We have noticed a couple of strategically placed trolls at the moment “friends of other candidates”, not sure why people bother with that at election time, just live in an open honest transparent manner I say.
There is no cheap political point scoring, defamation or negativity such as this post of yours, just current topics of community concerns plus clarifications as to how current councillors voted in the meetings or their comments to the media when they contradict this. Members discuss their thoughts about both / all sides of community issues to think about Positive outcomes. It is how we all learn and understand more to create positive solutions together and it has been running very successfully for well over 12months now.

11. FALSE; I do not write from a negative perspective that would be a waste of precious positive time and unconstructive to the continuous betterment of my life’s journey, the betterment of the Fraser Coast Community and Council plus a very poor example to my peers and facebook friends.

12. Negative comments do not get me off as per your suggestion, though helping the community in times of need makes me feel grateful and proud as do the endorphins from a fun 10km run make me feel excited and healthy

13. I am not the sort of woman to stand by and tolerate absolute derogatory  posts such as this, so it would be appreciated if you focus on a clean campaign and promote your husband’s positive accomplishments if applicable. The community deserves better than to have to read such immature slander and be ordered to share this taradiddle! Surely you do not have to sink this low, after what the residents and our community just went through …. who does that? Please refrain from further mentioning me on your facebook profile, it is not at all professional …. All the best with your husband’s election campaign   …..

14. Absolute malarkey and unprofessionalism such as this contributes to what has inspired and driven me to run for Council! The Community is in desperate need of Honesty, Professionalism, Leadership, Intelligence, Common Sense and Courage in a Councillor.

15.  No negative comments on this post please people, my page has the same rules and integrity as Fraser Coast Have You Say – “Please keep comments to be positive and constructive giving ideas and working towards solutions.”

16. If anyone sees any other negative posts like this please forward to Jannean Dean 4 Mayor or I, thank you, we will address immediately and won’t be lowering to these standards / election tactics.

dana taylor division 9 fraser coast

OH and Vote 1 Jeanette Maynes for Div 9 !!!!

Photos of the stormcell here!

Moolyyir Creek

This morning I went to see a friend Dale who I used to train with at the gym (king of spin class) that kindly put up my corflute for me, as you can see I had on my bright gym attire ready to go myself and Dale struck a pose! He told me about and showed resident concerns in relation to a development retainer wall backing right near the mangroves and Moolyyir Creek, also leaving not much space for pedestrian access to the beach. I wonder if that is encroaching on state land …. and what happens with King tides ….?

Save Moolyyir Creek here!

This Week

I had a good time at the Maryborough markets last Thursday, I learnt heaps talking to the locals and checking out some HEMP products …

We’ve hit the highway!!

Thanks JAM Outdoor and Design House , Jannean Dean 4 Mayor & Jeanette Maynes 4 Div 9!


Corflutes are going up!

My campaign is self funded, I am completely Independent and not affiliated with any Political Party. – So if you wish to HELP & Support Me that would be really appreciated, you can; offer to put up a corflute at your property or business, man a polling booth or be a Scrutineer, share my website & facebook / social media posts, and spread the good news & love!

I have attended the Council meetings for more than the past 12 months and have educated myself with a vast understanding of Council matters and procedures and am eager to learn more from the inside.

Scarness Master Plan

Extract Scarness Master Plan, what a waste of money!

I was at all the Scarness Master Plan meetings and most of the things in here we did not want, yet Council just includes them?
We do not want the rotunda moved or the last lot of trees in the right hand corner near the caravan park removed for more views, or 36 umbrellas and change sheds?
There is also a very clear entrance to the beach next to Enzo’s so this does not need to be enhanced?
Not a single percentage vote is over 50% in favour which means there is not enough support to warrant this sort of rate payer expenditure.
Are we turning the park into Enzo’s private beer garden?
3 people out of a total population of 101,000 residents want to move the car park SO for the grand total of $820,000 we are going to remove the only car park in Scarness!!!

I can assure you NO one wanted this on the master plan as we don’t have enough parking as it is, another massive not wanted expense slipped in by the Council on their plan.

$250,000 to widen some footpath?
$150,000 to move the 90 year old rotunda! + put in change sheds, umbrellas etc …
$125,000 to put umbrella, lights, seats and shelters in the green open space where everone plays and has picnics between the playground and Enzo’s
$100,000 to remove the trees in the corner near Enzo’s
$50,000 for stairs to the beach

Hervey Bay Esplanade Tourist Precinct Plans here!

944947_392470314366077_797139372550496353_n 10346650_392479981031777_7871700721411087710_n 12193391_927915760626585_8732646815230690041_n

Council Do Not move the 90 year old Scarness Rotunda!


In Div 9: The Scarness Rotunda – built in Dec 1925 opened in 1926.
Council Do Not move the 90 year old Scarness Rotunda!

(A Contract worker employed by Council suggested to move this as it looks old at a meeting for the Foreshore Master Plan. I said not to include moving our heritage in the master plan, it is not necessary and a waste of money. This is what Council calls community input. Now they have left it completely off altogether and I have repeatedly asked for it to be put back on the master plan. The cost to rate payers to move our heritage for no reason $150,000!)

The Scarness Railway picnics used to attract 6 – 7 thousand people.
Dances, card nights and other fundraising helped raise the money for the Scarness Rotunda. It was originally in front of the Scarborough Hotel, then Haddows, then moved to the furthest part of the Scarness parkland where it is now situated.
It still has the original wind chime on top.
– Photo courtesy of Hervey Bay Historical Village & Museum

Last week I was just chatting and singing with ‘The Red G String’ Ukulele Band that perform every Wednesday at 10am in the historic 90 year old Scarness Rotunda from the railway picnic days (that Fraser Coast Regional Council wants to move).
They had a very clear message they wanted Council to hear!!!

Hervey Bay Esplanade Tourist Precinct Plans here!

Pialba Master Plan

Has Everyone seen the new $265 mill (from the Mayoral report in the minutes) Pialba CBD (BrisVegas look A Like)
– CBD Master plan here!

Point 2 – Potential new Council administration centre (relocation of Tavistock St centre)
– Look at the best option for the Council Chambers; are they fine where they are (there si land there to expand), move them to Maryborough or should departments be spread out across the whole of the Fraser Coast?

Point 4 – The very Exciting “Vibrant laneway”  ??

Point 7 – Preferred sites for bus transit centre?
Leave the bus station where it is so that people can easily access the shopping centre. How are the elderly that cannot walk far going to get to the Stocklands shopping centre when they are being dropped off near Old Maryborough Rd? Especially carrying bags of groceries home?

Point 3 & 12 – Potential large floorplate office development (yes we need more offices with all the vacant shops in Main St?)

– Leave the Historical Memorial Hall & Cenotaph where they are! QLD Heritage listing currently being reviewed.

Your thoughts …..?

pialba master plan 2




back flow 2• QUESTION:

Upon reading this story today below in relation to legionella bacteria I am very alarmed at what is going on with our water!

THE Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service’s routine water quality testing program has confirmed a positive test for legionella bacteria in hot water at the Hervey Bay Oral Health and Cancer Care Centre. Two isolated positive results have been confirmed at hot water outlets in hand basins, but cold water has been cleared by current testing and all sterile water used for clinical purposes including all dental procedures is treated and unaffected. “

Where I live we are charged a backflow fee in our rates which is an annual maintenance and testing carried out on testable backflow prevention devices installed in the Region which is an important role played by Council as it contributes to the protection against contamination of the town water supply.

backflow 1The alarming part is Council does not do this testing yet charge me for it annually!!!

1. Council does not send the required notices / letters to advise of this required annual testing to my home / apartment complex
2. A licensed Plumber (with Backflow Testing endorsement on their license) is not engaged to carry out the test at my home
3. Our body corporate does not pay this non-existent licensed Plumber for any work
4. This non-existent licensed Plumber does not give his report to Council to be filed, with which device, at which location, was tested on which date
5. Council have said in writing they have NO list what so ever of back flow testing as per Councils responsibility under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 to maintain a program for the registration and auditing of the annual maintenance and testing carried.
Council email extract – “Council does not keep a list of the number of inspections carried out.”

• The below is an email I sent to Council / Lisa Desmond on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 4:07 PM and the Ombudsman plus Ministers that the CEO only acknowledged after repeated emails (15 in total) SEVEN WEEKS LATER on Thursday, 14 January 2016 3:56 PM
Sent: Thursday, 14 January 2016 3:56 PM
Subject: Official Acknowledgement of Complaint – J Maynes – 2015-16 Fraser Coast Regional Council Annual Rates Notices

Dear Ms. Maynes
Thank you for your emails of 6 and 13 January, 2016, in relation to the above matter. In summary emails to internal Council staff, relating to this matter, commenced on 14 August, 2015, with the following being a chronological order of emails received and responses provided by Council Officers in relation to this matter:- ……………………….. Lisa Desmond  (I will advise the response when I receive one)

• EMAIL SENT TO COUNCIL FROM previous ongoing rates communication ‘he’ is in reference to two separate staff members correspondence provided:
Sent: Tuesday, 24 November 2015 4:07 PM
Subject: RE: 2015-16 Fraser Coast Regional Council Annual Rates Notices

Thanks ……………………..,

……………….. emailed me this information:

All Backflow Devices have to be tested. All test reports are to be submitted to Council.  No Devices are tested by Council.  Council keeps a Backflow Device Test Register.  The Backflow Device Fee issued by Council maintains the register and pays for any inspections required due to complaints.

  1. When did this charging for this Backflow Device commence within our rates and what Minutes was it approved in?
  2. Why would he say there is a register?
  3. How can you say that “it appears that the backflow devices at ……………. are overdue to be tested”? How would you know this, when you state you do “not have a full list of the testing history for the backflow devices on your property” and then further state that you actually indeed have NO list what so ever – ” Council does not keep a list of the number of inspections carried out.”  ????
  4. Why would Council not record inspections and complaints made? This would be a mandatory incident report under the LGA 2009 and Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002?
  5. You mention “Council has a responsibility under the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2002 to maintain a program for the registration and auditing of the annual maintenance and testing carried”Why would you not have a list of inspections for our premises if they are annual and a record of the above auditing for the registration as per your statement being that this is a Council requirement – “they are required to be tested annually”?
  1. Our receptionist has confirmed the “premises”(address removed) has never been contacted in relation to this by Council.
  2. As the Chairman of the “premises” I can confirm the body corporate has never been contacted in relation to this testing.
  3. This is fraudulent to charge our “premises” per annum for work that;
    has NOT been carried out
    has not been recorded or documented in any form
    that Council has no evidence of
  4. Due to there being NO record of any backflow testing inspections I demand the owners of our “premises” be refunded the $57.44 per annum you are charging for work not done or recorded since the commencement of this Backflow Device fee.That is $1,723.20 per annum Council has stolen from our 30 owners.

back flow 3

PRESS RELEASE: INDUSTRIAL HEMP – What’s the Big Secret Boys?

Did you know that Government was no longer limiting the growing of Industrial Hemp in Queensland?
Trials are currently being conducted in Isis of this crop. The trials being undertaken of the growing of Industrial Hemp in the Isis area to enable to give consideration to the potential for this crop to be grown in the Fraser Coast Region.

Win News learn more here, Mon 11/01/2016:

When WIN News Wide Bay posted my story on their facebook page, Fraser Coast Regional Councillor James Hanson: Wrote that ‘she’, in reference to me, better check the legalities for industrial hemp for their 6,700 follower to read.
I wrote are you sure you are not confusing ‘medicinal cannabis with industrial hemp’ James?

Linking and referencing the Queensland Government Website – Industrial cannabis conditions, restrictions and licences
Under controlled conditions and with the correct licence, you are allowed to:

• commercially produce industrial cannabis fibre and seed
• conduct research into the use of industrial cannabis as a commercial fibre and seed crop (e.g. field trials using fertilisers or irrigation and different planting rates)
• conduct plant breeding programs to develop new or improved strains of cannabis for use by growers for the commercial production of industrial cannabis fibre and seed.
More info here:

To which Cr James Hanson further replied it’s definitely illegal, for the Win News followers to read! …. which is not what I am reading above on the Queensland Government Website?
(This Clip has now been removed by Win News due to using the wrong footage for the Sports Precinct Plan)

Extract from the Chronicle on Tuesday 12th Jan 2016:

How interesting that my press release from last Fri 8/01/2016 being SPORTS PRECINCT to HEMP FARM was so poorly received by Mayoral Candidate Chris Loft!

” Councillor and mayoral candidate Chris Loft did not support the idea of the cannabis derivative being farmed on the Fraser Coast….. The legal implications to get the hemp approved is more of a long term project.”


Now here is the interesting part:

When I was at the Council meeting on Wednesday, 19 August 2015, Industrial hemp was discussed.

I pasted a pic from the agenda on facebook, making reference to Mayoral Candidate Jannean Dean in the comments as she had been discussing it prior in the year:
hemp fraser coast regional council jeanette maynes 5

I’ve finally had a moment to go back through the minutes, where the ORD 10.7 Endorsement of Fraser Coast Advancing Agriculture Strategy – 2031 and Advancing Agriculture Meeting Minutes was voted on.

The RESOLUTION by (Hansen/Loft) was Carried Unanimously.


Present at the above meeting were:‐

James Hansen    Councillor – Primary Production and Rural Infrastructure
Chris Loft    Councillor – Small Business, Manufacturing & Service Industry

In the Minutes of this report voted on by all Councillor was:
Item No. 4.4
Action Item:
Growing of Industrial Hemp

Outcomes: Cr. James Hansen indicated that the Government was no longer limiting the growing of Industrial Hemp in Queensland. It was indicated that trials were currently being conducted in Isis of the successful or otherwise of this crop. That enquiries be undertaken relating to the trials being undertaken of the growing of Industrial Hemp in the Isis area to enable the Group to give consideration to the potential for this crop to be grown in the Fraser Coast Region at the next meeting of the Advancing Agriculture Advisory Group.

What’s the Big Secret Boys? Sneaky Sneaky!
You both voted for HEMP along with all Councillors, knowing  that Government was no longer limiting the growing of Industrial Hemp!!


Bauple – home of the original Australian macadamia nut

baupleIs democracy dead in small town Australia?
Is the Aussie battler bound to defeat in the face of those in power and control?
Are rural communities doomed amidst inappropriate council decisions?

The story: Bauple, the charming first town on the Fraser coast tourist trail, is the home of the original Australian macadamia nut. It is also a victim, of unilateral council decisions, and a failure in the consideration of the public good and interest. Bauple was once on its way to becoming a self-sustaining community, as well as a thriving part of Fraser Coast agri-tourism. Bauple was growing, and making the most of its stunning rural setting; people wanted to visit and it was making sure they could come and enjoy it, via an RV site, a local store/bank/fuel station/café, and other attractions.

macadamia-nutsThen the RV site was closed overnight; the flow of tourism was abruptly stopped, and the local store, run by the Bromet family of Macadamia house, a local farming family, was closed. Ten jobs were lost and this cornerstone of a budding community was gone. Tourists and residents alike were turned away from Bauple. This occurred when CEO of Fraser Coast council, Lisa Desmond, pushed through a lease on the original free RV site, without any public consultation. Council wanted public discussion, this was not adhered to. Due process was not followed. An ombudsman investigation confirmed this.

The issue: Council have been strong-armed by the CEO of Fraser coast, Lisa Desmond. They followed due process in terms of requesting public consultation on a matter of public interest, and yet this was not followed through. Since the first denial of public discussion, 3 years have passed, in which a small close-knit community have been abandoned. A council and a CEO who made decisions about the fate of their town, repeatedly ignore them. Bauple is evidently suffering, tourism is down, and business is non-existent. There is a no-cost fix, it simply isn’t being considered or discussed let alone implemented.

It would appear that the Aussie battler can lose at the hands of regional council.


Sent: Thursday, 7 January 2016

I refer to the FCC 7/1 Gordon Dale’s comment on dividing ratepayer’s money which he suggests will defuse the de-amalgamation debate.

The de-amalgamation debate is not underpinned by allocation of funds,  but a perception that this council does not govern in accordance with the spirit and intent and principles of QLD  legislation.  The Mayor and councillors do NOT listen.

It is about governance and leadership sadly lacking in our council.

Small towns like Bauple are discriminated against by a council that moves RV Sites out of town and intentionally makes it unsustainable.

Councillors know not even a mobile food van is viable in Bauple after the CEO’s improper action resulted in the loss of the tourist industry and jobs.

Gordon Dale and the new council ought to fix the present councils discriminatory actions and mistakes urgently.

Resident dissatisfaction with this council is palpable;  and more than dividing ratepayers money will be required to defuse voter dis-satisfaction.

Interestingly the Bauple Disaster was caused by Council wasting money, and the remedial action requires no money!

Unfortunately, dividing up the money will therefore not remove the de-amalgamation debate.

Marc Bromet (Macadamia House)