PRESS RELEASE: Backflow Prevention Device Fee $190K Credit

UPDATE – September 12th 2017:

Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

It is 760 days and ongoing that the Queensland Premier, the ALP Government, the Fraser Coast Regional Council and their CEO and the Queensland Ombudsman will not answer my simple question being to refund my five years of proven fake backflow fees charged on my rates notice by Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Today at a community forum in Maryborough Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk MP fobbed my fake rates fees back to the Council, full circle again after 760 days and about the 10th full circle. It was odd she was unaware of the issue when she had been emailed several communications. The Council CEO said in correspondence he doesn’t have the power to make these type of decisions, seems the Premier thinks he does and Director General Frankie Carrol said if I want my fake rates refunded as proven by the Ombudsmen I should take legal action against the council in QCAT, how absurd. Mr Bruce Saunders said he was friendly with the Council CEO and would talk to him. Honourable Mark Furner MP, Minister for Local Government, said he will, “write to council and seek an explanation as to why they haven’t followed through with this and finalised it.” and his Chief of Staff Louise Foley told me she will look into it further, I hope for a positive outcome.
The Premier dodged my question of whether we could have money for an industrial hemp processing plant on the Fraser Coast.
Still waiting on the Ombudsmen in relation to further questions sent on the 29th of August.
14 Sept 2017 Ombudsman correspondence; the matter will be considered again under internal review policy and procedure. Seems odd I must have a case that has already been investigated, proven correct and proven true, reviewed? …. why refund my rates one year of proven fake backflow fees and not the other proven four years of fake backflow fees owing?

… how hard is it to be honest, transparent and do the right thing …. be interesting to see who finally does the right thing.


PRESS RELEASE – July 5th 2017:

Finally, a small outcome to my Official Fraser Coast Regional Council / Ombudsman Complaint into fake backflow fees that began 14 August 2015. Fraser Coast Regional Council will credit over $190,000 of fake Backflow Device fees to the Fraser Coast rate payers for 2016/2017.

Advice received is that Council has acknowledged that it did not have a program in place for the maintenance and testing of devices as required by s.38(1) of the SPD reg. and will refund all device registration fees levied and collected for the 2016-17 financial year. My complaint has resulted in council undertaking a comprehensive review of its procedures for performing it statutory functions under this Act.

Section 38 of Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 states
(1) A local government must implement and maintain a program for its local government area for the registration, maintenance and testing of testable backflow prevention devices installed in the area.
(2) The local government, or an entity authorised by the local government, must keep a register of the testable backflow prevention devices.

I still must further pursue another four years of fake fees back to 2012/2013 charged to myself. $9,532.39 is the total owed in fake fees to the complex since 2008. The entire Fraser Coast for over 2, 490+ devices of fake fees would be $3 to $4 MILLION OWING.

I want an investigation into the entire backflow register for the Fraser Coast since implementation in 1998 and every fake fee credited to our rate payers.

Another WIN is I have saved the rate payer a further $18.20 per annum on this backflow device fee as it will be reduced from $91 to $72.80.

UPDATE: This fee above is incorrect and was an error by Council who have still not advised the current backflow fees or processes or replied when my further 4 years of fake fees will be refunded as of late Aug 2017.
“Dear Ken,
Thank you for your correspondence Wednesday, August 16, 2017 confirming Council made an error in letter dated Friday, 11 August 2017, and this erroneous information would have been supplied to the Ombudsman.
I am glad we can agree there was never any additional four devices at the complex or any additional four forms 9’s, only ever the original 15 backflow devices and forms and that the additional four devices that were created in error by Council in February have now been corrected.
Can you please advise if Council will be refunding the further four years owed to me in fake backflow fees for the complex being $196.91 and deducting this from this year’s rates bill?
This would be the right thing to do.” – Email Sent to Ken Diehm CEO: Friday, August 18, 2017 .

“The wheels have fallen off this bus…We are floundering on our continuous improvement and efficiency drivers across Directorates and failing basic legislative responsibilities. Examples: backflow prevention device testing  …. Cheers Lisa Desmond CEO” 16th March 2016

More info HERE!

Fraser Coast Regional Council Backflow





Documents were tabled in Qld Parliament today by Member of Parliament Rob Pyne – not only putting Cairns FIRST; also putting Fraser Coast First. Representing all Queenslanders.

This is why a Queensland Independent Commission Against Corruption is NEEDED NOW!

Parliament Footage HERE!

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#Politicalnews Jannean Dean

Council meetings are now LIVE!

Fraser Coast Regional Council Live Streaming

Council meetings are now LIVE! Sing Hallelujah!

We first bought this up with Council April 15th, 2015. A huge thank you to Mayor Chris Loft and Fraser Coast Regional Council for testing the live streaming at Ordinary Meeting No. 2 on 8th February (just needing to tweak the sound). Public Participation in live streaming commencing Ordinary Meeting No.3 on 1st March 2017. More info HERE!
Ordinary Meeting No.05 April 15th, 2015 HERE!
— with Jannean Dean.

Fraser Coast Regional Council – State Intervention under the Local Government Act 2009


“THE relationship between the CEO Lisa Desmond and mayor Chris Loft was the “single biggest issue the council continues to face,” according to the findings in the advisor Mr Stephen Johnston’s report….

The report said the Local Government Department had received more than 30 complaints about Fraser Coast councillors between December 2015 and June 2016.
“Should the situation deteriorate to the point where further intervention is required under the Local Government Act 2009, either in the form of removal of a councillor or councillors, or the dissolution of the council, my message to the Fraser Coast Council is simple: this government will take action,” Jackie Trad said.

THE advisor’s meetings with council staff have uncovered a work environment described as ‘toxic’ and possessing low morale. The advisor indicated “severe tensions” present within the executive management team and further cultural issues within the general staff. The culture was described as one of “control, favouritism, lack of trust, a fear of reprisal, low morale and a toxic work environment.”
[Info via the Chronicle]

Looks like I could be running for Council again, more info here!

MEDIA RELEASE – Jannean Dean

“There is reasonable prospect of the council working well with a new CEO and after a proper internal review. Only the council and in particular the mayor, have the power AND DUTY to deal with the CEO”.


“I CALL ON the Mayor Chris Loft to sack the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Desmond immediately.”  … story in full here!

Fraser Coast Regional Council - State Intervention under the Local Government Act 2009 Jackie Trad

Did you know? – Jeanette Maynes for Div 9

Did you know since late 2014 (18 months) I have attended nearly all the council’s ordinary meetings open to the public (accompanied on most occasions by Jannean Dean Mayoral Candidate) and have gained a vast understanding of council matters and procedures. I read and report on all Council agendas and minutes of the meetings and have spoken at the meetings. I am eager to learn more from the inside.

How to Vote 1 Jeanette Maynes for Div 9!

12079499_923727957712032_278296895148094413_nI have also directly met, had conversations and corresponded with several government ministers, including the Premier and their directors. I have lodged several matters with ministers, the Ombudsman, and the Crime and Corruption Commission. I’m not afraid to ask questions at the top and find answers.

For the last 14 years, I have lived in Scarness being Division Nine, where I became a home owner in 2002. I have lived in Hervey Bay since 1978, growing up in Torquay.

I have extensive knowledge, qualifications and more than 20 years’ experience in business; computers; advertising and marketing; graphic and website design; tourism and hospitality; and event management. I have successfully run my own business for 11 years. Being an adventure and exercise enthusiast, I became qualified as a personal trainer and life coach to help others enjoy the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle. I have a Post Graduate Masters Degree in Professional Studies plus three diplomas written on all aspects of business and have been a Justice of the Peace for 12 years. My community involvement over the years has been ongoing and extensive, I’m always involved or participating in something.

My campaign is self funded, I am completely Independent and not affiliated with any Political Party.

Vote 1 Jeanette Maynes for Div 9, someone who is passionate about the Fraser Coast Community and all aspects of life!

You can learn more about my campaign & myself HERE!

FaceBook Jeanette Maynes 4 Div 9 HERE!

• Election Day Sat 19th March – Polling Booths for Div 9 are:

Kawungan (Kawungan State School) Grevillea Street, KAWUNGAN
– Scarness (Hervey Bay Court House) cnr Queens Road and Freshwater Street, SCARNESS
– Torquay (Hervey Bay Senior Citizens Hall) Cnr Denman Camp Rd & Totness Street, TORQUAY
– Urangan West (Sandy Straits State School) Robert Street, URANGAN
– Maryborough (St Pauls Memorial Hall) Cnr Adelaide & Ellena Streets, MARYBOROUGH

[Photos courtesy of Win News footage]


Fraser Coast Regional Council CEO contract extension & pay rise!

Fraser Coast Regional Council Mayoral Candidate Debate in Hervey Bay
Here is some footage from tonight’s Mayoral debate in Hervey Bay that confirms what I have been saying all along in relation to the CEO contract extension & pay rise!
…. “Initial appointment 27 April 2011, Chronicle review of extension published Monday 26 May 2014, extended to 2018. This was an arrangement between the CEO and the Mayor, apparently no current Councillor has seen her contract and it was not voted at any ordinary meeting or recorded in any minutes.”

All current Councillors have knowingly allowed this to happen, how can you vote ‘verbally’ on something you have not seen? DO NOT VOTE BACK IN those that aid, abet and do not report potential breaches of the Local Government Act!
All current Councillors are aware of this, we cannot have more of the same!

• Local Government Act 2009 Schedule 4
point (d) the CEO contract is above this figure $200,000 and was raised plus extended, why was this major policy decision not voted upon at an Ordinary meeting and recorded in any minutes…?

– major policy decision, for a local government, means a decision—
(a) about the appointment of a chief executive officer of the local government; or
(b) about the remuneration of the chief executive officer of the local government; or
(c) to terminate the employment of the chief executive officer of the local government; or
(d) to enter into a contract the total value of which is more than the greater of the following—
(i) $200,000;

Letter to the Editor

Larry Burch Aquavue

Dear Mr Larry Burch, Sorry for the delay in responding to your letter to the editor dated the 12th of October, (which was in response to my letter to the editor) I have been speaking in person to several Ministers at the Community Cabinet in Bundaberg on the 18th of October and further corresponding via email about our foreshore erosion crisis and development applications on the Hervey Bay foreshore.

Jon Black, Direct – General, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Chris Hill, Director, Department of Environment and Heritage Protection told Jannean Dean and I (to which I took notes); in person they sent a letter with technical advice that development applications on our foreshore DO NOT comply with “Module 10” of the Coastal Protection Policy.

Which then had us thinking well who approved it – in relation to Enzo’s Development application that they said they knew about and we were discussing. We recalled that Chris gave me his business card and said he would email the letter.

I wrote down these notes in front of Chris in relation to module 10 which he was over looking and giving me the exact words.

Further to this, the last words at the end of the day Jannean had from Stephen Johnston in relation to the foreshore was he will be looking into the concerns raised today.

Later towards the end of the day after our initial discussion at the start of the day with Jannean, myself and Stephen Johnston, Acting Director General, Dpt Infrastructure, Local Government & Planning he came to the table where in front of Jon Black I asked him about this letter (EHP’s technical advice to DILGP for Enzo’s Development  Application) to which he replied he would email it to me and took my business card. He also wanted me to email further info on Enzo’s development which I said I would once I had received his email. (This quote has been approved by Stephen Johnston)

So how then did they get approved?

Land zoned for PUBLIC USE as OPEN SPACE and set aside as an EROSION BUFFER should not ever be compromised or alienated by changing its use for the benefit of a commercial enterprise.

The Hon Dr Steven Miles MP, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef spoke to me and agreed to come and inspect our foreshore erosion crisis and to do a hike on beautiful Fraser Island with me. I have contacted his office to arrange a time that would suit his schedule.
He also mentioned his government is in the process of putting far stricter regulations on Councils in relation to control of State land.

Now back to your letter to the editor:

My Statistics were direct from the CEO Lisa Desmond, Council, their Ordinary Meetings and Minutes so you will have to ask them if their stats are ‘crap’ or ‘for their own advantage’?
I personally wouldn’t be bragging about them, they do not reflect the voice of the community.

Of course you would think the Council has done a good job you have been handed a gold mine on a platter, then cry out poor me demanding the Council / community / rate payers protect YOUR business ‘located in a coastal protection erosion buffer zone from eroding?’

Cafe owner frustrated by lack of erosion protection – 6th Feb 2015 AQUAVUE
Cafe owner Larry Burch doesn’t know how much more frustration he can endure after the council shunned erosion protection for his beachside business. “It just does my head in – it’s a lack of support,” he said.

Council money for foreshore protection is allocated to protect public infrastructure and public esplanade or parkland areas, not private enterprise on our foreshore.

I have been further reading some or your practical knowledge and quotes in the Chronicle – $7m rock wall ‘last chance’ to protect foreshore – 21st Aug 2015

cottonwoode– Owner Larry Burch said he would prefer a rock wall similar to the one built outside Enzo’s Cafe at Scarness.  “Rock walls have stood the test of time.”
Really Larry?
Is that why the rock rubble wall at the Hervey Bay Sailing Club collapsed along with the boardwalk during ex-cyclone Oswald ?
The Council CEO Lisa Desmond verified in writing there are NO bulk sand bags in front of the Cottonwood trees adjacent to the east of this rock rubble wall. They are still standing?
Is that why the Council just approved more funding in August to once again rebuild the Scarness rockwall for a third time, when they only just rebuilt it at a cost of $1.3 MILL in Jan /  Feb 2015, six months earlier?
And how would your practical knowledge explain the Toogoom rock rubble wall breaking up, eroding in front and behind, and collapsing catastrophe?

Chronicle: Sinkholes appearing as Toogoom rock wall ‘built on lies’
Toogoom Rockwall
I really feel for the residents at Toogoom with the sheer incompetence of this Council. This would also be a good location for The Hon Dr Steven Miles MP to view.

– “Mr Burch said building codes had meant new rock walls weren’t visually appealing.”
Which building code, rockwall structure and material are you referencing here?

Please see picture below of Scarness rockwall at Enzo’s “Standing the test of time”….. well the THIRD test of time … are you sure you want one like this Mr Burch at rate payer expense?!

8 Enzo Rockwall

• Subject: Burch’s bull! Another Letter to the Editor from the Community

The appalling lies and misinformation of Larry Burch (FCC 12/1015), cannot be allowed to pass without comment.  The “waste” has been the wanton destruction of our coastal vegetation, the subsequent erosion and the loss of the key demographic of the younger tourist visitor.  He talks of those making criticism of this vandalism, having little practical knowledge, but what exactly is this guy’s qualifications?  He is unaware that all the science says the maintenance and improvement of coastal vegetation has been the best practice of beach erosion control, for over 60 years.  He then uses misleading anecdotal evidence about a single tree falling over.  The coastal vegetation requires the full gamut of plants to hold firm against the sea.  The upper canopy plants, the middle storey and under storey.  As it exploits every niche of space above, the full range of coastal plants exploits every part of the root zone as well.  Indeed the only parts that held firm under the wrath of ex tropical cyclone Oswald, were the areas that were left untouched, from the ignorant vandalism, euphemistically called “Enhancement” or “Beautification”.

This area is now being destroyed as I write this.  Another path, not 10 metres from the existing bike/pedestrian way, is to funnel thirsty coffee drinkers into Mr Burch’s beach hire lease that has morphed into a café.  He ends with the line “…so we can all improve our lot”, rubbish!  The destruction of the Esplanade, has been for the benefit of the few.  The hardest vandalism occurred in front of the vacant blocks with approved unit D.A.s.  While the other beneficiaries were the operators of “Beach Hire” businesses, that have been permitted to become restaurants, to the detriment of the existing owners and operators of businesses across the road.  They have lost both trade and “Goodwill”, well and truly got the shaft, while the beach hire leases have been given the gold mine.  Due to the “Material change of use” of these leases, the leases should be cancelled and both put to tender!

S Penrose  |  Craignish

• Subject: Accentuate the positive. Another Letter to the Editor from the Community 

IN RESPONSE to Larry Burch’s article to the Chronicle, 12th October 2015.

I’m not sure what article you were reading Larry because all I heard from Jeanette Maynes was a very a positive direction the Fraser Coast could be headed in.  If we invested our time, energy, money and resources into creating employment opportunities for many, then this would depict a clear vision for the legacy we would be leaving our future generations.

It is imperative we focus on sustainability, ensure proper processes are followed and build infrastructure that improves everyone’s lives across the entire Fraser Coast, not just a few. It takes courage to stand up and voice concerns especially when it is shared by many; in particular when they are warranted. Common Sense should be the Governing factor.

Jannean Dean |  Point Vernon


My speech & some images from the day:
In Queensland 65% of adults and 28% of children are overweight or obese which includes 50% of the Fraser Coast being overweight or obese.

Therefore being very passionate about fitness, fun & health I’ve organised today’s ‘Step into Spring’ FITNESS & HEALTH EXPO to raise awareness, promote prevention and help educate about Fitness & Health on the Fraser Coast! Please note: Audience participation is compulsory!

I have written and published a ‘4 Week Program’ which is a Mind, Meal & Exercise Plan that teaches people the tools and skills to apply for a long term happy healthy lifestyle, which will is available at the Zumba stall as I hope to revolutionise the Fraser Coast! I find the Fraser Coast obesity epidemic very serious and am working towards creating a massive community lifestyle overhaul campaign with the help of other like minded professionals!

This event would not be possible without the Awesome support of Karen Chatfield the site manager and the Hervey Bay Council for the Arts​ who generously gave us one of their open mike days for the event, covered the insurance plus all stall fees have been donated back to them for their support of this fun day.

I would like extend a huge thanks to Katie form Z Club Dance Fitness for kindly providing the use of her awesome sound equipment for the day, plus she will be doing some high energy zumba for us to participate in also!

I would like to thank my Fraser Coast Fitness & Health friends, where are you, hand up ladies, if you have any questions today just ask the girls. We also go for a walk every Wednesday at 6:30am with Cheryl from the Torquay Jetty to the pier return and all are welcome to join us.

A massive thank you to the Amazing team of local businesses have come on board to showcase the high level of professional services, products, skills, tools and knowledge available to all. This will be a huge day of fun with maximum audience participation! There are stalls, performances, talks and demos including and on – Bio-aging, Massage, Foot Reflexology, Crossfit, Gyms, Meditation, Yoga, Face Painting, Zumba, Belly Dancers, Martial Arts, Tennis, Burlesque & Fitness Demos plus heaps more.

We will also be raising funds for Bayside Transformations one of our local Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation non for profit Program, who will be manning the ‘healthy option’ BBQ and they have a stall with more info. I would also like to mention that Climbmax the rock wall here is donating 10% of their profits from today to Bayside so make sure you have a climb!

We are a team of passionate individuals and businesses on the Fraser Coast that work together to raise awareness and help others achieve a new way of life and thinking that is healthy, exciting, fun and will make you happy!

Our only competition is laziness, a sedentary lifestyle, poor choices, mental health, fast and junk food plus the television!


‘Step into Spring’ FITNESS & HEALTH EXPO!


Being very passionate about fitness, fun & health I’m very proud to announce I’ve organised the ‘Step into Spring’ FITNESS & HEALTH EXPO! This will be an Exciting day of stalls, demos & performances to raise awareness and help educate about Fitness & Health on the Fraser Coast!
An Amazing team of local businesses have come on board to showcase the high level of professional services, products, skills and knowledge available to all. This will be a huge day of fun at Scarness park with maximum audience participation, so wear something comfy and save the date, Sunday 16th of August!
There will be performances, talks and demos including / on –  Bio-aging , Zumba, Belly Dancers, Martial Arts, Crossfit, Burlesque & Fitness Demos.
We will also be raising funds for Bayside Transformations one of our local Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation non for profit Program, who will be manning the ‘healthy option’ BBQ and selling their artwork.
– 6:30am 10km CHALLENGE! Free Run or Walk. Scarness Park to the Pier return!
– 10am – 2pm FITNESS & HEALTH EXPO! Scarness Park / Stage.
I may have a couple of stall spaces left and three 15min performance spaces in the afternoon if anyone would like to join the team! If you would like to register interest in future events please inbox or email me at

Kind regards
Jeanette Maynes
Personal Trainer / Life Coach
Author of the 4 Week Program – Mind, Meal & Exercise Plan –
Artwork donated by Design House –

Proudly Showcasing:
4 Week Program​
Jeanette Maynes “The Motivator”​
Design House​
Bayside Transformations​
Hervey Bay Council for the Arts​
Fraser Coast Fitness & Health​
Virgos Natural Therapies​
ZUMBA FRASER COAST – ZClub Dance Fitness​
Flaming Sands Bellydance
Shades of Inspiration​
Khachodling Dakini Sanctuary​
ClimbMax Hervey Bay​
KB CrossFit​
Twenty Four Hour Gym​
Oceanside Hair & Beauty​
Anytime Fitness Hervey Bay​
Diamond Dolls Burlesque Dancers – Hervey Bay​
Your Best Fit – Nutrition, Fitness & Fertility​
Nefertiti Dance
Rhee Taekwondo Fraser Coast​
Moksha Raw Organic Skin Food

Fraser Coast Fitness & Health Speech – by Jeanette Maynes (Personal Trainer & Life Coach)

Last Sunday I spoke at a community meeting on different topics to highlight the concerns of the Fraser Coast people in relation to different levels of government and different issues, organised by 2016 Council Candidate Jannean Dean.

Thank you for organising the talk Jannean, I’m still excited about all the things I learned, I thought it was successful and informative plus I met lots of passionate people.

I spoke in relation to obesity on the Fraser Coast and learnt lots of exciting and interesting information on a variety of community issues and topics, it was a very interesting day.

– Awesome Video by Mark Norfolk

My Speech:

In Queensland 65% of adults and 28% of children are overweight or obese.

The 2014 fifth report from the Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young clearly states obesity is arguably the most confronting public health issue of this century.

It reads the evidence is clear that obesity is fuelling the prevalence of other chronic diseases, some of which can’t be turned back. Conditions like stroke, hypertension, heart attack, some cancers and a rapid escalation of type 2 diabetes.

In 2008 Obesity was recognised as a national priority. If the current upward trend continues, there will be about three million Queenslanders overweight or obese by 2020. 2 in 3 adults and 1 in 4 children are measured as overweight or obese. Obese adults were twice as likely as those of healthy weight to report poorer mental health in 2011–12. In 2015 the Queensland president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Shaun Rudd said the “state emergency” of obesity was costing the state economy more than $11.6 billion every year. Dr Rudd said more education was needed to lower the alarming rates of obesity across the state. “What was used to be called the smart state we now call ourselves the fat state,” he said.

It is estimated that about 124,000 hospitalisations (6.7%) in Queensland were associated with overweight and obesity in 2011–12.

In 2014 University of Adelaide research showed there is more than 45,000 overweight and obese people living on the Fraser Coast. That was 46.3%, of the region’s 99,000 residents at that time. A massive 30% of those Fraser Coast residents are obese which is 32% higher than the QLD state figure.

August 2014 saw the launch of Fraser Coast Health and Fitness Community Action Group when I called a meeting with my friends to launch the concept of ‘Proudly Raising Awareness and Actioning Fun, Fitness & Health on the Fraser Coast.’

I have written and published a ‘4 WEEK PROGRAM’ which is a Mind, Meal & Exercise Plan that teaches people the tools and skills to apply for a long term happy healthy lifestyle.

In June 2015 we rebranded to the simple, fresh & easy to remember Fraser Coast Fitness & Health‘ (FCFH No more long name, it’s easy to remember, soothing new logo and colours, new activities, new goals and new free fitness timetable.)

We are a team of passionate individuals and businesses on the Fraser Coast that work together to raise awareness and help others achieve a new way of life and thinking that is healthy, exciting, fun and will make you happy!

Our only competition is laziness, a sedentary lifestyle, poor choices, mental health, fast and junk food plus the television!

We often share for free our enthusiasm, motivation, skills, professionalism, qualifications, encouragement, support and life experiences on this amazing journey!

We have a facebook page ‘Fraser Coast Fitness & Health’ that shares fitness news and events on the Fraser Coast plus we will be holding a free Fitness & Health Expo in Scarness park on Sunday the 16th of August from 10am – 2pm that I am currently organising. My next FREE 10km Community Challenge will also be on this date leaving at 6:30am from Scarness Park.

I would love for the Fraser Coast Regional Council to build fitness & tourist icons such as a rock pool, outdoor gyms, huge sets of stairs, more community gardens and open spaces, hiking trails, fitness equipment and bike paths for the residents to utilise. Allocate funding to free community exercise groups and become constantly vocal and proactive within the community about obesity awareness, especially prevention and create ongoing local initiatives. I have spoken to the Mayor a couple of times in relation to this matter but to no avail. As our State government & medical professionals report the obesity rate as arguably the most confronting public health issue of this century and a “state emergency”, why does our Council not take the Fraser Coast obesity epidemic seriously and work towards creating a massive community lifestyle overhaul campaign?!!

Fraser Coast Regional Council Meeting – Enzo’s Development Application Speech

Hi Guys, if you would like an awesome test of your self confidence and self esteem levels I suggest you engage in the wonderful opportunity to do a speech before the Fraser Coast Regional Council on important community matters. You will be given five minutes so will have to rush and speak quick, have a bell rung if you dare to go over, you will be made to stand down the back of the room, given no microphone unlike the Councillors and have to yell. Councillors will have their backs to you, there will be no level of common courtesy, they will be on their ipads, laptop, smart phones, or writing, no one will look at you and then the the Mayor will dismiss you if you go over time (6:05mins for me, PB!).  Take the challenge I dare you, all members of the public / rate payers that make a speech are treated like this. The time for speeches was changed to before the media arrives to avoid their knowledge of community concerns plus there are no minutes taken so that Council does not have to respond, answer, acknowledge or address your concerns. Oh and an added bonus is you even get to pay their wage ….!

Thank you to Jannean Dean and the gentlemen in the front row of the public gallery that commended my speech, research and information.
I also sat next to a gentleman named Allan who was really nice and very well informed on local matters, we had a good laugh and discussion. He showed me an awesome picture of a prize stud bull he had raised it was huge for only 17 months old and weighs 900kg!
The bull is named Lower Tully James Kenniff, Allan names all of his stud animals after bushrangers, this guy operated around the Rockhampton in the late 1800s to 1901.
Allan also gave me some images of his complaint where he caught council staff dumping rubbish / tree loppings in the bush, then they had to come and remove it again when busted, talk about double handling at rate payer expense.

speechThere  was some other very interesting & amusing happenings at the meeting …

The Mayor wanted to apply and pass his own new motion for Compass Helicopters to fly every holiday and ‘EVERY WEEKEND’ all day (Obviously there has been backdoor negotiations discussed that were not included in the council agenda nor were any other Councillors aware of this)  The Mayor looked quite desperate trying to get his new motion approved with the Compass Helicopters owner sitting  in the gallery – he lost 8 – 2.
Compass Helicopters only have to pay $1040 for exclusive use of the Esplanade, same or less than a personal trainer!!! George Seymour excellently argued why should they have ‘Exclusive Access’ to Community Open Parks  next to a playground for $5 a day and not have to pay airport landing fees like everyone else…..?

Watching George communicate and engage in Council meetings is an absolute  breath of fresh air. He is intelligent, professional, articulates well, keeps to the point and has a very thorough knowledge of Council and Local Government Legislation. I was nearly in hysterics watching the Mayor rolls his eyes every time George corrected the discussion to be in line and reflect the constitution, legislation and correct Council protocols.

The Councillors, town planners & CEO spent nearly half an hour trying to block having the Old Maryborough Township heritage listed as ‘rare’ by George … even though it is the only such site left not only Queensland but the whole of Australia.
Just in case this listing / wording may somehow affect the building development they want to construct on it. A local resident told me the site floods anyway that’s why the residents originally moved from there.

My speech below  ….. 

Good Morning Everyone. As a concerned resident, ratepayer, local business operator, vice president of the Scarness Action Group and chairperson of the Body Corporate representing all the lot owners in the Eden by the Bay Resort located opposite the proposed development site; I would like to speak in relation Enzo’s Development Application. I am extremely concerned current Council Town Planners accepted this development application in the first place due to the fact there were so many documented errors, coupled with Council’s recommendation to vote in approval of this application is extremely flawed and inaccurate.

Allow me to explain some of the reasons why.
Firstly, the application did not meet the mandatory requirements in the Integrated Development Assessment System (IDAS) forms which are required for a properly made development application on State wide forms used by all local governments in Queensland.  This is validated in writing by Cardno’s Report on page 159 of your Council Agenda where they have put in writing that the Council Town Planners should have requested this mandatory information before accepting the application as being ‘properly made’ and that the lack of comprehensive dimensions hinders the ability of the public and assessment manager to easily understand the scale of the development.

Your attention to page 155 would be appreciated where the applicant, Cardno and your Town Planners have once again breached the mandatory requirements identified on the IDAS forms by again supplying approximant measurements for the utilities, the second storey and the building height. This current application still appears – not to be compliant with IDAS form requirements.

It is alarming that the public were denied the benefit and opportunity of being properly informed by only being supplied the one initial poorly prepared development application to review as well as incorrect information provided by Council staff during the ‘public notification’ period. How is this fair or professional?

  • The applicants, Cardno and Council Town Planners have still failed to satisfy the planning scheme’s parking requirements. For a development of this size being 667.56m2 there should be more like twenty carparks to meet requirements. This application must be amended to reflect this. We already have severe parking issues at Scarness and this development will further disadvantage the public and existing surrounding businesses on private land.
  • Also, on page 161 Cardno’s assessment states that the proposed building is to be a light weight structure. How will this hold up when Enzo’s own cement boat ramp cracked right through in numerous places. Increasing the scale and intensity of the development on land which forms part of the Coastal Management District and is mapped as erosion prone and subject to storm surge / tide hazard is inconsistent with Council requirements and does not represent a good planning outcome. This may result in even further public funds having to be spent on protecting the development once constructed from adverse coastal influence and the already known current erosion crisis.Building to this scale on this site is just absolutely dangerous and should not even be considered.
  • The applicants; Cardno and Council Town Planners have still failed to demonstrate that there will be no unacceptable noise nuisance to surrounding public areas or private properties nor have they demonstrated that the development will not have an adverse impact on the amenity of the local area and adjoining residents. Cardno falsely reports Enzo’s is 60m from residents.

Enzo’s is roughly 30 metres from caravan residents, 40 meters from the caravan park caretakers, 45 metres from Eden by the Bay Resort and under 60m from neighbouring restaurants. These distances will be less another 4 meters and back to the bike path if the application is approved. With an open rooftop bar, sound cannot be contained or controlled especially with sea breezes. At the resort we can already clearly hear the open microphone sessions on the Scarness stage well over 200meters away.

Before setting the precedent for developments applications on the entire Hervey Bay foreshore I ask you as Councillors elected by the community to be very confident that you are making a responsible and informed decision. The application made available to the public did not provide any indication whatsoever as to the proposed hours of operations.  Upon this being queried council staff confirmed the existing closure at the time of 4pm would remain. Interestingly the Cardo Report has recommended that the approval allow to use and to operate until 11pm. Monday to Saturday and 9pm on Sundays  Surely the public should have been made aware of such a proposed closing time 7 hours later than the current use when the application was advertised.  And where did Cardno Report pull those closing times from, they were engaged to review the application not make up times?
This Cardno Report recommends that Council agree to allow operation until 11pm with no supporting noise study recommendations in a two storey lightweight structure with unenclosed decks on a licensed premises and possible amplified music / sound is a very real concern when residential & tourist accommodation is less than 40m away. I can imagine the nonstop complaints to council already!

It appears that Council’s decision to approve the town planning application was or may have been made when negotiating leasing matters with the applicant rather than after the development application was lodged and certainly well before the public was given the opportunity to make submissions.  Perhaps this is why the applicant prepared such a poor and minimal development application and Council did not request any additional information or even require the application to supply mandatory information because the decision to approve the application has already been made before the application was even prepared.  I am seriously disappointed with Council’s handling of this development application.  I know many other people are as well.

The Cardno Report as tabled did not appear as an independent review and was possibly prepared in response to a (verbal) brief from Council staff to cover up the their stuff ups and reinforce an earlier decision to allow the development.

This rooftop bar will directly affect and compromise a pleasant experience for all resort guests, owners and residents. The second storey will significantly alter the current views. It will compromise the absolute right to privacy and the right to a quiet peaceful holiday or lifestyle plus devalue the property. Apartment owners, Scarness business owners and landlords may also incur revenue loss from their investments and sales. The noise pollution will be heard through the entire resort and Scarness foreshore businesses, Caravan Park and restaurants.

Would you like people drinking on a rooftop peering into your private home, resort room, caravan or business till 11pm all year around? Not to mention by the time party goers leave the venue and staff close up; this time will be much closer to midnight. The Beach House hotel even shuts all their doors when they have bands and functions on at night due to imposed noise restrictions.

  • This proposal is inconsistent with the Open Space Zone; which is to provide for the informal active recreation needs of residents and visitors. Land zoned for public use as open space and set aside as an erosion buffer should not ever be compromised or alienated by changing its use for the benefit of a commercial enterprise.
  • I do not feel your Town Planners Report, nor its recommendation is a clear or accurate representation and had not considered the effects to the community at large. I would like to think that the community can rely on local Council to look after local residents, business persons and ratepayers rather than one business leasing community land and using existing community infrastructure for a proposal with limited community benefit.
  • I would also like to ask George Seymour to please table a further 214 petitions signatures that will be forwarded electronically via email and their views against this development application.

More info on the Development Application here.   Chronicle Article here.

Hay House Writers Seminar in Sydney



Over the past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of attending the Hay House Writers Seminar in Sydney as I had been fortunate due to the help and support of many voting for me and had WON a free ticket to the event.
Talk about Awesome, I learnt so much and had many questions and thoughts answered in relation to my self-published soon to be BEST SELLING ‘4 Week Program!’ plus my marketing jeanette maynes hao house writers seminarplan, my platforms, my websites and the way I am implementing my goals and book / program within the community.
The energy and vibration in the room was electric and I met so many wonderful friendly like minded people. I hung out with a lovely lady and made a new friend also a ticket winner being Melissa Gibson a psychic, we got along fabulously – the Butterfly Whisperer.
Now to finalise my Synopsis to present to Hay House!
Someone (or maybe more than one person) who attended the seminar will WIN a publishing package with them; I could be the next best selling author accelerating my passion to “Get Australia Motivated!”. I hope so as I can feel it within my whole being!!

I had the pleasure of meeting and having a photo with the authors in order (the 1st four even before the seminar started!) as per my Law of Attraction photo print out (pretty powerful – reminds me of my Law of Attraction Donald Trump picture here) and the rest throughout the two days. I was also on the print out as a featured author as I will be speaking at the seminar in the future (L.O.A. at work). I even had a photo taken on stage with my book to assist my Law of Attraction processes! All the authors had such inspiring stories and were great at public speaking.
The images in the gallery include:

–       REID TRACY President and CEO of Hay House Publishing the largest publisher of self empowerment books, cds, dvds and empowering live events in the world.
–       LEON NACSON Managing Director of Hay House Australia, and the author of nine books. His current International Best Seller ‘A Stream of Dreams’ has been translated into four languages.



–       PAM GROUT author of ‘E Squared’ #1 New York Times best-selling author – (who signed my book I bought from home and told her about my bean experiment lol I learnt to look at things from a different perspective – story here.)
–       BRONNIE WARE –author of “The Top Five Regrets of the Dying”
–        MEGAN DALLA-CAMINA author of “Getting Real About Having It All”
–       MARTINA SHEEHAN & SUSAN PEARSE authors of “Wired for Life”
–       JESS AINSCOUGH author of “Make Peace With Your Plate”
–       JULIEANNE CAIRNS author of ‘The Seven Money Myths’ being released by Hay House in September 2015

Some of the Awesome quotes from the weekend:
–       “A blog is an important place to start. Show up every day and write a blog post with no agenda other than to be of service.” – Jess Ainscough
–       “Write every day, even if no-one is going to read it. Practice your voice.” – Jess Ainscough
–       “Whenever we’re rejected, it’s always because the universe is holding something better for us.” – Jess Ainscough
–       “There’s an entire world of natural healing out there. We can love food that loves us back.” – Jess Ainscough author of Make Peace With Your Plate
–       “Teach what you need to learn.” – Reid Tracy
–       “If it’s worth writing, it’s worth writing. Write because there is a market, because you have a muse. Write for yourself and write regardless. Just show up.” – Megan Dalla-Camina
–       “The more narrow your niche is, the less followers you need to be successful.” – Reid Tracy
–       “The point of a platform is for you to connect with people who care about what you have to say. This takes time, there are no shortcuts.” – Reid Tracy
–       “Focus in on one core audience that you’re trying to build. Know who you’re trying to reach. Ask people why they’re being referred to you to try to figure out who this is. Build an avatar for your audience based on gender, age, interests.” – Reid Tracy
–       “Books are intimate things. They’re one of the only things apart from your husband/wife/partner that you take to bed with you.” – Reid Tracy   (or if you are me it’s your Laptop to listen to Reid and Louise Hay lol)
–       “Ask yourself, what makes my book so different? So interesting? Don’t write to be a best seller. Write for and from your heart, not your wallet. Write something you want to be remembered by.” – Leon Nacson
–       “The hard part about writing a book is getting people to read it.” – Reid Tracy

After the seminar I ran 11.5km around Sydney for some exercise and even managed to get my weekly stair runs in at the ‘Oprah’ House,  proudly promoting the Fraser Coast Health & Fitness Community Action Group.



I received quite a few looks and comments, it appears fluro yellow socks and runners are not very common in Sydney!
“Need A Hand?”
We need to have at least 1,000 people doing my ‘4 Week Program’ to create a flow on effect to change 20,000 people to achieve the goal of dropping the obesity / overweight statistic from 70% to 50% on the Fraser Coast! (this could be executed in as short a time frame as 12 months!) Just imagine how happy, energetic, motivated and productive everyone would be! Too Exciting! (Then I / We can start on the rest of the 63% of Australia!)

4 Week Program facebook page here!
The Motivator here!
Design House here!

[some info & images via the legendary Hay House Auditions & Hay House Australia & Something Social! Thank you for one of the best seminars ever, so well organised and a fantastic venue being SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney!]



For those that are wanting to work on their mind I’ve compiled some of the best movies and books out there for you to make a start!!!

– TIP: When buying from Amazon I always do a bulk order of five to ten exciting books and DVD’s at once to save on postage / shipping.

Some Best Selling, Profound and Awesome Self Development DVD’s | Movies:

15871. I Am – Tom Shadyac 978-1-4019-2028-9.gif2. You Can Heal Your Life
the Movie – Louise Hay
9780757305627_p0_v1_s260x4203. What the Bleep Do We Know – William Arntz
51p7qTNMheL._SY300_4. Celestine Prophecies – Matthew Settle the-secret-rhonda-byrne5. The Secret– Rhonda Byrne 978-1-4019-2423-26. The Shift– Expanded Version DVD – Dr Wayne Dyer
978-1-4019-2753-07. The Shift – Standard Version DVD – Dr Wayne Dyer  51M5rSrZsaL._SY300_8. The seven Spiritual Laws of Success– Deepak Chopra Peaceful-Warrior-DVD-P0251950091269. The Peaceful Warrior – Dan Millman 

Some Best Selling, Profound and Awesome Self Development Books:

41+7Y+I2kTL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_1. For interacting with others
How to Win Friends & Influence People – Dale Carnegie
518HudtSqhL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_2. For finding serenity
 The Road Less Travelled – M. Scott Peck
51ND2xeH0ZL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_3. For living a fuller life
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – Susan Jeffers 
513YAm42oaL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_4. For loving the single life
He’s Just Not That Into You – Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo
51HlYr0Y67L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_5. For getting ahead at work
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen R. Covey
41H398NYsbL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_6. For embracing the everyday
The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
the-secret-rhonda-byrne7. For enjoying success in the world
The Secret – Rhonda Byrne 
51MfVDOlEkL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_8. For personal freedom
The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz 
51WdpQEx9mL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_9. For mental, emotional, physical and financial success
Unleash the Power Within – Tony Robbins
51B2NpKaioL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_10. For personal and financial success
Think and Grown Rich – Napoleon Hill
51p4JAtzzOL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_11. For business and financial success
Think Big – Donald Trump 
978-1-4019-4403-212. For embracing the everyday
I can See Clearly Now – Dr Wayne W. Dye
275_c1.gif13. You Can Heal Your Life Gift Edition
– Louise Hay
978-1-4019-2652-614. You Can Heal Your Life Boxset
– Louise Hay 
0-937611-01-8 (1)14. You Can Heal Your Life Paperback
– Louise Hay

Simple Tips To Start & Market Your Own Business

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• Selling Yourself & Your Services | Products


4 Week Program – My Latest eBook Launch!

4 Week Program Email Signature

4 Week Program $39

4 Week Program ebook   4 Week Program Shopping printed book

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1. Sign Up & Download the ‘4 Week Program’ – Instant Access!
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I am educating people on what I have taught myself over the past years to lose weight, keep in shape, maintain your healthy goal weight, look and feel great plus achieve happiness and self-respect. The 4 Week Program provides knowledge you will be able to apply for the rest of your life and understand. No fad diets, in fact NO Diet, no quick fix, just the correct and only way that works clean healthy eating and regular exercise. It is scientific, mathematical and foolproof; so if you follow the instructions and program exactly you CANNOT Fail! The information you learn will be beneficial forever.

4 Week Program Half Cover 2014

There is a meal plan (approved by an Accredited Practising Dietitian) and also an exercise plan that I have designed as a qualified Personal Trainer. You must follow both plans. The exercise plan includes strength, cardio and stretch programs that people can also do at home or on holidays if they don’t currently attend a gym or exercise classes. It IS NOT A DIET that when you finish you don’t know what to do next and put the weight back on. There are NO shakes, meal replacements or miracle pills! This program will make you understand how it all works which is something important that you must master for your entire life!

So start NOW, it’s never too late to make a change! If you want to have a coffee, a wine or a piece of chocolate, that is up to you. This Program is not as restrictive as most as that is not how one operates in real life. We need to be flexible otherwise it puts too much pressure on us. If one just cuts everything enjoyable from their diet, failure can occur. Most foods are ok in moderation, even chocolate; it’s not that it’s not good for you, it’s just that it is high in calories so must be eaten in moderation. This is a program you can start anytime, perform anywhere anytime, not just for the 4 weeks, it’s FOREVER …. but 4 weeks straight of being strict and exact will shotgun initial weight loss and results … potentially up to a Kilo a week or More!

Forming a new habit takes approximately 21 days. If that habit is clean eating and exercise you have just created a habit that your body will be thanking you for the rest of your life! Exercise does change your life so make time for exercise in your regular routine – it really is worth it!” Transform into a FAT BURNING MACHINE from a Fat Storing Being!

“Thank you Jeanette for designing a weight loss program that is so flexible & easy to follow to achieve a long term healthy lifestyle. I have tried other 4 week programs but with yours the meals are quicker to prepare & more suited to my budget. All your information is very useful & I love that it gives you ideas for so many ways to incorporate exercise into your life and if I have any questions you are there for support. Thanks again” – Participant Feedback

“Before starting Jeanette Maynes ’4 Week Program’ I had tried all kinds of diet fads. I found the best was cutting carbs out of my diet, this only lasted for a short period and then I would regain all I had lost. The 4 week program helped me to understand why I gain weight and how to manage every day life. Understanding the effects of what I put in to my body and what I need to do to loose or maintain weight has helped me live a normal easy healthy life! I didn’t have to give up the naughty foods I just had to understand how to make it not leave a lasting effect. The ’4 Week Program’ really works 8kgs down in 2 months and no weight gain in the 3 months after while maintaining! Best thing I ever did was send that message to you and actually do it!! Thanks Jeanette xxxx” – Taylor Harte

“I started the 4 Week Program to help lose a couple of kilo’s but more importantly to take control of my body again and start making healthy lifestyle changes a way of life! The 4 Week Program taught me to make wise healthy eating choices and the importance of exercise. Jeanette was always there to answer questions and her support and encouragement is amazing. It was a very simple lifestyle program to follow and one that I found works and definitely worth doing!” – Sam Andersen

This is going to be Exciting, Results Driven & Fun, so Go On take the First Step!

4 Week Program ebook   4 Week Program Shopping printed book

4 Week Program Images 2

health divine

Meal plan and nutritional advice approved by Health Divine DietitianPeter St Henry  an APD (Accredited Practising Dietitian). Peter provides professional dietary assessment, education and coaching should you require his professional assistance.  Website:

Unleash The Power Within

Last weekend I participated in one of the most amazing experiences of my life, ‘Unleash The Power Within’, a 4 day seminar with Tony Robbins in Sydney.

The main reason of attending was to firewalk which we did on the first day on coals between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

I’d seen a picture on Tony’s website of Oprah doing the fire walk and I though, if Oprah can do it, I can!

I didn’t feel any heat what so ever, must of had my mind focused!

From then on what happened was so profound.

I completely reprogrammed my mind and have removed negative experiences from my life / childhood and created a new timeline.

I realised I was living my life with excellent standards but to reach the next level in life you must have ‘OUTSTANDING’ Standards which is only a 2mm gap you need to close. This will be beneficial in all aspects of my life especially my business.

On the last day we heard about nutrition which I also learnt some very profound new information and found this extremely interesting as I am studying to be a personal trainer.
I am now on day 7 of a DETOX Tony put us on and am loving it!!! No alcohol, caffeine and an alkaline diet + a few other new healthy & positive habits to incorporate.

This seminar was such a precious gift I gave to myself, the information was priceless and the results truly invaluable!!
Thank you Tony, you certainly did create value and more than expected!!!

Please, please, please start teaching your program in schools you could revolutionise the world even more by programming correct mind, body and nutritional habits from an early age!!!

Some other information I learnt from my notes:

– Emotion is created by Motion.

– Put yourself in a PEAK STATE!

– Who you spend life with is who you become.

– People lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.

– Find a peer group that has higher expectations that your own.

– Find a team that is going to challenge you.

– Every single person has 2 primary fears: 1. You are not good enough  2.  You won’t be loved

– The only thing that stops you getting what you want is the story you tell yourself.

– Problems & Happiness have no relationship.

– Wire yourself for certaintly and you will find the skills

– We live what we hold in out subconscious

– Secret to wealth and happiness; to be a team player

– Treat people well who treat your poorly

– Life is about LOVE

– Proximity is Power!

– “If I can’t, then I MUST!”

– The secret of life, STANDARDS!

– Want to change your life then raise your standards.

– Raise your standards means turns your shoulds into musts.

– Compete with yourself.

– See things completed in your mind first.

– How much you earn or who you are in a relationship with comes down to your beliefs or values.

– Our rules & values can make it impossible to feel good.

– More joy = less or better rules

– When you are grateful there is no anger or fear.

– The secret to HAPPINESS is PROGRESS!

– I am not what I eat, I am what I digest & assimilate.

– 5mins of anger suppresses your immune system for 6-7hours

– Stress is the basis of what makes the body break down.


If you want to know the tools and strategies for an OUTSTANDING LIFE, book your spot for the 2014 seminar, it will change your life forever!!!! Click here to book!

– Learn the secret to peak performance that Anthony Robbins has used to transform the world’s elite athletes, entertainers, and business leaders.

– Discover how to break the unconscious fears that are holding you back.

– Storm across a bed of hot coals between 1,200 and 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. (You don’t have to, but you’ll want to!) Once you start doing the impossible (or at least what you thought was impossible), you can conquer the other fires of your life with ease.

…You’ll test and amaze yourself. But, most of all… you’ll grow.

‘Walk the Talk!’ – Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor (Fraser Coast Chronicle)  in Full:

Having lived in Hervey Bay for nearly 34 years and owned and operated Design House, a successful graphic and website design and marketing business for over seven years, I’ve witnessed the Fraser Coast go from THRIVE to complete Nose Dive!

We need Clear Vision! New Ideas! Positive Energy! Excitement! Fresh Enthusiasm! Creativity! Leadership! … from a Mayor.

Don’t get too excited about going shopping or having a meal out as a large proportion of the businesses I thought were strong have had to shut up shop. You only have to take a scenic drive down the Esplanade to see this. Working in the business and marketing industry, I feel we should create opportunities and provide  seminars to train and educate our local businesses. Something as simple as a business plan can clearly forecast whether a business is viable or not.
Strong and feasible businesses create local employment.

Is it a matter of play spot the tourist nowadays?
Hervey Bay used to be the place to be!
Where are all the promotions for what we have to offer on the Fraser Coast for locals, interstate and overseas visitors?
I know we have Staycations but is this really working? There are only a handful of businesses registered on the website when there are thousands of businesses on the Fraser Coast? What are the figures? Are our tourist attractions and tours affordable?
People are doing it tough with everything going up except for our wages or senior pensions.
Why are we not promoting regional ‘package deals’ including and combining accommodation, meals, restaurants, free outings suggestions and a tour for a set fee, saving our tourists heaps of dollars and doing the hard work of planning for them?

When I was a teenager I briefly moved to Brisbane for work and entertainment as there was certainly none here for those under 18! From what I can see twenty years on, not much has changed and some of our teenagers are either bored, unemployed, leaving, drinking in the parks or sadly resorting to crime and violence. Let’s get them engaged, involved, trained with new skills, excited about life plus have more supervised youth recreational facilities. I started working at 14 and a half and feel as a teenager it is important to be working whilst still at school and learning life skills, not idle.

Upon leaving school, I couldn’t study my field of interest – graphic design here at the TAFE or University and twenty years on there is still not that option. A high majority of our locals whether younger or mature aged students are fortunate to be highly creative, let’s see what courses we can offer to keep them local.

I understand that current Councillors may have done their best to keep rates low, as this affects them also, but perhaps we could make changes within the operational budget?
A staffing review could ensure staff positions are achieving KPI’s and outputs, benchmarking the outputs and ensure that staff provide input into making their departments continue to run better, more efficiently, economically and are achieving results.
When rates go up so does rent, putting our residents under financial and emotional stress.
I personally know thousands of dollars have been wasted by Council on their advertising and marketing with jobs going outside the Fraser Coast and not a single local designer or printer being offered the opportunity to quote on tenders. By obtaining a professional opinion in this area the Council could save a fortune! How many other industries does this happen to?

Where are direct flights for all the mine workers, business people and tourists eg. to Gladstone, Rockhampton, Townsville or Cairns? What is the current figures and research? Let’s get to our destinations quicker, with less fatigue and road causalities. One could then spend that time with loved ones plus be home to spend your money locally. Why no local mining skills training?

More consideration needs to be given to community safety through improving partnerships with law enforcement agencies and the community. There is a definite need to lobby State Government for increased Police numbers for our safety and theirs.

Why are our severely ill and elderly residents travelling for treatment to other towns or even Brisbane?
We should be making life as comfortable and affordable as possible for these unwell people and have the  latest technology medical machines and resources local, if possible.

Let’s start some proactive regular large scale community fortnightly or monthly events targeting fitness, fun and wellbeing while promoting a positive mind and healthy lifestyle!
“Strong Mind, Strong Body!”
Time to start preventing illness, obesity and unnecessary health issues!
Our health professionals do a magnificent job so let’s not make them responsible for us. Instead as members of the community let’s be proactive and help to take the pressure off them by having excellent health and fitness!

Sadly there are many VICTIMS within any community (children, women and men) whether it be from sexual assault and molestation, domestic violence, victims of crimes, bullying, alcohol or substance abuse, depression, divorce, separation, abandonment etc.
Let’s support, promote and facilitate recovery, healing, counselling, education, growth, inclusion and the biggie ‘Self Love’! Make people aware they are not alone, people do care, healing is achievable and enable these people to become SURVIVORS and have confidence within themselves and the community.
Until we love ourselves we are unable to love others.

I understand all these issues are not at local government level but none the less they need to be addressed and I feel the local, state and federal members should be working together on achieving the same common community GOALS!
Please note I strongly say GOALS; something that is specific, measureable, action based, realistic, time bound, executed and recorded.

Unless the boys club are going to hit me with some ‘WOW  FACTOR’ Mayoral GOALS not policies, I may have to run myself!

My life motto…’Failure is NOT an Option!’

Darwin Business Road Trip!!!

What a way to start 2012 with a 14 day road trip to Darwin visiting current and making new clients & friends! Hervey Bay, Mackay, Cairns, Townsville, Mt Isa, Tennant Creek, Adelaide River then Darwin!

The picture to the right was taken when we hit the 130km section of the Barkley Highway in the Northern Territory – Jeanette “Queen of the Desert!”

My friend Jackie that I used to work with at the Casuarina Club in Darwin was visiting her parents on the Sunshine Coast for Christmas and we thought what a perfect opportunity for me to join her for a road trip back to Adelaide River where she is a teacher.

And so the fun had begun!!! I really had the time of my life and may need to make this an annual event! If you really want to see our beautiful country hit the highway!

Thank you Jackie for the awesome company, adventure and goal setting!!! xoxoxo

Awesome to see Lee and her family in Cairns with some amazing photography being taken by herself (One Little Picture) and Jackie on our adventures. They are both very talented with their SLR camera’s!!!

It was fantastic to see my friend Helen in Adelaide River also and her gorgeous children plus use the secret gym.

It was also sensational to catch up with all my old friends and work colleagues from The Casuarina Club (Lucy, Jackie, Julie-Anne & myself the original Rockette’s from 10 years ago! + Kimmy, Tommy & Fred!) xoxo

Also a big thank you to everyone for their hospitality on the trip, without the support crew this trip would not have been such a smooth and outrageous adventure!

Through use of the Internet, I / Design House am able to service clients statewide and nationally, staying in touch as if they were right next door. Utilizing today’s modern technology and freight services available a dynamic design and print can be delivered promptly straight to your door!

Contact me today for the best design and service Australia wide!

What is happiness or success to you? Pleasure or Pain?

“Successful people admire other successful people; unsuccessful people resent them. If you view wealthy people as bad in any way, you can never be rich, because how can you be something you don’t like?” – T. Harv Eker

“Happy people admire other happy people; unhappy people resent them. If you view happy people as bad in any way (no matter what it is to the individual that makes them happy or successful; family, community work, achievements, money, career, their looks, their friends….), you can never be happy, because how can you be something you don’t like?”

Who’s to say what is real and not real, or important or not important, successful or not successful to them but the individual themselves with what they know in the present moment?

Is it OK to be happy, successful and have money as long as long as you do not RELY on this for inner happiness?
The Dalai Lama is one of the happiest people and his organisation one of the wealthiest in the world, having won numerous awards and is surrounded by luxury, people pay top dollar to listen to him speak about inner peace … yet his life is based on Three Main Commitments for his inner happiness and not the above.

There are so may ways to feel rich inside.

What is happiness or success to you? Pleasure or Pain? And who is the judge ….. you??? Do you make conscious decisions? or follow the opinions of others?

[Anthony Robbins]

Tablet wars: Amazon out to burn Apple with $200 Kindle Fire!

AMAZON is out to burn Apple with a full colour tablet that’s less than half the price of the iPad.

The online retail giant today unveiled the Kindle Fire, its long-awaited touchscreen computer which experts believe could challenge Apple’s dominance.

The Kindle Fire runs on Google’s Android software and costs only $US199 – the cheapest iPads retail at $US499 – and will let users download books, magazines, newspapers, videos and music.

It will have access to apps through Amazon’s Android store and, unlike the iPad, doesn’t need to be backed up on a PC.
Instead, it backs up its contents wirelessly on Amazon’s servers.

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