PRESS RELEASE: Backflow Prevention Device Fee $190K Credit

Fraser Coast Chronicle story here!  

UPDATE – October 27th 2017:

So what was the written response provided to the Ministers letter from the Fraser Coast Regional Council CEO?

Backflow Prevention Device Fee

UPDATE – October 20th 2017:

Minister has limited powers and no authority under the act and directs me back to Council.

Backflow Prevention Device Fee

UPDATE – September 12th 2017:

Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

It is 760 days and ongoing that the Queensland Premier, the ALP Government, the Fraser Coast Regional Council and their CEO and the Queensland Ombudsman will not answer my simple question being to refund my five years of proven fake backflow fees charged on my rates notice by Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Today at a community forum in Maryborough Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk MP fobbed my fake rates fees back to the Council, full circle again after 760 days and about the 10th full circle. It was odd she was unaware of the issue when she had been emailed several communications. The Council CEO said in correspondence he doesn’t have the power to make these type of decisions, seems the Premier thinks he does and Director General Frankie Carrol said if I want my fake rates refunded as proven by the Ombudsmen I should take legal action against the council in QCAT, how absurd. Mr Bruce Saunders said he was friendly with the Council CEO and would talk to him. Honourable Mark Furner MP, Minister for Local Government, said he will, “write to council and seek an explanation as to why they haven’t followed through with this and finalised it.” and his Chief of Staff Louise Foley told me she will look into it further, I hope for a positive outcome.
The Premier dodged my question of whether we could have money for an industrial hemp processing plant on the Fraser Coast.
Still waiting on the Ombudsmen in relation to further questions sent on the 29th of August.
14 Sept 2017 Ombudsman correspondence; the matter will be considered again under internal review policy and procedure. Seems odd I must have a case that has already been investigated, proven correct and proven true, reviewed? …. why refund my rates one year of proven fake backflow fees and not the other proven four years of fake backflow fees owing?

… how hard is it to be honest, transparent and do the right thing …. be interesting to see who finally does the right thing.


PRESS RELEASE – July 5th 2017:

Finally, a small outcome to my Official Fraser Coast Regional Council / Ombudsman Complaint into fake backflow fees that began 14 August 2015. Fraser Coast Regional Council will credit over $190,000 of fake Backflow Device fees to the Fraser Coast rate payers for 2016/2017.

Advice received is that Council has acknowledged that it did not have a program in place for the maintenance and testing of devices as required by s.38(1) of the SPD reg. and will refund all device registration fees levied and collected for the 2016-17 financial year. My complaint has resulted in council undertaking a comprehensive review of its procedures for performing it statutory functions under this Act.

Section 38 of Standard Plumbing and Drainage Regulation 2003 states
(1) A local government must implement and maintain a program for its local government area for the registration, maintenance and testing of testable backflow prevention devices installed in the area.
(2) The local government, or an entity authorised by the local government, must keep a register of the testable backflow prevention devices.

I still must further pursue another four years of fake fees back to 2012/2013 charged to myself. $9,532.39 is the total owed in fake fees to the complex since 2008. The entire Fraser Coast for over 2, 490+ devices of fake fees would be $3 to $4 MILLION OWING.

I want an investigation into the entire backflow register for the Fraser Coast since implementation in 1998 and every fake fee credited to our rate payers.

Another WIN is I have saved the rate payer a further $18.20 per annum on this backflow device fee as it will be reduced from $91 to $72.80.

UPDATE: This fee above is incorrect and was an error by Council who have still not advised the current backflow fees or processes or replied when my further 4 years of fake fees will be refunded as of late Aug 2017.
“Dear Ken,
Thank you for your correspondence Wednesday, August 16, 2017 confirming Council made an error in letter dated Friday, 11 August 2017, and this erroneous information would have been supplied to the Ombudsman.
I am glad we can agree there was never any additional four devices at the complex or any additional four forms 9’s, only ever the original 15 backflow devices and forms and that the additional four devices that were created in error by Council in February have now been corrected.
Can you please advise if Council will be refunding the further four years owed to me in fake backflow fees for the complex being $196.91 and deducting this from this year’s rates bill?
This would be the right thing to do.” – Email Sent to Ken Diehm CEO: Friday, August 18, 2017 .

“The wheels have fallen off this bus…We are floundering on our continuous improvement and efficiency drivers across Directorates and failing basic legislative responsibilities. Examples: backflow prevention device testing  …. Cheers Lisa Desmond CEO” 16th March 2016

More info HERE!

Fraser Coast Regional Council Backflow



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