Save the Fraser Island Dingoes!

Meet ‘Spirit’ she is one of only two white dingoes in QLD!
I recently had a chat with JanneanRay Revill on the best way to find a solution so our Fraser Island Dingos are protected from extinction and a possible breeding program.



Jannean Deans report of our meeting with some of my notes:

6th January 2015
Curator: Ray Revill – Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary
79 Mungar Road, Maryborough
Phone: (07) 4122 2080

The Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary staff consists of a curator assisted by a dedicated and enthusiastic band of volunteers.They are involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of native fauna and many of their volunteers are licensed to care for orphaned and injured animals and birds.

While they realise the enormity of the task they are undertaking, they are excited at the challenge and confident that with the support of Fraser Coast Council, business community, learning institutions, locals and visitors, they can become a major attraction for the area as well as continuing to provide a home for our animals.
They are always looking for volunteers at the Sanctuary. If you think you would be interested in becoming a volunteer, contact Ray.

The Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary came into being in 2004 when Nature World in Hervey Bay closed down.
It was established by TESS (Training Employment Support Services) to accommodate the animals that were in need of a new home.
In July, 2013 TESS decided it was time to concentrate on their core business and accepted an offer from Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary Inc. to lease the facility.
The existing curator, Ray Revill, will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the sanctuary and required to live onsite.

Mission Statement
The goals of the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary are:
To provide a haven for Australian native animals and birds in a natural environment.
Undertake the rescue and rehabilitation of injured and sick native animals and birds.
Promote education and understanding of our native fauna.
To contribute to our community and region by providing a facility which people can visit for an enjoyable experience, interact with and increase their knowledge of our native animals and birds.
Become a tourist attraction for the Fraser Coast region.
Remain community based operation.

1. Dingo Management – Policy incorporating Fraser Island (K’Gari) Tourism (Written by Jannean E Dean) – 42 rangers on FI
Implementation and approval of a new Dingo Management Policy with the State Government to protect and increase their numbers
1.1 FI Rangers to monitor visitors during peak periods at popular visiting spots and ask them to move away of approaching dingoes

2. Marketing
2.1 Dingoes on display during peak seasons at Fraser Island Barge Landing to educate visitors about dingo safety
2.2 Safe photo opportunities
2.3 Raise donations
2.4 May attract visitors to the sanctuary while in the area
2.5 Incorporating Fraser Island (K’Gari) into Tourism mixed media

3. Sponsorship of 4WD Vehicle – 4 x 4 twin cab ute – Diesel Turbo
3.1 Sell vehicle signage to sponsors

4. Veterinary supplies

5. Donations or fund raising required for the following:
5.1 Stormwater pipes – 200mm, 300m, 900mm (concrete)
5.2 Soaker pipes (100mm) 200 metres
5.3 Bags of concrete x 50
5.4 shade house – 6 x 4 metres
5.5 Shade cloths – 70 % – 500 metres
5.6 Crocodile enclosure – ARC mesh panels – 100 x 100 hard wood posts
5.7 Quoll enclosure
5.8 Koala enclosure – 16 x 100mm x 50mm hard wood – 10 x 100mm x 50mm hard wood – 10 x 70 x 38mm hardwood – Corrugated colour bond steel – 20 sheets x 4 metres
5.9 Chain link fence mesh – 300 metres
5.10 Fence post (steel round – 40 plus 60mm x 3 metres) (80 – 40 mm x 3 metres
5.11 Building timber (new) 3 x 2 – 4 x 2 – 100 x 100
5.12 Colourbond roofing iron – 4 metre lengths x 20 sheets
5.13 C-channel steel – 120 mm x 15 metres
5.14 Big ride-on mower
5.15 Push mowers (2) – 4-5 Horsepower
5.16 Small bobcat
5.17 Wheelbarrow x 2 – builder’s grade
5.18 Garden soil – 12 tonnes
5.19 Plants – gumtrees x 300 – bluegum, swamp, mahogany and other natives
5.20 Road base – 30 tonne
5.21 Cold tar for paths
5.22 Steel box tubing – 30mm x 30mm x 100 metres
5.23 Sleepers – 200 x 50 x 2 – 40 metres 40 lengths
5.24 Nuts, bolts, screws (assorted)
5.25 Cold room 6 x 8 feet
5.26 Crusher dust – 20 tonnes
5.27 Freezers (chest 400 litres or bigger)
5.28 Pigeon pair fridge / freezer 380-400 litres
5.29 UHF radio
5.30 Walkie talkies (3) – UHF 2 way
5.31 Commercial vacuum cleaners x 2

1. Implement more Certificate III Environmental Traineeships for passionate adolescents to lead to further education.
2. Obtain funding to pay trainees for their work shifts
2.1 Grants
2.2 Donations
2.3 More visitors through the gates
2.4 Revenue opportunities
2.5 Local or State government assistance
2.6 Expand & grow into a budget / affordable overnight stay accommodation / tourist facility for campers also

1. Sponsor a dingo
1.1 Didge – 5 yr old male from Northern Territory
1.2 Kora – 4 yr old female from Qld – (sister of Girri – full blood)
1.3 Girri – 4 yr old male from Qld – (brother of Kora – full blood)
1.4 Pup Pup – 2 yr old male from Fraser Island
1.5 Spirit – female – one of only two albino dingoes in Qld (Mother to Kora & Girri)
2. Running costs minimum $5,000 per month:
$1,900 feed + $1,800 rent (paid to TESS) + $1,700 electricity
3. Sponsor an animal
4. Sponsor a pen enclosure – plaque
5. Sponsorship sign placed on fence

If anyone would like to Sponsor one of Ray Revills’ awesome FIVE dingoes at the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary please shoot Ray an email and you will go on the sponsorship board and help with their survival and costs to run the sanctuary.
Please email Ray for bank direct deposit details:
How could you not they are so CUTE!

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