The Biggest Loser Club Shakes

Available from Coles and Woolworths supermarkets nationally! 

One Reality TV show I enjoy watching is The Biggest Loser as I love to see people find themselves physically and emotionally while being taught effective ways to control their lives. On the show I thought it was fantastic that the contestants were taught about healthy food groups, meal portion sizes, calorie intake and maintaining a controlled balanced diet. 

I was disappointed to see The Biggest Loser’s latest marketing campaign now advertising meal replacement shakes. I have heard of people who lose a lot of weight rapidly with all different brands of these shakes only to regain the weight and more, due to not knowing how to control their food and calorie intake once they reach their goal weight and stop taking the shakes. 

A Double Choc Flavour Shake – per 55g sachet (255g prepared as directed) contains 209.6 calories. 

Chicken with garlic & lemon – contains 180 calories 

I know which I would prefer to digest, find more filling and has less calories. 

Like most things, I guess in the end it all comes down to revenue. 

Healthy Living Tip
To reduce your body weight by half a kilogram per week you need to cut 2000 kilojoules (500 Calories) a day from your current food intake or burn up another 500 calories a day in exercise. Note: 1 kilojoule (kJ) = 4.2 Calories 

[Information & Images via The Biggest Loser & BCC Good Food]

8 thoughts on “The Biggest Loser Club Shakes

  1. At a recent gathering of former Biggest Loser contestans we talked about the new BL meal replacement shakes and how disapointed we were that they had gone that way. We were all taught the old fashion way by counting calories and excersice you would lose weight.
    It sure did not take them long to put out a whole BL range of products. What next? maybe a Artie doll!
    BL contestant series 1

  2. Hi Artie I agree. Really it is quite a contradiction to what they teach on the show, very disappointing.
    I would buy an Artie doll, how funny, you may be onto something!

  3. hi Guys!!

    I loved watching the Biggest Loser this year… what a whirlwind expierence they are all undertaking… I cannot wait for the final this wednesday night on channel ten… talk about twists and turns… i mean how many times can Shaun be allowed in? but how fantastic does he look!! I agree with both of you about the Biggest Loser shakes and would choice the chicken over a shake!! i also find it somewhat confronting that they do not allow the contestants who are currently on the show to undertake the same weight loss regiume their willing to let us undertake… i mean if they think its so healthy etc etc then why arnt they letting them replace 2 meals a day with shakes?? and to think Sam and Alison are spokespersons of this… ‘two meals a day and your on your way!!’ Yes shakes could be good… once you have lost the weight and learned about healthy eating etc but being big… (as i can say this because i myself am big) you might need to lose 50kgs for your body to acctually take on the shake replacement and lose more weight…

    Glad thats off my chest!!

    good blog Jeanette!!


    p.s – im up for an artie doll too!! hehe

  4. Thanks Emma, I agree, if they are that great as meal replacement why are they not being used or promoted in the show. I think a light healthy meal is better than a shake anyday.
    Artie do you need me to design you a website with a shopping cart for you doll orders?


  6. Hi Guys,

    I have been on the shakes for 3 days now and im loving it. They taste great & most of the time keep me full. The one thing you are missing with the shakes is that you also get free membership to the Biggest Loser Club Online where you food diary calculates everything you put in your mouth from the shakes to snacks and even dinner. I have had fruit in between for snacks and a normal nutritous dinner and I even can have a small portion of light icecream and fruit for dinner. The whole website sets out to inform you to make healthy decisions on all the foods you eat and to keep you in line. For me the shakes are one way I can control my eating habits. Due to time constraints with my work etc I often used to throw whatever in my mouth. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a kick start to there healthy eating lifestyle. Another thing I love about the biggest loser club is that you dont have to stay on the shakes you can easily change your settings just to count calories once you just want to maintain your weight. There is suggested recipes and excercises and training videos. All the information you need to stay on track right at your fingertips. I know Im harping on a little sorry, but I just wanted to let you know from someone who is trying it how much the shakes can be an assitance. I have 26.6 to loose this week already I have lost 1.2 kg.

    Kind Regards

  7. Thanks for the web address I will be sure to keep it in mind for the future. Might even suggest it to my mum she only has 2 more kilos to loose and is struggling to budge them. Might help to have it all in front of her.

    Thank Jeanette!

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